ATG – Chapter 385

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Chapter 385 – Answer

Gong Yuxian’s originally angry gaze changed the instant the words “Frozen End Divine Art” came up. Yun Che said quickly: “Yes! Qingyue brought this disciple to the Frozen End Divine Hall. I had the good luck of seeing the Frozen End Divine Art the Frozen Cloud ancestor left behind. After comprehending for an entire day, I succeeded in completing the rudimentaries.

To have comprehended the rudimentaries… in one day…

Since a thousand years ago, apart from Xia Qingyue, Frozen Cloud Asgard never had anyone successfully comprehend the Frozen End Divine Art! Even Xia Qingyue, whose aptitude and comprehension ability was high, used several months of time to barely step in!

And Yun Che… actually merely comprehended for one day!

Gong Yuxian couldn’t help but be shocked speechless for a while. At this time, a large expanse of Frozen Cloud disciples rushed over from all directions, and the fluttering snowy robes in the sky concentrated like white butterflies… If it was Xiao Sect, Burning Heaven Clan, or other sects like that, suddenly being startled by such an imposing might in the depths of the night would make one tremble with fear. But in Frozen Cloud Asgard, it was simply like the blooming of a hundred flowers. It was beautiful beyond imagination, not making Yun Che, the main offender, feel any sort of pressure.

“Miss, Master, Senior Master, Junior Master… what happened?” Xia Qingyue stepped with Frozen Snow Dance Steps, bringing along a burst of cold wind, and landed beside Gong Yuxian. She looked at Yun Che, then looked at the clothes and frosty faces of Chu Yueli and company… Adding together the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring behind them, she immediately guessed something.

“Hmph! Qingyue, today, you’ll have to take a proper look at this man who you insisted on marrying back them. He actually took advantage of the dark night to come to this Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring to peep at us bathing! It’s simply contemptible to the extreme!” Chu Yueli tightened her crescent brows.

Even though a large majority of the Frozen Cloud disciples had vaguely guessed it, after hearing Chu Yueli vocally say it out loud, the young ladies’ gasped successively with excessively wide open eyes… Not only did Yun Che peeped at them, the ones he had peeped at were six of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies!

The young ladies’ gazes were filled with shock, indifference, disdain, and even killing intent. Yun Che felt that he had been even more wronged than Dou’e (Yun Che: And what the hell is Dou’e). He helplessly and powerlessly said: “I’ve already said this many times already, I really didn’t do it on purpose. When I first came here, I totally didn’t know that there was an outdoor cold spring behind the ice door.”

Xia Qingyue bit her lips, then stepped forward: “Master, as well as every Senior Master and Junior Master here, even though Yun Che is a bit impulsive and unruly at doing things, this disciple guarantees that he absolutely would not deliberately do such a despicable thing like peeking at bathing women. Disciple believes that Yun Che had unintentionally done so, and wishes for Master, Senior Masters, and Junior Masters to calm down.”

“So what if he didn’t do it on purpose?” Murong Qianxue said with indignance: “He used his eyes to sully our bodies, this is already a fact… He had even stolen our sect’s Frozen End Divine Arts and learned it! This kind of behavior is even more unforgivable.”

“Alright.” Gong Yuxian raised a hand, and then finally spoke: “You do not need to be angry about our Frozen End Divine Art matter. Did you not detect the aura of a ‘Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal’ on Yun Che’s body? This was supposed to have originally been announced at the sect’s assembly tomorrow. Since things have reached to this stage, there is no need for me to not tell you in advance anymore… Since today, Yun Che has already officially become a disciple of our Frozen Cloud Asgard, and the first male disciple in history.”


“This… Mistress, is what you just said… really true?”

“Our sect’s number one rule is that we can only accept female disciples with extremely high aptitudes, why have we recruited a male disciple? Don’t tell me that it’s because of Qingyue?”

“You don’t have to say anymore, and there is no need to make absurd guesses.” Gong Yuxian continued: “This was not my decision, but rather our Grand Asgard Mistress’ decision. Grand Asgard Mistress doing this, is also absolutely not because of a moment’s worth of impulse, nor was it because she looked down on our sect rules. She has an extremely important reason. As for what this reason is, I cannot tell you and you should not question it again in detail. I can only tell you all that it is extremely possible that this reason concerns our Frozen Cloud Asgard’s future.”

Even though Grand Asgard Mistress Feng Qianhui had not paid any attention to matters with the Frozen Asgard for many years, her words still possessed the highest authority within Frozen Cloud Asgard. For anything she decided on, even if it went against the sectoral rules, nobody would oppose it. Everyone’s faces all contained deep shock and incomprehension.

From now on… Frozen Cloud Asgard was really going to have an additional male disciple?

“Yun Che has already joined our Frozen Cloud Asgard, which naturally means that he is allowed to practice Frozen End Divine Arts.” Gong Yuxian turned around. Then, her gaze swept over the Frozen Cloud disciples who came over because of the noise: “Nothing major is going on here, you may all withdraw. Don’t forget our sect’s great assembly happening in the main hall at ten tomorrow.”

Under Gong Yuxian’s order, the Frozen Cloud disciples immediately dispersed, returning back to their own residences. However, Chu Yueli and company’s anger naturally would not dissipate just like that. Murong Qianxue pointed her sword at Yun Che and said coldly: “Even though he is of the same sect… him offending us earlier has nothing to do about whether or not he is a Frozen Cloud disciple! Even though he is someone Grand Asgard Mistress regards as important, an answer must be given to us sisters by today, otherwise, we sisters can never be at ease.”

This kind of thing would be extremely difficult to accept if happened to any normal woman, not to mention that were the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies who viewed cleanliness and innocence heavier than their lives. Xia Qingyue believed that Yun Che did not do it on purpose, but even though it was unintentional, what he had committed was a gargantuan fault; moreover, he had offended an entire six Frozen Fairies. She could only plea leniency for Yun Che once again: “Master, Junior Masters and Senior Masters, disciple knows that Yun Che has committed a great fault this time, but regarding this matter, disciple can guarantee that he had done so by accident. Please, for the sake that he is this disciple’s… husband, forgive him for this accident this time… Or, lighten the punishment…”

She turned her eyes, looked at Yun Che, and said with a very quiet and urgent voice: “Quickly apologize to the six Senior and Junior Masters already.”

Yun Che muttered with innocence across his entire face: “I have already apologized, but it was useless…”

“Enough!” Gong Yuxian uttered in a strong voice. As she looked at Yun Che, she at her wit’s end. In the history of Frozen Cloud Asgard, even though they had occasionally received male guests before, they had never kept any males through the night in the Frozen Cloud Asgard, so such a thing like a Frozen Cloud disciple’s body being tainted by male eyes had never happened before either. On top of that, Grand Asgard Mistress regarding Yun Che as important, as well as those words she said to her today, gave Gong Yuxian an extremely severe headache. It was just as Murong Qianxue had said, if no account was given today, it would definitely be difficult for them to have a peace of mind. But if she was to punish Yun Che, how should she do so? If such a great fault was punished lightly, then it would obviously be favoring him; if done too severely… With Yun Che’s unyielding temper as well as his strength that even she couldn’t suppress, it was simply impossible to predict what he might do.

“Yun Che!” Gong Yuxian said sternly: “Today’s matter, I also believe that you have unintentionally committed the fault. but a blunder is still a blunder. Even if unintentional, the grave fault had still been done! We Frozen Cloud Asgard women regard chastity over life, and this matter definitely cannot be dropped at this point… Though you don’t really need to use your life to atone, but whether to humbly apologize or to compensate in other aspects, you must give them an account that can gradually appease their anger! I trust that you, as Qingyue’s husband, who is also referred to the number one of Blue Wind, can definitely shoulder such a responsibility!”

Yun Che slowly took in a breath, slightly thought for a bit, and said: “Asgard Mistress’ scolding is right. Even though this disciple had all along been defending himself that he had no such intention, the six fairies have indeed been harmed by him… Then, this disciple can open all of the six fairies’ profound entrances in a short amount of time, and achieve Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins… I wonder if such a compensation, is enough?”

“What did… you say? Open all profound entrances? Achieve Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins?” Yun Che’s words, made Gong Yuxian’s face brim with shock in an instant, as she nearly thought she had misheard.

“How is that possible! Mistress, he is clearly sprouting nonsense without thinking! Profound entrances are extremely difficult to open post natally, even the Frozen Cloud Ancestor only opened thirty-seven profound entrances, Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins are more so difficult to find in a millennium, how can he possibly do so! These words of his, are simply deceiving and belittling us on purpose!”

“That’s not it!” Xia Qingyue said immediately: “This disciple can testify, Yun Che indeed possesses such an ability! Because all of the profound entrances on this disciple’s body, were precisely opened by Yun Che! He was not lying.”

“What?” Chu Yueli’s face was full of shock: “Back then, could it be that the ‘extraordinary being’ you said actually is…”

“Yes! That was indeed Yun Che.” Xia Qingyue said seriously: “I ask Master to forgive disciple’s deceit from back then. It was because disciple had already promised Yun Che to not leak this matter out. But Yun Che’s words about being able to open profound entrances are absolutely true. This disciple’s Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins were exactly bestowed by him. It had only taken three days of time as well.”

Yun Che immediately took over Xia Qingyue’s words, and said with a pleased and haughty expression across his entire face: “That time, my profound strength and mental power were feeble, so I needed three days. If now… probably fifteen minutes would be enough.”

Actually, with Yun Che’s current strength and mental power, to open all profound entrances for others with the help of the Sky Poison Pearl’s purifying power, could entirely be completed in three minutes if everything went well. The reason why he said fifteen minutes, was because he was afraid that it was too universally shocking, and may startle them.

But even so, these two words ‘fifteen minutes’, still shocked every to the point of total disbelief.

With Xia Qingyue’s personality, no one would consider that she would speak lies. Xia Qingyue’s profound entrances all suddenly being opened within a few days, achieving Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, was also a truth that could not be anymore true. For a long period of time after, the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies had actually often discussed about that extraordinary being whose skills reached the heavens, and referred to him as the “Unparalleled Saint”. Before that, the highest level they had heard of was the “One Finger Profound Opening”, and that could at most forcefully open three to five profound entrances for a profound practitioner. Any more would be absolutely impossible, and would require profound practitioners to slowly open them one by one through great amounts of efforts, as well as various valuable wondrous medicines, stroke of luck, and a lot of time.

They definitely hadn’t thought that the “Unparalleled Saint” wasn’t a senior that looked down upon all living things from a height… and was actually Yun Che, who was only nineteen!

Even using the word “outrageous”, it wouldn’t enough to describe it.

“Yun Che, what you and Qingyue just said… are all true?” Gong Yuxian asked, still not daring to believe it.

“If you do not believe, disciple can open all profound entrances for a fairy right now. If disciple is unable to do so within fifteen minutes, he’ll willingly be hacked into pieces by the six fairies, and will in no way resist and retaliate!” Yun Che said with a solemn vow. As these words were spoken, his expression did not change in the slightest.

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  1. “He had even stolen our sect’s Frozen End Divine Arts and learned it!”

    Are the fairies of Frozen Asgard really this stupid? Even if they are upset, this amount of stupidity…not even an animal would be this dumb! Yun Che learned Frozen End in less than a day, the same art most disciples are unable to learn in their entire lives. The only disciple to learn it in a 1000 years took months to do so, yet You Che took…a…day. I’m surprised these “fairies” haven’t died yet; for them to be this slow-witted as experts of Asgard…they should have died in battle long ago.

    Plus…why the hell should someone die because they saw you naked? Did he even touch you?! The arrogance and stupidity is too much. And what the hell happened to “frozen Heart” and fairies being unemotional ice sculptures?

    Does the author actually think this whole think is funny? It only succeeded in lowering my opinion of Frozen Asgard and the author himself. If the whole of Frozen Asgard is this dumb, Yun Che should just allow natural selection to take it’s course…why bother to protect them? >_>

    1. Can’t blame them. A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do my friend. I mean you’ve seen women overreact so much that they lost all rational thought right? 😀

      1. A sad truth, but a truth nonetheless. My personal life experiences won’t allow me to disagree with you here my friend. Women can indeed be highly irrational. But you’re wrong about one thing…I can and will blame them. Can’t really allow such irrationality to go unnoticed. Someone has to hold up the banner of rationality. 😀

      2. Yeah, we all had our share of irrational people — but none of them were Nuns on a high mountain, practicing a serene mind and a detached spirit. You shouldn’t compare them to normal people.
        The mere fact they think they can be “sullied” and “ruined” just because someone “saw them” without pieces of clothing on top of them, shows how little their self-esteem really is. It’s pathetic.

        While I can agree this whole mess can be seen as funny, at the same time, I have to agree with Cyrs — it lowers one’s opinion regarding Asgard to a severe level.

        1. Dude,

          If you think just by being mad at yun che is lowering your regard to the fairies, i reckon you re gonna leave this novel if all the fairies decides to strip and be fingered by smoothe che lol…

          Because frankly speaking, thats what i m expecting… I think everybody in asgard would love to be fingered by him if he can open their profound spots… They are cultivation junkies afterall….. Wink wink..

          And yes, that would include the grandma too…. Shudders…

      3. Men aren’t any more rational when they feel they’ve been slighted than women– it’s just that men like to think they’re more rational and ignore the evidence to the contrary. Lol, after all, I’ve never heard of women going on killing sprees because they were rejected by men… In lieu of your current casual male chauvinism, criticize the author for writing such a lazy trope, or the women for being typical overreacting xianxia characters.

          1. Disrespecting your fellow commenters. (-‸ლ) Do you enjoy shaming your ancestors? You dare insult members of the F5 Sect? Be glad I’m feeling magnanimous. Otherwise the heavens would smite you where you sit.

          2. I’ll disrespect any who need shaming like the whiners who complain about any perceived flaw in the latest chapter of a novel, ESPECIALLY the ‘F5 sect’ which is the antithesis of everything I stand for.

          3. “whiners who complain about any perceived flaw”

            What a nice set of words. XD So if I find a flaw with the chapter, I’m automatically considered a whiner? Wonderful. If you don’t agree with what I/others have said, it’s no big loss. After all, this comment section is for discussion. Whether you agree with what others say or not, discussion is discussion. Being so quick to call others whiners for engaging in discussion…doesn’t make you look good.

            Also, I agree with MrVoid. The author is the one that created the concept of frozen heart. If he disregards that concept without explanation…how is it a “perceived flaw?”

            Considering your attitude, you have no right to insult the F5 Sect. Stop being shameless. 😛 Good day to you sir!

          4. “What a nice set of words. XD So if I find a flaw with the chapter, I’m automatically considered a whiner?”
            Just when you write a small essay at the tiniest of perceived flaws or minor niggles, don’t try to blow what I said out of proportion.

            What you’re doing, is complaining that the FCA fairies dare get angry or show any emotion at all about the fact that a guy just walked into their bathroom and saw all of them stark naked. Their entire lives have been based chastity and purity, while keeping themselves from the least intimate contact with men and then you moan that they don’t just stand there like a rotting piece of wood while a man gazes at their naked bodies and dare pretend that this means the author is violating the concept of frozen heart? Are you literally [email protected]?

            They’re emotionless ice statues for so long as their bottom line is not touched, and their bottom line is that no man takes advantage of them or their sisters, while maintaining a pure and unsullied image. A man seeing them naked touches that bottom line, and if you can’t figure out that basic point then you have no right to complain about plot details.

            As for your veiled insult that it wouldn’t make me look good? Do you really think I care what you or others think of me? Get off your moral high horse with all that crap, you look ridiculous.

          5. Oh and just before you try replying with your ridiculous justification, let me cut you off before you begin:
            Yes, being seen naked touches their bottom line and violates everything they have lived for.
            No, everybody involved simply keeping quiet does not fix the problem.
            No, the problem here is not “People might find out FCA members were seen naked by a man” it is “A man has seen FCA members naked”.
            No, Yun Che cannot simply promise to “forget what he saw” or anything like that to make things better.
            No, it being an accident doesn’t matter to them so long as that image is burned into his retinas, not that they believe it was one.
            Yes, he ‘has to die’ because they don’t have any way to simply erase his memory of the event and even if they could, that wouldn’t punish him for his crime.
            Yes, the only way they would be appeased is for either the image to be wiped from existence by the death of the offender, or some sort of compensation given which outweighs this grave crime.
            Yes, it is a grave crime to them as they are the sheltered elite of one of the top 3 greatest sects of an entire country and nobody has ever dared offended them before, while this is one of the absolutes they cannot tolerate ever happening to them.

            tl;dr: Don’t give me any crap about you thinking a man seeing the FCA faeries naked is a minor offense or anything like that.

          6. hmz.
            I see.

            My way of seeing it is quite simple: This “purity” of their, shouldn’t be perceived by our cultural standards. Yun Che seeing them naked is unpleasant, but I doubt their social values align with our own, which means: “Seeing me naked, is like robbing me of my social-power and position, since sex is power. I am feeling hurt now, because my social-value is in danger”.
            Now…Their purity, where does it stem from, and what does it represent?

            In my view, Asgard’s purity represents “One own’s self”. It’s not just about “PROTECT YO VAJ’AINA AT ALL COST”, it’s also about the filth of the world and its affairs. Asgard’s cultivation, to me, seems very much like “Cultivation of one own’s self”. That’s what Frozen Heart means to me: Cultivating the heart.

            And thus, if these women totally lose their nanners when someone sees them without clothes…How does it affects this “purity”, which is their own heart and state of mind? Someone else “seeing them” has nothing to do with them as individuals, it has nothing to do “with their heart”.
            I can understand that it’s unpleasant, but…To the point they’re willing to kill? Eh?
            I may as well have misunderstood what “Frozen Heart” means, but at the same time — I don’t think it’s strange for the author to just retcon his own setting in order to pull jokes.

            We all know that this “Frozen Heart” does not turn them into robots, but we also know they have very stoic dispositions. As far as I see it, the author just took this scene this far just because he wanted some funniez…Which I am surprisingly okay with.
            I seen some horrible anime, simply horrible garbage…And this is definitely a lot better…Somehow. o_0

          7. P.S: Cyrs, buddy, just a tip from me to you — who was vilified in quite a lot of communities…
            Trying to shame others (ad-hominem), will just result in them shaming you back. It’s a vicious circle.
            In fact, quite a lot of people try to drag the discussion to name-calling just to kill the debate and kill the original-poster.

            If you think someone is BSing you, you gotta stay strong and drag their arse to the level of discussion, in which most people just beat themselves over and self-destruct, or some measure of consensus is reached and hugs are shared.

            I suggest practicing that level of hooking with anyone who ends their statement with: “..You know?” — it’s great fun to keep seeing them try to explain themselves.

          8. @kczz15

            “Just when you write a small essay at the tiniest of perceived flaws or minor niggles, don’t try to blow what I said out of proportion.”

            Considering the replies you left for me, don’t you think this statement is hypocritical? You hurl insults at me, then have to balls to say “don’t try to blow what I said out of proportion.” In what way did I misunderstand you, seems you’re just proving what I said at this point. Oh, and sorry for being respectful to my fellow commenters and giving thorough responses. If that means I’m a whiner, then so be it. No need to pollute the comment section any further. Let’s just agree to disagree and move on.

          9. @MrVoid

            Me? Vilified? I do remember this one conversation with an Andrew fella…but Andrew was a respectable dude. But you maybe right though. My initial reply to kczz15, was a joke aimed at his person. While it was a joke, maybe he took offense. If so…my bad.
            I’ll keep what you’ve said in mind. The solid advice is much appreciated.

          10. @Cyrs
            I was giving you a full blow by blow explanation of why you are incorrect on all levels, using:
            1: Quotes of yours (where possible)
            2: Quoting the series (where possible)
            3: Logical deduction and reasoning (mostly)
            so that you can comprehend why your stance is incorrect and possibly amend your thinking as a result.

            Instead of replying with a “Thanks, I didn’t think of it like that.” or some sort of counterargument that actually backs up your position with some sort of rational logic and/or evidence however, you’re just ignoring that part, telling me I’m polluting the comment section, and refusing to admit you were wrong. Like I said, don’t try to take the moral high ground because it doesn’t suit you. Agree to disagree? Just swallow your pride and admit you were wrong, nobody has ever choked on their own pride before.

            (Also; taking MrVoid ‘advice’ (I use the term loosely in his case) is generally one of the worst things you can ever do, I’ve yet to see a single worthwhile comment of his and I’ve been taking note of his drivel since October.)

          11. Don’t worry, kczz15, I’m just a cynical guy who likes to write cynical comments. I don’t ask of you to approve of my conduct in particular. The ‘advice’ I wrote is isolated from my general behavior, seeing as anyone rarely actually debates here.

            Also, by ‘vilified’, I was pointing to myself, as you so charmingly demonstrate.

          12. Void, your comments have more value than Leamush’s comments by a small margin, it’s just that “better than zero” isn’t a high evaluation. You wish what you had was cynical debate, that’s my thing, I have never once seen you try to rationally prove your side of an argument though so it’s just cynicism at absolute best and bordering on conspiracy theory tier ramblings at worst.

            Your theories vary from wild to foolish and I’ve yet to see you back a single one up logically, I’ll see if you ever try to back one of your points up in future, I guess.

          13. ?
            I think I just did, in this very thread. You can focus on whatever you want to make yourself feel better, if that’s what you want. Be dogmatic and point out exactly where I was pissy if you so desire. Just remember you were the one to start mudslinging people as if you’re a highroller, don’t point fingers at other people for being so bored.

            You can keep putting people up on scales arbitrarily if you so want, knock yourself out. I don’t have the intention of having a pissing contest with you.

      1. The same reason you’d try to apply it to enraged men… Clearly you’re trying to imply that enraged men are more logical than enraged women, but I encourage you to step into the real world, where enraged men take a lot more violent illogical actions than enraged women do. Heck, even in xianxia world, enraged men take a lot more violent illogical actions that enraged women do. Yun Che’s wiping out an entire sect being a case in point.

        A more reasonable, less chauvinistic question is why try to apply logic to xianxia characters in the first place, since their modus operandi is violent overreaction. Even then, I see the appeal of trying to come up with a logical justification for what is just the author falling into the trap of a stupid misogynistic xianxia trope.

    2. You’ve to be kidding me right? Qingyue is the first disciple to cultivate these arts in ages, and it took her months to take her first step into them. Which is more believable, that Yun Che cultivated them to this extent in a single day, or that he slept with Qingyue stealing them in the process? The later seems far more believable to me than the prior so it’s understandable for them to assume he stole them rather than learned them legitimately.

      Frozen heart art also has been shown to be far from perfect many times thus far, while they strive for complete calm all the time it’s been shown multiple times that when placed in extreme circumstances (like the embarrassment of being seen naked for the first time in your life by a member of the opposite sex.. especially so when completely unexpected.) that their emotions will surge forth. Under such distress it’s more logical that they’ll be completely irrational as most people are.

      1. Yes, it is more believable to think he learned frozen End through sex, rather than learning it by himself in a day. However, the way the situation played out, does not show that they think this way.

        Not once did any of the fairies ask/indicate, that they thought Yun Che had done it with Quinyue. Even after Gong Yuxian arrives and sends away all the students, they still say nothing about it. If they truly thought that, even if they don’t ask him about it…would they not at least attempt to call him out on it? When Yun Che said he spent the day in Frozen End Divine Hall learning frozen end…did they call him out for lying? Did they cast any doubt at his words? Did they ask Quinyue if he was telling the truth? They did none of those things.

        “He had even stolen our sect’s Frozen End Divine Arts and learned it!”

        Considering they said this after Yun Che said he learned frozen end (without refuting him all), isn’t this their blatant acknowledgement that he learned it legit?

    3. cant disagree more with you. if the fairies did nothing to Yun Che, they are practically saying that all male are welcome to come and peep at them. YC do need to get some sort of punishment; to serve as deterrence. that’s the same reason people in real life gets punished for seemingly minor crimes.

      1. Do you actually believe, that they are gonna tell people that Yun CHe peeped on them? Such information will not leave the sect, so what need is there for deterrence? If they did not spread the information that Chu Yuechan was exiled, then they wouldn’t spread this either. Plus…a automatic death sentence, for accidentally seeing them naked is ridiculous.

        No need for deterrence, no crime was committed, and it was an accident…your analogy to minor crimes does not apply.

      2. I agree that, if these Fairies claim that they truly do care about being seeing naked, and want to prevent these feelings from being violated — they need to strongly stress out how much they care about it, and make sure it won’t happen again.

        I totally agree with that, but I do not think the reaction: “DIE!!!!” is the appropriate one.
        It is so crazy to me that, after stumping them to a pulp when he came for Yuechan, these women, especially Yueli, think they can take on Yun Che.

        More than that, I’m more than shocked that their mental faculties do not allow them to come up with any answer other than: “HE HAS TO DIE!!!”
        …Are they children? Some of them are actually over 50 years old, how is that possible?
        It’s not hard to see where the problem is in these chapters. It’s just a question whether or not you laugh it off, or become uncomfortable with it. :/

  2. I hope Yun Che says they have to be naked in order to open the profound veins( like Quinyue was). Haha. that would balance out their heaven defying stupidity. Plus…he’s a doctor…so it should hardly matter >:D.
    Don’t mind me, I’m just upset at their idiocy…makes me feel they should suffer some more :D.

    1. Yeah that would be funny and could it be that they were like only his wifwy knows it so… so he must have.. done her.

      or you know they were in berserk mode atm so they only stored too much negative energy and clouded judgement.

      From my point of view it is quite understandable and doesn’t seem stupid well not as bad as those who underestimate him in every fight, no actually after every technique.

      1. If they truly thought he had done it with Quinyue, then they would have mentioned it by now. Even after Quinyue arrives, they still continue to repeat he had stolen and learned frozen end…they didn’t ask her anything. The fact they continue to repeat it, and not have it click in their heads, is highly irrational and slow-witted.

        Even if you excuse this, and them trying to kill someone for seeing them naked…they are still trying to kill Yun Che as mere sky profound experts.Yun Che has fought and killed dozens of sky profound experts…yet they still try to kill him without the slightest hesitation. Are they not courting death? Do they have no sense of life preservation? They might not be as irrational as the idiots who underestimate Yun Che, but they are still ridiculous. This is hardly what I’d call understandable :D.

        1. The way I see it, they didn’t want to openly claim that Yun Che had sex with Qingyue. They imply it, but they don’t want to outright shame her, the great rising star, publicly.

          1. While I agree they wouldn’t want to openly shame her…they still did not ask any thing at the first opportunity. Afterall, Gong Yuxian had dismissed all the disciples. Since the disciples left, as leaders of Frozen Cloud Asgard (and master and disciple), why would they wait to ask such a important question? You could be right, but I still hold to my doubts.

          2. I guess they were more upset about being “sullied” than actually giving a damn about the use of Frozen End Arts, and just used it as an excuse to vent?

          3. I agree, they’re just pissed off at yun che, frozen arts is jut an extra.

            Besides them questioning xia quingyue because she’s his wife is already proof enough they don’t give a shit about the respect towards her.

        2. Well it could be just as mrVoid said she is the their top star and leader after all.

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