VIP Tiers Active! Roadmap Revealed

Hey guys, after a month of really hard work, I'm excited that our new VIP system and in-house ebook system is now alive and functioning!  You can now purchase and permanently own full ebooks in PDF/Mobi/epub versions, as you please, and read them on whatever devices you like.  You can take a look at it right here to see all the details, or just click on the big 'VIP' button.  NOTE - For former sponsors of completed novels who qualify for free ebooks or discounts, you'll be seeing them in your 'my ebooks' library very soon so just sit tight!  We're ironing out some of the kinks in paginating ALL Wuxiaworld in-house sponsorships from the past year, but it's just a matter of time.

Now, there are a lot of things upcoming in the next month, as we discussed in this post.  Here's a roadmap so everyone knows what's up!

1) App: The app is looking really good and close to release, we just wanted to test out the VIP on desktop first as part of the rollout.  I estimate that the Android version of the app should be out sometime this week, complete with offline reading and more!  The Apple version will take a bit longer, since we want to iron out things one version at a time, but no worries, it will also be coming soon (TM).  We may launch for an invited beta with just VIP users for the first week, but we'll keep everyone informed!

2) Karma system:  The month of August will be the last month all completed series are available for everyone, so binge away as much as you can!  The new karma system should launch in September.

3) Paypal: We've figured out an integration method that is hacky but should work, using Braintree and some ghetto-ass hacks.  We're waiting for some things to happen, but tentatively Paypal payment option should come within the next week.  Fingers crossed!

4) New ad system: The new ad system should also be coming online within the next week!  We'll be beta-testing it with just MGA first, then move on to the other novels once we have some solid numbers to play with.

5) Individual Ebooks: Right now, our ebooks are for entire series, whereas on Amazon we'll be selling them as individual books.  For those who purchase the series, we'll be creating the option (when applicable, as the editing/cover-generating process takes time) to allow you to download individual books for the various series.  Sit tight!

6) Moar novels: We just signed nearly ten new translators and novels and will be bringing a LOT more things for y'all to read!  For this batch, we're doing a bit of a switch-away from pure cultivation novels to show you the full gamut of what CN novels can be about.  Expect supernatural novels, mysteries, a few romances, female-lead cultivation novels, and more... and of course, SOME traditional cultivation novels as well.  I expect us to launch at least two novels per month for the next half year!

7) Manhua site: The manhua site is now in open beta!  We'll be sending out invites and notifications for people this month.  I'm really excited about this one.

8) Prettier site (and VIP icons): We're working on it!  Want to have these out asap, but we won't be doing separate update posts for them.

9) Updated FAQs: Working on it!  Should be out tomorrow.

10) The Tripitakas: We're in the process of setting up a nonprofit for a major annual Chinese fiction translation awards ceremony, spanning serial fiction (aka webnovels), novel-length fiction, novels, and two other categories. This isn't strictly site-related, but I'm excited and wanted to let you guys know!

11) Madame Ren: Strictly non-relevant to this announcement, but the wedding will be end of this month so I might be a bit scarce ;) Just sharing!

There are probably other things that I'm forgetting about because it's now 5 AM, so I'll edit this post as applicable for when I wake up tomorrow and start remembering things.  For now, just enjoy reading!  Also, if there are any issues or if things aren't working the way they should, please don't hesitate to let us know here or at our contact email.  Thank you!