ATG Chapter 603 ✿

There is a term change here in this chapter. Any previous mentions of World King shall now be Realm King. I’ll change the ones in the previous chapters tomorrow.

Chapter 603 is brought to you by Dnton, SummerRain, and 3amchu.

This chapter was sponsored by anon#R, Kai W, and Jason M. Thanks guys!! Good night.. OTL

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  1. As much as I appreciate the chapter, I think your health is important too, 3amchu! Personally, I can wait till the next day, I think. :)) I certainly prefer that than you get sick (and more delaying)
    Thanks for the chapter
    And take care of yourself :))

    1. It was “World King shall now be Realm King” earlier. I have a feeling alyschu did a mass “Search & Replace” of all “World King” into “Realm King” and that replaced the World King of this post into Realm King too, lol.

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