Wuxiaworld Retreat In Progress! (+GFC Update)

Hi all, as you may have noticed, for a number of novels the posting times may have become irregular (or slowed down) the last day or two.  This is because the Wuxiaworld company retreat for translators is in progress now!  We have nearly twenty translators and technomancers taking part in a company-sponsored trip to Thailand which will be ending June 30th (Asia time), so things might be wonky.  See below for a group picture we just took today.  Can you guess who is who?  Two faces have been edited out by request.  Wuxiaworld appreciates your patience if things are slightly scrambled by this big, big company trip!

On a completely unrelated note - Godsfall Chronicles.  Long story short, we actually have several dozen chapters which Xiao Lai has prepared and which are sitting on my desk for reviewing and editing.  This is completely on me; XL has been doing the job, I'm the one who has fallen down.  Long story short, I had a reaaaaally bad month that ended up being even worse than originally noted, and by the time I was able to address all the various personal issues I had to run around putting out fires from all the people I had ignored during those weeks (including our investors and translators T_T).  After that, it just became an issue of me not wanting to release just 1-2 chapters after having left everyone hanging for so long; I want to fully review and edit 10 chapters and release those at once, but for one reason or another (partially because of handling all the logistics of this retreat) I just never had the time.  Things are getting less hectic and I really, really hope to review/edit those chapters and get them out asap.  In the meantime, rest assured that Xiao Lai is still working on building that stockpile and that I WILL get back on the horse to making sure that stockpile is fully reviewed and processed.  All fault is mine and none is his.