Trash of the Count's Family Officially Launches!

Everyone, I'm delighted to announce that our first VIP sneak peek novel, Trash of the Count's Family, is now launching for everyone on Wuxiaworld!  TCF is translated by miraclerifle, who previously completed Red Storm, so you can be assured of quality, reliability, and it being completed as well!  Hundreds of VIP readers have been enjoying the preview, and now all of you can as well! This is a 'LitRPG' style novel, which sees the main character Cale wake up and find himself in the role of a character in a novel he's been reading... and unfortunately, not one in a very good position!  LitRPG novels like this are a tremendous deal of fun and you will find it refreshingly different from some of the other novels on Wuxiaworld.  I highly recommend it and urge you all to give it a shot!