ATG – Chapter 378

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Chapter 378 – Eternal Night Prince

Black Fiend Empire, land of enormity.

Dense sinister aura and gray fog lingered around this whole place, and the sound of wind rang out incessantly, which bore similarity to the cry of a ghost or the howl of a devil. At such a horrifying place, Fen Juechen, who should have been dead several tens of times by now, had somehow survived and managed to come here. He employed every bit of power in his limbs to climb upwards, and with an incomparably formidable willpower and obsessiveness, he forcefully supported his life that should have already dried up a long time ago.

Finally, he climbed up to the extremity of this place… There was a huge jade coffin before his eyes. The jade coffin was semitransparent, and there was a barely visible black fog moving around within it.

“So you have at last arrived… This king has waited a very long time for you.”

The gray fog inside the jade coffin suddenly started to sway, and an eerie voice rang out in Fen Juechen’s mind.

“Who are… you!?”

“This king, is the very person you’re looking for! And you, are precisely the one this king has been waiting for! Use the key in your hand to open this shackle that has sealed my soul. This king shall bestow upon you supreme power as your reward!”

“On what basis… do you expect me to believe you!?”

“This king has no means to testify his words, but the current you could only choose to believe in this king! If you don’t obtain this king’s power right here and now, then you’ll die very soon. This king and you share the same kind of disposition! The infinite hatred and obsessiveness inside your soul, and this king’s hatred and obsessiveness will combine together, making you countless times stronger than your current self! With the power of this king, you’d be able to get revenge against anyone in this world you have a blood feud with! This king is just a leftover damaged soul now, so if you want to take revenge, it’s necessary to draw support from your body! If this king gets released, there is nothing but infinite benefits for you. Otherwise, if you go on like this, you could only desperately wait to meet your death!”

Fen Juechen’s hand extended forward as it trembled, and the pitch-black key fell on the Soul Sealing Coffin.

In the blink of an eye, mist sprang up from every part of the Soul Sealing Coffin, and rays of light flashed for a brief moment from a formation, before disappearing without a trace.


Eerie wind started to blow from all directions as the Soul Sealing Coffin suddenly opened up. The soul sealed inside the coffin immediately escaped out of it, and laughed out wildly in extreme pleasure. Then, it straightaway rushed towards Fen Juechen, mercilessly piercing his soul and entering inside it.

“Hahahaha… Hahahaha…. A millennium, it has already been a millennium! This king has finally obtained freedom! Looks like the heavens have at long last showed some compassion, and gave this king the opportunity to get revenge against the ones this king harbors bloody hatred for… hahahaha…”

“Boy, this king is grateful to you for allowing this king to regain freedom! To repay your kindness, this king shall replace your soul and become the new owner of this dilapidated body of yours! It would certainly be the greatest favor you could hope to receive in return… hahahaha!”

“You… Ahh… Ahhhh!”

“Fen Juechen felt as if a myriad of steel needles were fiercely pricking inside his soul, and his complexion turned pale in an instant. Blood flowing out of his eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth, and he issued an extremely painful shout from his mouth: “So you… you… want to swallow … my soul?!! Ugh… ahhhhh!”

“It truly amazes this king that you can still talk about me swallowing your soul in such a weak condition… You don’t have to worry. After swallowing your soul, this king will look into your memories and kill the person you want to kill the most in this world so as to respond to the bitter hatred in your heart. Would that be enough to you satisfy you!? Now, obediently let your soul… become my soul’s offering!!”


Fen Juechen let out a heart-breaking howl, and his whole body spasmed and twisted frantically. Every part of his body was completely drenched with sweat as though he was hit by torrential rain. No matter how painful his body felt, he could still completely endure it without even making a little sound. But, the pain he felt from his mind ripping apart was countless times more cruel and horrifying than tearing him apart limb from limb. He felt as if innumerable steel pins and bayonets were pricking and stabbing his soul in an attempt to cut it, which made his consciousness fall towards a bottomless abyss in the midst of extreme pain.

If his soul was destroyed and swallowed, leading to him losing all of his consciousness, then his body would turn into a shell without any consciousness of its own. If that were to happen, he would have no means left to ever take revenge, and he would also become someone else’s puppet for eternity.

Compared to killing him or slicing his body thousands of times, this sort of end to his life was even more unacceptable to him.

Fen Juechen… could accept death… and he could even accept dying without leaving a complete corpse behind…

But he definitely couldn’t allow himself… to fall to the level of a mere puppet!!

I’ve suffered untold hardships to arrive at this place…

Because I wanted to seek the thing that could grant me the power to take revenge…

Becoming a puppet… was never an option!!


Fen Juechen ferociously opened his eyes wide. The originally slackened glow of his eyes crazily condensed and released such a hateful light that could even make a devil shudder in fear. All of his willpower and conviction released along with the yell he let out with his utmost might.

“Tsk-tsk, I didn’t think you’d still try to struggle in vain. Hahahaha, this is truly and extremely funny. Just how can a small and weak soul like yours, which is no different from a completely insignificant ant in my eyes, possibly escape from… Hm? Wh… What… This is impossible…. What did you do….? This is impossible… This is impossible!!”

Fen Juechen’s extremely weak soul that was on the verge of being destroyed and swallowed, suddenly burst out an inconceivably formidable resistance. Following Fen Juechen’s hoarse shout, the power of this resistance unceasingly increased. Not only did it prevent Fen Juechen’s soul from being swallowed by the dark soul, it contrarily encircled and confined the dark soul bit by bit, and even… began to swallow it.

“Impossible… This is impossible! How can a mere boy at Spirit Profound Realm possibly have such a formidable willpower… Ahhh…” The black soul was unable to wildly laugh any longer, his voice now carried panic and fear. It was as if he suddenly fell from paradise to the abyss of hell.

“I, Fen Juechen… have been defeated… trampled… and humiliated… but I can still… somehow endure them… because there will come a day… when I’ll make the one responsible pay countless times more for it… However… no one should even think about making my body into something as extremely humiliating as a puppet… Don’t even… think about it!!”

“Ahhh!!” The black soul let out a blood-curdling scream. His powerful soul was actually completely confined inside Fen Juechen’s soul and was instead being swallowed by it… If his soul were to be swallowed, his existence would completely disappear from the world, and then his memories, and the power in his soul would all belong to Fen Juechen. He shouted loudly in panic, and even painfully pleaded to Fen Juechen: “Let off this king… Stop this moment… This king will let you have his strongest power… This king can’t afford to die now…”

The black soul’s voice suddenly stopped for a moment, and then it abruptly began to tremble in excitement: “Huang’er… Huang’er… You are Huang’er?!!”

Fen Juechen: “??”

“Huang’er, it’s truly Huang’er…” It was as if the black soul had forgotten the pain of being swallowed. It let out an extremely joyful and sobbing voice: “Huang’er… I am king of the Eternal Night Royal Family, your very own biological father!!”

Fen Juechen’s entire body was drenched with sweat. He sneered and gritted his teeth as he said: “You stupid and devious pitiful residual soul… in order to survive through your current predicament, you are going as far as uttering such an absurd and ridiculous thing, huh!”

“Huang’er, I’m truly your father! When our Eternal Night Royal Family was exterminated by those scoundrels, you were also murdered bloodily by them at that time. Then, your mother confined a wisp of your soul after your death, and using her own life, she unleashed Eternal Night’s taboo technique, so that you could reincarnate after a millennium with half of your blood vessels and soul…”

“Enough! Your death is near at hand… and you’re still going on with your ridiculous nonsense!” Fen Juechen firmly clenched his teeth: “I’ll have you shut your mouth… forever!!”

The tenaciousness of Fen Juechen’s willpower far exceeded the imagination of the dark soul. His residual soul gradually lost even the last of its struggling power… and he also just gave up on struggling altogether…

“This is also fine. When you obtain my memories and my power confined inside the soul, you’ll naturally become clear about everything…”

“Huang’er, you are the prince of my Eternal Night Royal Family, the last of my Eternal Night Royal Clan’s lineage and hope… I wish you live a good life, seize back my clan’s Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, reestablish the Eternal Night Royal Clan, and take revenge for your mother… for all of your clan members… and for your very own self… You must take revenge… Never forget to take revenge!!!”

The black soul’s voice resounded in Fen Juechen’s mind for a very long time and then disappeared into oblivion. Subsequently, not only did this soul gave up on struggling, it even took the initiative to integrate every bit of his memories and special soul power into Fen Juechen’s soul.

The memories accumulated over the long span of a thousand years gushed towards Fen Juechen’s soul like tidewater, and his expression gradually became sluggish. Finally, he kneeled down on the ground like a lifeless person, and didn’t make any sort of movement for a very long time. His face was filled with the stains of tears that were overflowing from his eyes…


With the help of the Snow Phoenix Beast, it took Yun Che a very short time to reach Frozen Cloud Asgard compared to his previous trip. After flying through the boundless snowfield, the location of the Frozen Cloud Asgard quickly appeared in his line of sight.

Looking at the Frozen Cloud Asgard he was getting closer to at a very fast rate, Yun Che couldn’t help but think of Chu Yuechan. In these last few months, he still hadn’t obtained any information related to her, and it was the same in Xia Yuanba’s case. With his current influence, his name was already resounding through every corner of the Blue Wind Empire. As Chu Yuechan had their child, and Xia Yuanba had left due to the sorrow of Yun Che’s death, they should’ve immediately come look for him after finding out the information that he was still alive.

“Could it be that you guys are no longer in the Blue Wind Empire?” Yun Che said to himself somewhat absent-mindedly.

Frozen Cloud Asgard was still shut off from the outside world, however, it was natural that no one would stop Yun Che from entering the palace this time. Even before he landed at the entrance, Frozen Cloud Asgard had already sensed his arrival and Chu Yueli was waiting in front of the main entrance.

“So you’ve come.” Chu Yueli’s face looked as cold as frost, and she spoke in a voice that was completely devoid of emotions.

“Junior Yun Che greets Chu fairy. I eventually managed to keep the appointment.” Yun Che stepped forward as he said: “Chu fairy personally welcoming me, makes this junior feel extremely terrified… letting Qingyue come is enough.”

Chu Yueli didn’t show any response towards Yun Che’s words, and indifferently said: “Asgard Mistress is already aware that you’ve arrived. Follow me.”

Yun Che originally wanted to make some fun of this Fairy of Frozen Glass. He would’ve felt satisfied as long as he could at least see her angry look, but the result he got was quite dull. He crooked his mouth and followed Chu Yueli inside.

Even during the time when the palace was not shut off from the outside world, Frozen Cloud Asgard would have extremely few visitors, so the female disciples of Frozen Cloud Asgard mostly didn’t get that many opportunities to come in contact with a man. Therefore, as Yun Che followed Chu Yueli inside the Frozen Cloud Asgard, along with the additional effect of his name “Yun Che,” it immediately cause a lot of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s disciples to gather around and “watch” him with attention. Their gazes were filled with intense curiosity towards this young man who was the nominal husband of their Young Asgard Mistress, as well as the one who let Chu Yuechan break her vow of abstinence.

When Yun Che saw Gong Yuxian, he discovered that Xia Qingyue was present right beside her. He went closer to them and said: “Junior Yun Che greets the Mistress of Frozen Cloud Asgard. This junior had recklessly intruded Frozen Cloud Asgard four months ago, and showed disrespect towards senior at that time. I hope that senior will pardon my wrong doings.”

Gong Yuxian felt surprised at first, then faintly smiled: “I never expected that the person who can destroy the Burning Heaven Clan and dare to trample a prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire under his foot would lower his head and acknowledge his mistake… Yun Che, you’ve really made me view you in a new light. There is no need to apologize. Your losing control of yourself that day due to the anxiousness in your heart and forcefully rushing inside the Frozen Cloud Asgard is understandable, hence, it could be pardoned. Furthermore, it does seem that you are indeed concerned about Yuechan. Moreover, there’s also some truth in the words… you spoke to me that day.”

“Let’s not bring up these things for now. Yun Che, my Asgard’s Grand Asgard Mistress wants to see you. Follow me… Qingyue, you should also come along with us.”

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