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Chapter 753 – Forbidden Reincarnation Technique

“…” Jasmine used a hard glare reserved for idiots to stare down at Yun Che, “Of course not! It’s just… Fen Juechen is the same as you, a person with two lifetimes!”

“Wh… at!?” Yun Che’s heart jumped.

“But there’s a difference.” Jasmine quickly added, “You had two lives, in the Profound Sky Continent and the Azure Cloud Continent…” Jasmine paused slightly, before she corrected herself, “No, it should be three lives, because you triggered the Mirror of Samsara’s reincarnation powers, and twice, at that. While the Mirror of Samsara’s reincarnation power is in effect it will simultaneously alter… you could say it alters cause and effect. Yet this ability that goes against the gods doesn’t disrupt the laws of cause and effect. In addition, the Mirror of Samsara has many formidable aspects, which is something that even the heavens cannot interfere with.”

“As for Fen Juechen… I had my suspicions when I was sensing his strength and soul at the beginning. But it was just a feeling and I dismissed it soon after. I thought his devil art was derived from his adverse emotions affecting his strength, giving rise to an ordinary devil profound strength. When I read his memories just now, I realized that that flash of speculation I had was the truth… there is the effect of a type of forbidden reincarnation technique on him!”

“Forbidden reincarnation technique? What is that?” Yun Che asked curiously. It was his first time hearing those four words.

“Since it is a forbidden art, it cannot be tolerated by this world, and is fated to be condemned… it even messes with reincarnation.” Jasmine laughed coldly. Within that sound there was a flash of pity towards Fen Juechen, “But the forbidden reincarnation technique on Fen Juechen’s body is of a higher level than what I’m familiar with. Although it has been a thousand years, the spirit is still at least seventy percent whole. This must be because it is the forbidden arts of the ancient devil clan… or more accurately, of the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night!”

Yun Che felt increasingly dazed as Jasmine went on… if he were told directly that Fen Juechen inherited the legacy of a certain primordial devil, it might have been easier for him to process.

“Although it is about seventy percent intact, it is still an incomplete soul. This causes Fen Juechen to have a temperament different from others. He will be more eccentric, sensitive, prone to extremes and will easily lose his temper and self-control.” At Yun Che’s perplexed expression, Jasmine raised an eyebrow. She knew that her explanation was on a level far above what Yun Che was capable of understanding. She had to put it in simpler terms, “Forget it, I’ll just tell you straight up. Fen Juechen’s previous name was Ye Huang. His father in his former life was called Ye Mufeng and his mother was Ye Jianxi!”

“Ye Huang… Ye? Doesn’t this surname solely belong to the Sun Moon Divine Hall? Could it be…”

“No!” Jasmine interrupted Yun Che and stated mildly, “This is currently so, but a thousand years ago, there was another power surnamed Ye… that clan was essentially different from the Sun Moon Divine Hall!”

“Wait!” Yun Che was struck by a sudden thought. Somewhere in the depths of his soul, there was a sense of familiarity towards the names ‘Ye MuFeng’ and ‘Ye Jianxi’. He quickly calmed his heart and followed the pulsing within his soul. He searched through the ancestral memories within the legacy of the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul…

Not a moment later, his understanding of the two names ‘Ye Mufeng’ and ‘Ye Jianxi’ became crystal clear in his mind, and he whispered in surprise, “Eternal Night… Royal Family!?”

Other than the Four Great Sacred Grounds, the most detailed and extensive records for the Eternal Night Royal Family that was decimated a thousand years ago would belong to the Frozen Cloud Asgard. Within the ancestral memories of the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul, the last Eternal Night King of the Eternal Night Royal Family was called Ye Mufeng!

And the last Eternal Night Queen… the benefactor of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Mu Bingyun, was called Ye Jianxi!

“That’s right!” Jasmine spoke in a low murmur, “Ye Mufeng was the last king of the Eternal Night Family whom the Four Great Sacred Grounds jointly annihilated. Ye Jianxi was then the Eternal Night Queen. Ye Huang was their only son, who was also the Eternal Night Royal Family’s last prince… and the 《Eternal Night Illusory God Record》, which is the core profound art of the Eternal Night Royal Family, actually is the primordial Eternal Night Devil Clan’s 《Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night》! Even the name Eternal Night Royal Family was derived from the Eternal Night Devil Clan!”

“There… was… such a thing?” Yun Che’s mind was now a blank sea. If it wasn’t for Jasmine personally explaining it, even if he retained the knowledge from two lives, he would have never linked Fen Juechen, who was clearly the son of Burning Heaven Clan’s leader with the Eternal Night Royal Family decimated a thousand years ago. What’s more, he would never have expected that a mere twenty year old person would actually be an Eternal Night Prince from a thousand years ago!

“Then what exactly is the forbidden reincarnation technique? Could it be that Fen Juechen’s soul is Ye Huang’s from a thousand years ago? If you knew all these through reading Fen Juechen’s mind, does it mean he has regained his memories from his previous life? What’s the deal with the Eternal Night Royal Family’s profound art?” Yun Che’s head was bursting with countless questions, and each obscure question was like a great mystery of the world, something he could not think through and understand.

Jasmine didn’t answer any of his questions upfront, but went on by herself, “A thousand years ago, the Eternal Night Royal Family was jointly annihilated by the Four Great Sacred Grounds. The Eternal Night Prince, Ye Huang, was brutally killed. To save her son, the Eternal Night Queen, Ye Jianxi disobeyed the ancestors’ strict orders and employed the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night’s forbidden technique. She forcefully confined Ye Huang’s vanishing soul and blood essence, and used twenty percent of Ye Mufeng’s soul as a sacrifice to activate the forbidden reincarnation technique that violated the laws of heaven. Doing so, Ye Huang’s soul and blood essence would never dissipate, and under special circumstances could reincarnate in another person’s body.

“It was evident that the Eternal Night king and queen already foresaw the Eternal Night Royal Family, and used such a method to preserve their bloodline… otherwise they would never go against their ancestors’ orders to use a forbidden technique condemned by the heavens.”

Yun Che: “…”

Jasmine knew that the different dimensions of souls was something the current Yun Che would never truly grasp. She said bluntly, “Simply put, Ye Huang died a thousand years ago, both his body and soul. With the help of twenty percent of Ye Mufeng’s soul, Ye Jianxi activated the devil clan’s forbidden technique and used his soul to forcefully revive Ye Huang’s soul. She then initiated the forbidden reincarnation technique, preventing Ye Huang’s revived soul and blood essence from dissipating within a short period of time. If it comes across an infant who died within six hours of birth, Ye Huang’s soul and bloodline could be preserved and reincarnated into that body.”

“That means, the real Fen Juechen died shortly after he was born. The current Fen Juechen who is Fen Duanhun’s third son, has a mixed bloodline from the Burning Heaven Clan and the Eternal Night Royal Family, but he has Ye Huang’s soul, which was wandering around for a thousand years?” Yun Che stated dazedly.

What the hell, this is even more complicated than me reincarnating twice!

In this universe, there really is every kind of monster and demon!

“That’s right. But the soul isn’t just solely Ye Huang’s soul, but a fusion of Ye Huang and Ye Mufeng, with the former as the main. Under the protection of the forbidden reincarnation technique, only thirty percent of the soul has dissipated within a thousand years of wandering.” Jasmine explained.

Although the process and forbidden technique were things that Yun Che knew nothing of and could not comprehend, he did at least understand the result. He muttered to himself, then slowly said, “Then, Fen Juechen’s sudden change is because after he was reincarnated into this body, the bloodline and soul which had been dormant for twenty years were awakened?”

“The bloodline has always existed in him, so you can’t say it has been awakened. Even if it’s the Eternal Night Devil Clan’s forbidden reincarnation technique, the bloodline in the body used for reincarnation will not be able to sustain its previous strength. As for the soul, based on Ye Huang’s incomplete soul, I recall it would take thirty years to awaken if there are no other factors in play. But something happened. With half-lidded eyes, Jasmine continued, “Four years ago, once you left after you annihilated the Burning Heaven Clan, Fen Yijue used his last breath to entrust a pitch-black key to Fen Juechen whom you spared.”

“A pitch-black key? What’s that?” Yun Che asked doubtfully.

“When Fen Yijue handed over the key to Fen Juechen, he said that this was a forbidden item passed down by their ancestors. In it lies a terrifying forbidden secret, and was only to be used when the Burning Heaven Clan faced impending annihilation. But it seems like even he did not know what the secret was. Fen Juechen acted according to the inscriptions carved by profound energy on the key, and travelled to Black Fiend Nation’s land of enormity, where no sun nor moon has shone over in ten thousand years. He used that key and opened… a Soul Sealing Coffin sealed a thousand year old soul!”

“In that Soul Sealing Coffin, what was sealed was… Ye Mufeng’s remaining soul!”

“Huh?” Yun Che was once again stunned… this bullshit! The biggest and most incredulous joke he had heard in his life couldn’t even compare to this!

Yun Che’s memories reverted to the first day he had officially joined the Frozen Cloud Asgard as a disciple. While reminiscing, he said slowly, “At that time, Grand Mistress Feng Qianhui, spoke to me about the Eternal Night Royal Family from a thousand years ago, and briefly mentioned the Eternal Night King’s final state. She said that the Eternal Night King’s wife and son met a tragic death, and his entire clan was annihilated. Through extreme hatred and sorrow. he was suddenly devilized. He became the first person in the whole of the Profound Sky to have been truly devilized. After his transformation, the Eternal Night King abnormally grew stronger, but he still could not defend against the Four Great Sacred Grounds’ alliance, and was eventually killed by them. Although his body was destroyed, his soul lingered for a long time… as if his devilized profound energy caused his soul to undergo a fundamental change.”

“And so, the Four Great Sacred Grounds could only seal the Eternal Night King’s soul in a Soul Sealing Coffin… Feng Qianhui also said, the Eternal Night King’s soul should have dissipated over a thousand years of time.”

“What Fen Juechen found was that Soul Sealing Coffin!?”

(For those who can’t remember, please refer to chapter 381)

If it wasn’t for the Soul Sealing Coffin, the Eternal Night King, Ye Mufeng’s soul would definitely have dissipated. The irony here is that the Soul Sealing Coffin sealed Ye Mufeng’s soul, but at the same time, it also protected it! What’s even more ironic is that the Soul Sealing Coffin was hidden in Profound Sky Continent’s Black Fiend Nation, where the densest yin energy is present. The aura there not only prolonged the dissipation of Ye Mufeng’s soul, but it also helped to stave off the dissipation to a certain degree. With all this, it allowed Ye Mufeng’s soul to retain about forty percent of his soul while lasting over a thousand years.”

“…” Yun Che frowned, pondering.

Fen Juechen borrowed a body and reincarnated into the Burning Heaven Clan… The key to the Soul Sealing Coffin happened to be with the Burning Heaven Clan instead of any of the Four Great Sacred Grounds… even if these were coincidences, wouldn’t they have been too serendipitous?

The Soul Sealing Coffin sealed but at the same time also ‘protected’… the land with the densest yin energy within the country with the densest yin energy… preventing the Eternal Night King’s devil soul, which should have dissipated over a thousand years from doing so…

Finally, it was Fen Juechen who held the key and opened the Soul Sealing Coffin…

All these coincidences coalesced and seemed more like a well-devised plan instead!

But annihilating the Burning Heaven Clan was done by my own hand, and me heeding Little Aunt’s request to spare Fen Juechen led to Fen Juechen obtaining the key to the Soul Sealing Coffin… then this shouldn’t have been a well-devised plan.

Could it be that coincidences to such a degree actually exist in the world…

Or could it be that the heavens pitied the Eternal Night Royal Family’s tragic fate?

While he was mumbling, another thought struck him, and he frowned, “The Eternal Night Illusory God Record is the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night, but it should be an extinct primordial devil art… if so, that means that a thousand years ago, Eternal Night King Ye Mufeng’s devilization was not the devilization everyone knew of, but…”

“That’s right!” Jasmine nodded and spoke affirmatively, “What he released from his body was the bound devil blood that had been always in him!”

Yun Che: “…”

Once the seal on the devil bloodline was unshackled, Ye Mufeng’s innate profound strength and the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night’s power proliferated, surpassing any one of the leaders of the Sacred Grounds. However, releasing the devil blood should be something only the royal bloodline of the Eternal Night Royal Family can do, or else the Eternal Night Royal Family would never have been annihilated so easily. Also, judging the condition of Ye Mufeng’s soul, once the seal on the devil blood is unshackled, it will cause a permanent drastic change in one’s temperament and will. Also, there is no way to reseal the devil blood… but these are just my conjectures. The portion of memories on this part is sadly lacking.”

Fen Juechen’s soul fused with Ye Mufeng’s, and naturally, their memories were also fused. Thus, when Jasmine attempted to read Fen Juechen’s memories, she read both Fen Juechen’s and Ye Mufeng’s memories at the same time. But because Ye Mufeng’s soul was slowly dissipating over a thousand years, his remaining memories were also scattered and incomplete.

Author’s Note: Isn’t Fen Juechen’s matter a bit complicated? In fact, young group of translators, the time to put you guys to the test has come, hahahahahahahaha…

alyschu: ‘ 3’…

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