40 thoughts on “BTTH Chapter 31” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Got a bit lonely, no one welcome me 🙁

      But it’s ok, I go through the lonely path of my training.

      Mmn, I wonder if I got the talent to become a magus?

      1. sorry I tend to actively welcome just those who I catch at 1 comment. :s

        I missed you because you were at 2 comments when I spotted you so I assumed you got welcomed already either on this chapter or a previous one.

    1. 49 comments as of this posting (where you are at 152 comments)

      the upper boundary for early saints is 200, and one must practise hard to break the barrier to 201 Mid Level xD

    1. Welcome Faisal437! Enjoy the triple release… JOKING!
      In my mind, I can imagine people not finishing this comment and assuming there’s a third release 😛

    2. yay 6th initiate spotted 🙂

      and so the community continues to grow 🙂

      (at this rate world domination isn’t just a dream…….)

      also GGP, thanks for the chapter ^^ the action really needs to happen quicker lol

    1. I lost count.. are we at #9 now? just 1 short of a double-digit fresh blooded initiate influx.

      if we get 10 new people a day every day… Ren you might just need to future proof your site loads again o.o

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