BTTH 596!

I’ve built a patron wall for those with Da Dou Shi tiers and above! It will be updated after every month!

Many of you guys might not know but I also run a site called Gravity Tales and its second anniversary was five days ago! Go check it out if you guys have time! There are 42 novels there with many of them well into the couple hundreds.

We barely made the $1000 mark but we did so for the month of Feburary, there will be 28 releases! The patreon counter is at 1076/1500 right now and if we reach 1500, the regular number of chapters will be going up to 9!

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Comfortabull and Video

Sixth chapter of this week is here!

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6 thoughts on “BTTH 596!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Has anyone heard or seen the BTTH Trailer for the animation coming out this year?? it looks alittle cartoony but it looks good none the less.

    Also on a side note.. because i read the manga it skipped past the translations a fair bit and am wondering around which chapters is he training in the fire tower place. TY in advance.

    1. I’m waching the animation on youtube, although I don’t understand chinesse, because it is not subtitled, I should tell that I don’t like the script adaptation, well Xiao Yan’s handsomness had earned my support hjaha but I don’t like that much how they show his personality, I was quite dessapointed with the three years agreement scene! By the way for me Nalan Yanran’s beauty in the animation far surpassed Xun’er’s, sooo…xD

  2. I was reading on the synopsis of one of the novels on Gravity Tales, “Cult of Sacred Runes”, and it said it counts as a prequel to Tales of Demons and Gods. Are you aware if it contains spoilers for the TDG? I want to start CSR but want to avoid spoiling TDG.

    1. It doesn’t infact if i believe what i read quite awhile ago there is very little to no connection till right at the end and its very minor in some ways but does give it a strong connection

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