BTTH & Goodguyperson Come to Wuxiaworld!

Hey guys!  I have some super awesome news for you!  My good friend ‘goodguyperson‘, of fame, who had been working on Zhan Long over there, had also taken on Battle Through the Heavens (BTTH) as a side project, which he is starting to like more and more.  Since BTTH is more of a Xianxia project, compared to Zhan Long which is an VMMORPG project, we chatted for a while about possibly having him move over here with BTTH (Zhan Long would stay at gravitytranslations), especially because it’s a great fit for our readers, AND that way he can use my ‘next chapter’ ‘last chapter’ setup, as well have some additional access to special functionality here!

Soooooo….please join me in a big round of applause for goodguyperson, our newest Wuxiaworld translator!  Yaaaaaay!  And here is his innaugural chapter, BTTH Chapter 28 – Stregthening Vacuum Hand!  Woohoo!!!

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  1. Welcome to Wuxiaworld, BTTH is truly similar to a Xianxia, and would fit in well here. I appreciate the work you do, just like I appreciate the work Ren does for us.

        1. Actually, that’s not true. We have three completed Wuxia, and one currently in translation; Dragon King With Seven Stars, 7 Killers, Heroes Shed No Tears, and “Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre”. We also have three Xianxia novels + Skyfire Avenue, all currently being translated; Stellar Transformations, Coiling Dragon, and BTTH. So it’s actually pretty even. Only, the Xianxia ones are more popular and are getting more love from you guys 🙂

  2. OH! I thought GGP was dropping it when he said it moved! Glad to know that he will still be translating! 😀 I guess the story really does fit in better with this site…..

  3. *applause*
    *clap clap clap!*
    Yey! Now do we have both btth and cd in the same place. x)
    About 2-4 mouse clicks less to do. SUCCESS!

    EDIT: Oh yea Ren. Good thing that you didnt name this website something like “coilingdragonworld” or something. x)

    1. I kind of finding it unnecessary to refresh the page if you have an account in wordpress and are following gravitytranslations. Because if you just have wordspress open it will show new blog updates without even needing to refresh the page.

  4. Yay, time for me to read all the BTTH chapters I haven`t xD
    That`s a good 12 chapters or so 😉
    GGP, we all saw it coming, you starting to love BTTH(or atleast I did).
    Congrats on posting them here. How long did it take you guys to post the chapters on wuxiaworld?

    1. it can it can!, omg so many sites to refresh, Mad God, Swallowed Star, SHEN YIN WANGZUO, God of Thunder, Doulou Dalu, Law of the Devil and non wuxia Arifureta, Overlord, LMS ofc but haven’t been reading that since it was temporarily off at v16c8

        1. I know but I lost interest after I read all the translated stuff and summaries of advance, so now if I restart I’m gonna be stuck again at v22 while there are 40+ volumes

  5. I’m sad that i read the available translated manga before LN, now i can see if LN is much better than manga, but i also find it funny that it finally caught up to manga at Vacuum hand AND moved over here to WuxiaWorld;overall a very good start to an exciting day. XD

  6. also have you considered getting Xian Ni on here from void translations? the quality isn’t quite as good as the others on here but the story itself is pretty good 🙂

  7. Good! slowly you are adding more and more series to the site. Frankly I prefer the layout here and whats more after seeing the next/back problem at gravity, for the first time I realized how big of a blessing the next/back button was here. Thanks!

  8. I am reading and reading, and this story is great! Translation is really high quality, too! 🙂 It gives more importance to characters compared to CD, so it’s refreshing! Try it out fellow readers, you won’t be dissapointed, hehe.

  9. Welcome GGP. Thanks for all the work you’ve done at gravity (I’ve been an ingrate and leeched Zhan Long chapters for a while now without making an account over there to give proper thanks 😛 )

    Also.. looks like I’ll need to add BTTH to my list (which, by the way is STILL growing) of things to read 🙂

  10. Glad to see that the site is growing, hope more will join in the future. Thanks for all the time and effort you pun in to this Ren, and also all of the other translators!!!

  11. I’m always happy to find new stories I can use to procrastinate!

    Ren, if you meant for to be a hyperlink (the site didn’t see the .com and just try to do something) you kinda messed up. It is currently directing you to a page of Wuxia World.

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