ATG Chapter 600 ✿ YAY

Chapter 600 is brought to you by crushanapple, Niles, and not much of sleepychu.

This chapter was sponsored by Fabio M. Thanks Fabio! Yay! We hit 600!

ps. sleepychu is sorry that she is too sleepy to release chapter 601. The original secret behind the scenes plan was SR -> ATG -> SR -> ATG for today. Since 601 isn’t coming out tonight, sleepychu will try to release 3 ATG chapters tomorrow along with the 2 for SR.

pps. There shouldn’t be anything strange since Niles is awesome, but if you see anything jiggly in the chapter, please notify awakechu. ~_~

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      1. Thanks, you too.

        It’s actually funny how people try to compare their own morals with the morals from ATG universe. So when I’m not trying to swallow as many chapter as possible with my free time, reading the comments are quite entertaining.

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