25 thoughts on “BTTH Chapter 32!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. hehehe I love the one thing you can come to expect is people looking down on the hidden dragon and then getting thoroughly trounced for it xD

      1. Never disturb any sleeping animal, especially ones with teeth…even more if they also have horns, claw, fire breath, and more importantly, some ghostlike figure behind them.

  2. Hail GGP, I think I’m liking the move to WW. The chapters are coming out more frequently. Ive personally done the Google translation for chapters up to 46 but there’s nothing like a sweet translation. Thanks GGP

    1. I dunno. GGP was doing one or two a day along with zhan long for a week or two before he moved to WW. Before that it was like 2-3 update for BTTH a week. Maybe he became more motivated.

  3. I just started reading Coiling dragon about 2 weeks ago, finished it (up to where its translated), finished Stellar Transformations (past where its translated cause i can read Chinese, albeit really slowly) and I’ve just started reading BTTH and am up to chapter 250 in Chinese as well. Its safe to say that I am addicted to the Wuxia world. 🙁

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