Wuxiaworld Is Hiring Again! Korean Translators + Audiobook Narrators

Everyone, I'll keep it short and sweet - Wuxiaworld is hiring again!  This time, we are hiring in two categories - Korean Translators and Audiobook Narrators.  

Korean Translators: We are looking for experienced, competent Korean-to-English translators as we continue to expand our Korean section (and hopefully bring back a few oldies as well).  Applicants should have native-level grasp of English and strong Korean as well, and be available for an absolute minimum of 30 chapters a month, with priority for those who can go beyond this level.  Depending on length and experience, initial starting pay per chapter is $40 - $60, and can go considerably beyond this based on the performances of the novels. We will be selecting a total of five translators for this initial grouping.

Audiobook Narrators: Our work on ebooks has been proceeding apace (check out our newly released The Wastelander, The Elysian, and The Anarchist on Amazon), and we're looking to do multiple simultaneous releases of ebooks/audiobooks.  To that end, we need more narrators, male or female!  We are looking exclusively for people who have perfect fluency in American English and rich voices, and have the time and inclination to get truly involved in audiobook production; we have a LOT of content, and so we're really looking for people who can commit to the long term on this! At this time, depending on experience, we are willing to pay between $50 and $100 'per finished hour', although truly experienced audiobook narrators with built-in followings who might be interested can of course negotiate for higher.

Korean Translator applicants should send an email to us with subject 'Korean Translator Applicant' and your translation history or resume.

Audiobook Narrator applicants should send an email to us with subject 'Audiobook Narrator Application' and a recording sample of four paragraphs of any chapter of any novel you enjoy on Wuxiaworld, along with a description of your narrating/voice over experience/history (if any) and the novel/chapter the sample is from.  


I hope to hear from some of you soon!  Let Wuxiaworld hear your dulcet voices!

Thank you for all of your submissions!  Submissions are closed now, we've literally gone through hundreds and our finalizing our choices now.  Thank you all once again for your submissions!