Second Coming of Gluttony Returns! Coiling Dragon Audiobook! + More Updates

Hey everyone, I'm incredibly excited to be announcing the full, formal return of the Second Coming of Gluttony!  Originally hyped at the start of November, we have finalized terms with the publisher and had agreed on a December 1st relaunch.  I've been extremely excited about this, and I hope all of you are as well!  Fudge, who was (and remains) the translator for Gluttony, is now ready to go-go-gooooo!  He just released three new chapters and is committing to a chapter a day on Wuxiaworld (no chapters on 15th/31st of each month), until this novel is complete.  Rejoin us and the tale of the son of the god Gula!  Normally, we wait a month before opening up advance chapter tiers to sponsors (to give people time to really assess the story), but since Gluttony already had a previous audience and quite a few subscribers, I decided to open it up immediately upon relaunch so old subscribers on Patreon/elsewhere wouldn't have to wait.  Cheers, and happy reading!


And now, for a few more updates.

Coiling Dragon Audiobook: The audiobook for book 1 of Coiling Dragon is now live on Audible!  The narrator, Esther Merriken, was also a reader and fan like all of you.  She has done narration work in the past but is fairly new to novel narration (as are we), so we very much welcome feedback from any Audible listeners.  Take a listen and let us know how we can improve, and if we should continue for the rest of Coiling Dragon (and other series!).  First time Audible buyers who buy through the above links earn us a small 'bounty' from Amazon, so we'd be super appreciative of that!  xD

Korean Novels: Things are going very, very swimmingly on this front in general, so much so that we're preparing an entire new VIP Sneak Peek (Korean) front page slider!  We tentatively will have EIGHT more Korean novels launching in the next two months.  Prepare to be overwhelmed with a different style!

Mystery/Female Novels: Get ready for a holiday season explosion in new genre (mostly non-cultivation) novels.  Wait for the post!

RMJI: As noted in the RMJI-specific post, we're letting doubledd take a break for his health and have new translator Johnchen working on the project for a time.  Doubledd will hopefully be returning to us soon.  For now, please feel free to assist Johnchen in pointing out any term continuity issues that you may spot.  Thanks so much!

Legend of the Dragon King: Similar to doubledd and RMJI, Ruze is taking a break from LDK for a period of time.  As you may have noticed, LDK releases have been extremely sporadic and erratic.  We suggested having him take a break for a month to regroup and restockpile while we had someone else catch up, but there were (understandable) concerns about maintenance of style.  So, for now LDK will be translated by Tobey, who we will introduce in a LDK-specific novel announcement in a day or two.  As with RMJI, please assist in pointing out term continuity issues that may arise.  Cheers!

(iOS app coming very soon (tm).  I'm so sorry we didn't get it out end of Nov like we hoped.  Things are slow around holiday season.)