ATG Chapter 601 ✿

Chapter 601 is brought to you by Dnton, FlowerBridgeToo, and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by anon#R. Thanks anon#R!!

Short miniskit of what happened (50% true) between translators between Chapter 600 and 601 release.

(Orange-red sunset beach background with the sound of clashing waves.)

alyschu: C-can’t hold on…
FlowerBridgeToo: [Head pokes out from the ocean waves.]  
I’ll help!
[Magically reappears on the left side of the beach.]  
alyschu: Ouu!
[Runs to left with open arms with clashing waves and orange sun in background.]  
FlowerBridgeToo: Ouu!
[Runs to right with open arms with clashing waves and orange sun in background.]

(alyschu trips on random water bottle some really rude person littered on the beach and lands face down in the sand. Looks up while clutching random water bottle.)

alyschu: L-littering is b… bad…
[Falls asleep.]  
FlowerBridgeToo: Nuuu!

(OverTheRanbow floats out of water bottle that just so happened to open during the crash.)

OverTheRanbow: Hello, I am the spirit of the forgotten water bottle. Because you have freed me, I shall be your eternal serv-, oh it looks like she’s asleep. [Looks at FlowerBridgeToo.] Let’s make a run for it before she wakes up.
FlowerBridgeToo: Ok.

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  1. what i want to know is where the phoenix princess is she promised yun che she wouldnt let them invade the blue wind empire and shit and they have been doing just that.

    i have a feeling when he crushes the phoenix empire she is gonna plead with him to stop and he will ignore her and kill everyone anyways.

    anyways im looking forward to it…..all this other continent NTR requires good ole VANILLA VENGEANCE!!!!

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