Wuxiaworld/Perfect World Partnership!

I'm extremely excited to be announcing a partnership between Wuxiaworld and Perfect World Mobile, with the latter now available for download!  As part of this, as you may have noticed, we've done a re-skin of the Wuxiaworld logo to do a WW/PW combined logo for the next two weeks.  Wuxiaworld actually gets a lot of partnership and/or promotion requests from gaming companies, but let's be honest - a lot of the Chinese games are very grindy and not very well-made, and I don't want to push anything I myself wouldn't play.  Perfect World, however, is really different, and I have months of personal history with it.  It's a high-quality MMORPG that is heavily based off of Chinese legends, and quite frankly was the most Xianxia-like game I ever played.  The friggin' story took place in a world called Pangu, for goodness sake!  Ring a bell, Desolate Era readers?  And iirc, you could fly on freakin' swords!

I played the hell out of Perfect World (the original PC-version) when it was first released years ago; heck, my best friend actually found a girlfriend through a Perfect World guild (he's gonna kill me if he ever sees this post)!  Not saying that it's a platform for meeting your significant other 😂, but it HAS happened, is all I'm saying! I'm really stoked that it's being updated for 2019 in mobile form.  Wuxiaworld readers who download through us will get a bunch of goodies, and we even have special gift bags/redeem codes for those who post screenshots in our forum.  If and when I get some free time, I'm definitely going to be hopping on this game myself and starting a Wuxiaworld guild or something (keep an eye out for that as well).

Full disclosure - this is a paid endorsement for Wuxiaworld, but one I probably would've made personally regardless due to my personal history with it and how perfectly it fits with our own content (shh, don't tell them that).  Also, this is NOT related to the Perfect World novel - same name, different stories!  Still awesome though!  See below for the full promotional blurb from Perfect World itself:

The best re-imagined classic XianXia game, Perfect World Mobile, officially launches today. This highly anticipated MMORPG has already received over 1 million pre-registration sign-ups and is now available for players in over 120 countries. Players will be able to download the game beginning at 00:00 EST on September 4 and can take to the skies at 10 am EST. 

To celebrate the launch, Perfect World Mobile will be giving away a 64G iPhone XS. Players can enter to win by visiting our official Facebook page.

XianXia inspiration is also present in the epic encounters and bosses players will face in Perfect World Mobile embodying classic oriental horror films. From Frost Dragon to Hell Stallion players will face powerful adversaries richly detailed with nostalgic appearances and abilities. XianXia culture is also apparent in the powerful weapons that players will be able to obtain while venturing throughout Perfect World. The weapons’ look, shape, and function are modeled after those from classic Chinese Martial Arts novels.

Featuring the free-form flying from the original PC version, Perfect World Mobile allows players to explore a vast world on land, air, and sea. As players venture through the world with ease, they will encounter thoughtful incorporation of XianXia fantasy with classical bird-shaped kites and even be able to balance skillfully and fly through the world on their swords. While immersed in the world players will also meet historical Chinese figures as NPCs such as the famous explorer Peregrine.