Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon (던전에서 재능얻기) – Index

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, School Life, Korean

Title: Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon (던전에서 재능얻기)

Author: Mibantan (미반탄)

Status: 67 chapters (Ongoing)

Raws: Munpia

Translator: Rainbow Turtle

Editor: Jay


Talent, appearance, power.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t beat the people born with these things.

But, within this dungeon, I can overcome them.

Glossary of Common Korean Terms

ATD Glossary

Translation Status (Important!! Please read!)

Dropped due to the author pulling a Mad Snail. Basically= having no motivation for the story and only released 2 chapters in the last 2 months.


ATD: Chapter 1 – Day 1, Entering the Dungeon
ATD: Chapter 2 – Day 1, 1st Floor
ATD: Chapter 3 – Day 1, 1st Floor Completion
ATD: Chapter 4 – Day 2, 2nd Floor
ATD: Chapter 5 – Day 2, 2nd Floor Battle
ATD: Chapter 6 – Day 2, 2nd Floor Complete
ATD: Chapter 7 – Day 3, 3rd floor Encounter
ATD: Chapter 8 – Day 3, 3rd Floor Control
ATD: Chapter 9 – Day 3, 3rd Floor Pain
ATD: Chapter 10 – Day 3, 3rd Floor Surprise
ATD: Chapter 11 – Day 4, 4th Floor Separation
ATD: Chapter 12 – Day 4, 4th Floor Drug
ATD: Chapter 13 – Day 4, 4th Floor Monster
ATD: Chapter 14 – Day 4, 4th Floor
ATD: Chapter 15 – Day 5, 5th Floor
ATD: Chapter 16 – Day 5, 5th Floor Hunger
ATD: Chapter 17 – Day 5, 5th Floor False Evil
ATD: Chapter 18 – Day 5, 5th Floor Social Standing
ATD: Chapter 19 – Day 6, 6th Floor 
ATD: Chapter 20 – Day 6, 6th Floor Prey
ATD: Chapter 21 – Day 6, 6th Floor Leading Figure
ATD: Chapter 22 – Day 6, 6th Floor Wind
ATD: Chapter 23 – Day 6, 6th Floor Eating
ATD: Chapter 24 – Day 6, 6th Floor Closing
ATD: Chapter 25 – Day 7, Family
ATD: Chapter 26 – Day 7, Alley
ATD: Chapter 27 – Day 7, Preparations
ATD: Chapter 28 – Day 7, 7th Floor City
ATD: Chapter 29 – Day 7, 7th Floor Language
ATD: Chapter 30 – Day 7, 7th Floor Key
ATD: Chapter 31 – Day 7, 7th Floor A Different Class
ATD: Chapter 32 – Day 7, 7th Floor Change
ATD: Chapter 33 – Day 7, 7th Floor Favour
ATD: Chapter 34 – Day 8, Vacation
ATD: Chapter 35 – Day 8, Fishing
ATD: Chapter 36 – Day 8, Poker
ATD: Chapter 37 – Day 8, Special Gift
ATD: Chapter 38 – Day 11, Use
ATD: Chapter 39 – Day 11, 8th Floor Forest
ATD: Chapter 40 – Day 11, 8th Floor 1/3
ATD: Chapter 41 – Day 11, 8th Floor Renewal
ATD: Chapter 42 – Day 11, 8th Floor Integration
ATD: Chapter 43 – Day 12 Cooperation
ATD: Chapter 44 – Day 12 Points
ATD: Chapter 45 – Day 12 Flame
ATD: Chapter 46 – Day 12 Theft
ATD: Chapter 47 – Day 12, 9th Floor Anglerfish
ATD: Chapter 48 – Day 12, 9th Floor Egg
ATD: Chapter 49 – Day 12, 9th Floor Sacred Creature
ATD: Chapter 50 – Day 12, 9th Floor Dog
ATD: Chapter 51 – Day 13, Upset
ATD: Chapter 52 – Day 13, What to Eat?
ATD: Chapter 53 – Day 13, Natural Enemy
ATD: Chapter 54 – Day 13, Princess and Dog (1)
ATD: Chapter 55 – Day 13, Princess and Dog (2)
ATD: Chapter 56 – Day 13 10th Floor Demon
ATD: Chapter 57 – Day 13, 10th Floor Big Picture (1)
ATD: Chapter 58 – Day 13, 10th Floor Big Picture (2)
ATD: Chapter 59 – Day 13, 10th Floor Big Picture (3)
ATD: Chapter 60 – Day 13, 10th Floor Big Picture (4)
ATD: Chapter 61 – Day 13, 10th Floor Big Picture (5)
ATD: Chapter 62 – Day 13, 10th Floor Price-Performance Ratio

24 thoughts on “Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon (던전에서 재능얻기) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. *Finishes reading available chapters.* More please. xD It’s quite a good read, so far. So I’m really looking forward to the next chapter release.

    1. Sadly, the only one that I can think of straight of the bat is Apocalypse Now by WizOfTime.
      Sadly, since since the author hasn’t written anything for a year or so.
      A real shame since I love it a lot.

      I guess you are reading Terror Infinity? Otherwise I recommend it, I haven’t read it for a while, but it is fairly similar in its level design and levelling system except being a lot darker.

      Unfortunately, many books similar to this one starts out great but then… stops being great. (According to my opinion).
      Often we are faced with a certain scenario; once the introduction of the mc, enviroment, the power system and plot is finished the story falls apart.
      An example is the mc’s development. The classic is that the mc has lived a relatively harsh life. Therefore he has less sympathy and is deceive enough to accomplish what he wants if it wasn’t for the unfair world.
      We understand this, it is ok, harsh life = unwavering and deceive.
      However then the mc quickly gets accomplishments, because effort starts to matter. So now massive effort = fortune.
      What one would expect at this stage is character development, a gradual change in the main character. From a life of suffering we now have a good, or not really that bad of a, life.
      It is at this stage that the mc in most cases turns from an underdog and desperate survivor into an a**hole.
      Subpar relationships happen. The mc’s slightly twisted character goes from being logical to needing the author to explain after every action the mc makes, why it makes sense the mc is so much of a ****.
      *pant pant*

      Sorry for my ranting.
      There are actually quite a few novels with a similar setting and “system” that I could recommend, however I have dropped all of them. :/

      Don’t give up on searching though, sometime you might find a hidden gem.

  2. Dimensional Sovereign comes to mind, it was completely translated by Turtle too. Also, try giving out the other novels she’s translated a shot. They’re all good 😉

    1. I just want to notify people, that Dimensional Sovereign is notoriously stupid and simple minded, but it is very easy to read. I managed to read it from start to finish, but it’s hard to say it’s the type of story anyone would recommend, or even call “good”. It’s borderline “okay”, the type you can tell it has a sh*t ton of mistakes (mostly deus-ex-machina galore), but it still keeps you going.
      Read it if you have nothing else to do, and a lot of time on your hands. It’s a sufficient time sink, and it’s pretty short. Like 130 chapters or so.

  3. Jack is afraid of reading ongoing novels, especially one wiyh so few chapters. Jack always fears the author dropping the novel or putting it on hiatus 🙁
    Sorry turtle sama, jack will wait some more.

  4. Welp. Done reading.
    Overall, I got what I came for. Even if it’s a dropped project, I think ya’ll should give this a read if stories with game-mechanics is your thing. I think you guys pretty much already know what to expect at this point.

    Not really amazing, but not garbage. Interesting and fun characters all around with some decent drama, but they’re easily forgettable since the MC takes priority. The system is pretty interesting, but it’s easy to tell that it’s going to break apart at some point because it was not properly designed.

    The usual stuff. “Good enough”.

    1. the author literally pulled a mad snail and that is bad for the viewers and one reason for that is because it says to the viewers, “hey I’ve lost interest so I going to do little too nothing in the next 4 weeks” every month, also its called a mad snail because, Mad snail is a author that has done a few novels but at some point or another, he basically stops the input of chapters and it destroys his fan-base because everyone knows he will eventually get board.

      {edit} oh god I actually typed board instead of bored… End me now

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