BTTH 593-594!

I’ve been super sick for the past few days. That has also left me unable to translate. I’ll be making up the chapters this/next week.

Many of you guys might not know but I also run a site called Gravity Tales and its second anniversary was five days ago! Go check it out if you guys have time! There are 39 novels there with many of them well into the couple hundreds.

We barely made the $1000 mark but we did so for the month of Feburary, there will be 28 releases! The patreon counter is at 1076/1500 right now and if we reach 1500, there will be a mass release of 15 chapters along with the regular number of chapters going up to 9!

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Comfortabull and Video

Third chapter of this week are here!

Fourth chapter of this week are here!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.. but one thing i dont understand, I thought that some next chapters have already been translated for the Patreon. So it’s just a matter of making it available? or Im totally wrong on how the patreon works?

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