ATG Chapter 619 ✿

Chapter 619 is brought to you by Dnton and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Jason M and William C. Thanks you two!!

I’d like to say once more that SR’s Septemberchu Sweetness has nothing to do with ATG. alyschu is the only one actively on SR from the ATG Team (as the great wise eyeball of doom).

11 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 619 ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. this very post is once more proof that they are scamming ppl for their money. one person alone can translate so many chapters of SR, but it takes $75 and 3-4 ppl for a single chapter a day for ATG.

    1. Dear confused reader,

      Where is this “3-4 people for a single chapter a day for ATG”? Only Dnton and I have worked on this chapter. As project leader of ATG’s team of casuals, I do believe I have the right to be offended here, so I’ll be blunt here. Please do make sure to check the definitions of the word scam, busy, life, exams, reread what ATG’s index page says, then look at ATG’s huge queue that our busy team has not even cleared yet due to life/exams. You cannot claim that we are money hungry or scamming when we can’t even clear the queue.

      In what way are we scamming you? The sponsored amounts are still in queue, and we don’t touch it or subtract it until we’ve released the chapter. If you have donated, make sure to email me your name and the amount you donated. If you’re going to be offensive, please take your money back. I’d rather not take money from someone so bad mannered.

      ps. If it makes you feel better, ATG is going to be released even later tonight because I had to use up my time which I should be using for ATG to answer your rude comment.

      1. so your punishing all of us because of this guy? also…if your perusing the comments section of the chapter from the day before you werent really translating at the time were you?

        1. Was actually about to head over to chapter 620 to delete the teaser via this post, to make room for the chapter once it’s done. Then decided to scroll down because I saw more comments and realized I shouldn’t have bothered. Chapter could’ve been out faster if I didn’t take the time writing all that, is all I’m saying.

          1. yeah dont feed the trolls master chu they are not worth your time nor your attention

            thanks for all you do!

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