ATG Chapter 743 ✿ and latechu thoughts

I’ve been seeing much more suggestions telling me to make a Patreon for ATG ever since I’ve made one for SR and I want to voice my thoughts. The reason why I hesitate and didn’t plan on making a Patreon for ATG at first is because we are ~30 chapters behind the author’s latest chapter. However, one of my editors has suggested a neat idea. He said, “What if we set up Patreon for ATG with the assumption that it will roll into the new series we’re doing once ATG catches up?”

What do you guys think? The ATG team will be working on this new series and will still release any ATG chapters the author releases later on once we’ve caught up with him, so it will still be technically supporting ATG (and the same people working on it!) even after we’ve caught up. By the way, I’ve already decided on our new series after ATG is caught up and the plot (as well as the main character) is different from ATG… If any of you guys have thoughts, comments, confessions, or strange fetishes they want to tell the world, please leave them in a reply below this post.

ps. Chapter 743 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by crushanapple, Moxie, and some of alyschu. Enjoy!
pps. If I do this, I’ll be removing PayPal for ATG/new series and only work on Patreon for them because I can’t handle 2 PayPals and 2 Patreons…

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  1. will be good idea. create a single patreon for ATG and new series like SOTR has done.

    till you catch up with ATG divide the release of chapter equally.
    once ATG catch up increase the chapter for new series.

    in the week where ATG comes out reduce the chapter of new series .

  2. I’ve never participated in donations or patreons so take my comment with a grain of salt. I always assumed that patreons or donations would be per series and not per translator/translation group because I want my support to go to the series that I love to read and the translators/group that work on that series, not the translator/group in general. For example if a group is translating several novels and the novel I donate for catches up, I would assume my donation stays for future chapters of that series and not diverted to another novel unless I choose to do so ( because I like that other novel)

    TLDR: Don’t do it until you have a new series in mind and the donations that get left over don’t mind going to that series

    1. The tricky part about that is that, once the series is caught up, the chapters released after that are all standard releases and no longer subscription/quota/donation based. The idea here is that, if you like both series (or simply want to help support the translators), then donating for ATG while its still fast released and then moving the donations to promote faster releases for the next series makes sense.

      But, you are heard in that, if you don’t like the new series, the Patreon won’t be very enticing. On the other hand, the Patreon won’t be very useful to the translating team if its only active for the 1-4 months it takes to catch up to the author.

  3. alyschu, can u tell us what will the next new series be, so that we can get all pumped up for that?

    A bit dissapointed that the new series to hav a different charcater from Yun Che, since Yun Che’s perverted behaviour is funny and honest 🙂

    I hope alyschu will pick up Assasin landlord and beauty tenants, as the past transalator for that novel dropped it about two years ago, but the series is a good read. Crossing fingers right now 😀

  4. “If any of you guys have thoughts, comments, confessions, or strange fetishes they want to tell the world, please leave them in a reply below this post.”
    I might have some of said “strange fetishes,” but none that I’d want to tell the world. 😛

    On a more topical note, Patreons for series seem to have been working really well for some and not so well for others. I feel like it’s more of a gamble than the current system if you also take away the PayPal, although I get why you’d want to simplify things. But, I don’t really know much about this stuff, so I could just be entirely wrong.

  5. Will this be another book that has another MC that ends up getting love struck after seeing every single beautiful girl? if it is, I might not read it. I’m even thinking of dropping the current book because of that.

    1. And, one that doesn’t waste so much time describing the females with the author’s ‘strange fetishes’? Please???? Pretty please with sugar on top? Thank you very much!

    2. And, one that doesn’t waste so much words describing the females with the author’s ‘strange fetishes’? Please???? Pretty please with sugar on top? Thank you very much!

  6. I will miss YC because of his personality 🙁 but well, whatever who am I to say but instead of a new series . Can you pick Sheng Wang. That will be pretty cool. Tbh

  7. well it has been a great journey so far with atg i think. if pls if u are
    taking new novel let haven harem and beast companion tag if possible mine(fetish)☺☺

  8. This might sound like a silly question but the wording of your post has me confused about the nature of the new series. Is the new series a wuxia novel that you are translating or a wuxia novel that you are writing from scratch. And YES(!!!!!) to the patron idea! Thank for reading.

  9. I’ve been wondering something for a little while. Alyschu and co. are you looking for editors? It seems to me that the quality of the English has fallen quite a bit recently, and I think it’s a shame. So if you’re looking for a good editor, please contact me on: [email protected] 🙂

  10. Yes i’m biased (i read SR) but i would much rather see the team focus on as few projects as possible.

    We have more then enough ongoing translations that will take forever to be fully completed, the translations are spread thin enough over many many stories as it is.

    This might as well mean i advise your team to cooperate with another team on whatever they are already translating, just to ensure another good story can actually be fully translated. 🙂

  11. Thanks to the whole team for translating this novel also i have a suggestion which you can translate which is (Quanzhi Fashi) This is a good novel and there is also an anime which came out but the current translator speed is very slow so can you please take over. please translate this novel.

  12. Sounds absolutely horrible just combine patrons for all three series and keep 3 paypals until atg is caught up then remove atg PayPal and have two paypals and one combined patron. People donate through patron if they see a higher amount given monthly so split patron would be bad. PayPal for the two series for when someone wants to directly make the chapter faster.

  13. Well, I would have liked to have support you via wuxiaworld, but i dont have a paypal which is an issue for me, but i have been able to support some translators on patreon because they dont require paypal. Also, the automatic charge per month is very helpful as I dont have to worry about whether or not ive supported the project at all. If you took up another project, although I know ‘The legend of the dragon king’ is being translated at wuxia world at the moment, could you take on ‘Doulou Dalu 2: The Unrivalled Tang Clan’ that was being translated by cookie translations please?
    They are no longer translating the project and I would be more than willing to put $20 per month into the project, other readers may interested in doing so as well, so if you did take on the project, it would be a good idea to mention that on the site.


  14. Do you guys hire people to post good words here in your posts!! It’s quite amazing that almost all of them are sweet tongued. No rebukes,bad words whatsoever in almost every post. Are you guys deleting the negative and keeping only the praises!! I’m surprised that doing 2 chapters per week and mooching others you all came so far. Lawless does 24-28 chapters per week whereas deathblade is doing 10-14 per week for a long time, also others like rwx! and then there are you guys . Funny all of you share the same thing ‘translators’. and the most lol thing is that no one ever minds that or it’s about the system !! well, good for them. NOT ME! i’ll rebuke the bad ones and also sing praises for the good ones. Otherwise there won’t be any difference between them and you.
    Now, about the patreon thing! Does it even matter!!? You’re only doing 2 per week + 2 sponsored/maybe 3!! so, what does it matter whether you do paypal,patreon,credit,bank account or Good ol’ Trumps checkbook!! Nothing macroscopic will be seen. Frankly speaking you guys are the 2nd worst team if not the last. Lucks in favor cause ATG is a good read and you guys have girly names!! otherwise nothing!! I’m saying all this to distinguish the good wuxia guys. (are you going to delete this!! lol)

    1. and what do YOU do in your free time ? Do you realize that they are volunteers, right ? Sure, they have ‘sponsored chapters’, but they still do a number of chapters without incentives. How high must that number be, for you not to call them ‘sellouts’? 5 ? 10 ? 15 ? Do you even know how much work it is to translate chapters ? How much time it takes ? Even 1 chapter a week is already extremely generous of their time.

      But nooooo for you, all you see is that ‘big fat paycheck’ they might do in translating. But you’re awfully mistaken. They are not making a fortune out of this. One chapter of ATG, translated by a ‘professionnal’ translator (who may not even be more qualified than most ‘amateur’ translators on this website) would cost you 250-300$.

      So let me ask you again : would YOU be ready to spend HOURS every week to deliver absolutely for FREE translated chapters to a community full of ungrateful idiots like yourself ?

      1. First of all, do you even know the definition of ‘volunteer’? They started this and do you think that they were unaware of what they were getting themselves into! News flash moron!! They calculated everything. Tell me, why the figure 75$!! Why exactly 75$!! it could’ve been 1,5,10 blah blah! Again weather news, they aren’t dumb like you. This has already reached the level of part time jobs. There is no free lunch in this world and they know what’s the worth of their time and who said that they’re making fortune out of this!! Are your pair of sockets only for show. Don’t make up things as you go. If you want to say something say based on my retort not on your crazy fantasy.
        Secondly, a 2500 words chapter cost 250-300$!! It’s a beautiful world that you live in. An average american 4 person family spends 5000$ monthly. How nice!! they now have to do 2 chapters spending 4 hours regularly and they can start a new company like microsoft in 5 years.
        and finally, yes i WOULD do it if i was you so called volunteer. Because a volunteer do things out of love for that work and yes i’m ungrateful to this team. Then again, i’m grateful to some others! So,why them and not this guys! I hope you get my points volunteer who spoke like a champ.

        1. Changing the topic from volunteer to Mr. facebook i see! you’re great! When Ren started translating Panlong it was 2 chapters a week with 70$ for sponsored! Tell me is he doing the same now!? And you can live with doing a single part time job?(wow! and i thought part time jobs get you pocket changes only! i guess i learned something new today nothing good though). Like i said before kindly don’t make up things like ‘they can’t live from it’! if you do literature go somewhere else. And Ren was an amateur!!! I DIDN’T KNOW THAT AT ALL!! MY GOSH!! so when they started wuxiaworld they were amateurs! Hey! writing 2500 words in English is that big of a deal!! They’re not even writing the story just changing languages. Do you really think translators are on the top of the food chamber or something. You do some kind of job probably! Do you think you are below translator! If you were saying writing story is tough i would’ve been satisfied and toned down with that! But just translating!! You know two languages and convert one to another! News flash i learned to read in the preschool level! I’ve 7.5 in IELTS with 8 in writing. I believe i can at least translate! Now, the question is do i know Chinese to translate! News flash DUMBASS if i knew chinese i’d not be here in the first place! Do you think i’m reading a chinese novel!! NO, i’m reading an English novel and don’t care whether it’s of chinese,japanese or spanish origin. So, i hope you get that! Wuxia’s not the only thing i read! I also read others. SIgh! So messed up! Drop it! This is so stupid. Forget the above part for a second just answer this i stumbled on wuxiaworld by chance and found a novel to read! the speed of the progress is so slow! I sponsor them, i request them to sped up,still no change then i badmouth them! So WHAT”S FREAKING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!! Why does a nosy moron comes on his own and starts bashing all on his own. You’re really lucky this is a virtual world

    2. Ever heard about manners?

      It does not matter if there are others who translate more in the same time frame, have a better quality translation, or overall are just way prettier. The translated texts here are offered without you having to pay anything. Don’t like it? Go elsewhere, translate it yourself, bring constructive feedback, pretty much everything but baselessly bashing someone’s work. No one forces you to pay them. You could have just stated the facts that there are other translators who translate more, therefore you are unwilling to support them. Fair enough.

      Your post not only makes yourself look bad, but I feel sorry for the guys who are in your words “the good ones” because it makes them look bad as well for having you mention them in such a way and for being associated with someone like you.

      PS: Having more of something is not always better, especially when talking about exclamation marks.


      As for the initial topic:
      The starting point of having several paypal or patreon accounts seems strange to me. Why not have a single account and add an automated note in the donation field where it comes from, then just set a filter in paypal to see what it was donated for. You could even make a drop down box. Working with several accounts is unnecessarily bothersome.

      Personally I would recommend to keep paypal unless you really have no other choice. Not only does Patreon miss some payment options which is a huge headache for some people, but also as was already mentioned above, many people enjoy a certain novel and want to support that specific one.

      1. “Ever heard about manners?”-Ryena
        Oh!! My FREAKING GOD!! Please tell me, do i’ve to show manners to a stranger,someone whom i’ve never seen,spoken with more importantly he’s in the virtual world. SALVATION!! i learned something new today,well, nothing good though!!
        Okay, let’s first consider that i am bad because of my baseless(not baselessly) remarks about someone even though i gave a major reason in the beginning( or is it that my writing becomes invisible to others!! Wow do i’ve magic powers now or pc problem! Not that i care though). Then where do you stand when you just criticized me!! Or is it that in your case the famous line goes “killing is sin but killing sinners are justice” or ” I’m absolute” -Blah(~puke). Now,listen hon! If i say that someone is good in what heavenly sense that converts into something like i’m badmouthing them or making them look bad! Nice logic. You’re the best!! I’ve now complimented you so from your logic you should be the worst (do you realize how stupid that sounded). And when did i say that i won’t support them!! Just because someone is the worst that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t worthy of being sponsored. More than that i sponsor the NOVEL that i like not the translator doing that novel. There is a difference between the two views, i hope you’re smart enough to get that. One more thing, ‘if you don’t like then do it yourself’ this is a pretty elementary level thinking.
        P.S.- You’re mother is a dirty whore (-Desert punk)
        Real P.S.- It’s really rude to comment on the main topic when you’re replying to someone else. Do a separate post. I’m saying because you talked about that manner thing not that i care though.

  15. the idea might work, but some details need to be in place first for the sake of complete honesty with the fans.

    if the idea is that donations will go to atg whenever atg is behind, and other series when atg is caught up, it would be best tofor always keep readers updated on when any further donations will go into the new series, and when they’ll go into atg again.

  16. Sorry everyone.
    I’m a big fan of ATG but I’m not born English speaking. Hence, my English is somewhat limited.
    Can anyone in here explain to me what Patreon is and how it works?
    Will it bring any major change to ATG??

  17. I think that Realms In The Firmament would be a pretty good novel to be adapted here, as something seems to have happened with Xianxiaworld and they haven’t released for a long time. Fengling Tianxia’s novels (Realms In The Firmament, Otherworldly Evil Monarch, Transcending the Nine Heavens) are pretty well written with interesting plot, and they’re high ranked on novel updates too ^_^

  18. Well,i would like to know like how many chapters do the author releases from atg in a month

    Also,if you are going to choose a new series,please pick one which is finished???Cause that way we dont have to wait for the author to finish the series.and That would be GREAT.

    As for the new series,i would like if it could be a harem style but not excessive with it like ATG but a passive one.Cause Yun Che is like a rabbit?.That’s all from me.

    Also,that the new series has a heroine like xia Qinyue,cause I have to say that she is my favorite heroine for her personality,cause she isn’t like thise heroines that with a wink they fall in love with the protagonist.and also for her strong desire for power and how she is closed to others?????

    Thanks for the chapter ???

    1. “Cause that way we dont have to wait for the author to finish the series.and That would be GREAT.” I’m actually looking forward to not having to be wary of MTL/Chinese readers revealing what happens next in ATG. We’ll all be on the same page. =)

  19. It would be really nice if you guys pick up Transcending The Nine Heavens as the translator already said that he’s doing this as a hobby and would be more than willing to hand it over to some else but until then he’ll still release chapters.

    It’s a superb novel but gets ruined due to the pace of the current translator whose releasing 2-4 chapters per month. Would be lovely to see at least 10-14 chapters per month because at the current pace with the novel at 2500+ chapters it’s very unlikely I’ll finish it before dying

  20. So this new series … there is any chance it would be ‘Five Way Heaven’ leaving the “side project” status ?? I would love if that was the case, but if the new series is too similar to ATG i won’t even touch it , honestly if it has a “harem” tag i would say 90% of chances of not touching it .

    As i was reading i thought the new series would be revealed since this a topic that concerns said novel, i get the impression most people give support per novel not per group, well at least that is the case for me.

  21. That sounds like a fantastic idea to me. As long as you’re clear that the Patreon won’t accelerate ATG once you’ve caught up to the raws. I didn’t realize the team was planning to work on something else besides SR after ATG, but I’m happy to hear it. Actually, I love SR, but I’ve just been a little disappointed to see its Patreon’s popularity hasn’t been able to match some others like the ones for WMW and BTTH, especially since the ATG/SR team works so hard and puts out such solid translations. Perhaps it was because SR is just very well-rounded, yet lacks the badassery and face destruction of ATG. Anyway, I trust that whatever you pick up next will be awesome, and hopefully it’s the type of story that generates lots of well-deserved enthusiasm among English-reading fans of cultivation novels.

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