ATG Chapter 920 ✿

Chapter 920 is brought to you by Dnton, Rubble, and alyschu.

Similarly, this chapter is counted as 2 chapters, due to it being twice the size of a standard chapter.

Also, a note from Alyschu! She is going to be a bit busy until the end of next week so releases may be a little behind. We seek your understanding!

– Scrya

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12 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 920 ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Ignore that “trashy chicken”.
    Real life is important. Deal with that first.
    Most of us are mature enough to know that.
    Just keep your spirits up and push away negativity.
    And in the end nothing really matters anyway since we’re all going to die.(That’s supposed to be something positive)
    Thank you for the quasi-double!

    1. INB4- your argument is invalid, it is our money they opened patreon for a reason and we should be getting our promised chapters for what we paid for. They are not providing free lunch, they are actually eating lunch based on our money. If i don’t get my reward for something that i paid, i have every darn reason to be upset and the right to complaint, otherwise it just plain mistrust and stealing.

  2. fuuuuuuckkkk i don’t want to read from machine translation but i can’t wait T_T
    why you all this time didn’t catch up with the raw
    i have been read this novel for more than year and ypu still can’t catch up!!!
    just when ?!
    its so damn shit to read from machine translation

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