Second Life Ranker Live on WW! CD Audiobooks 3 and 4 Up!

Hey guys, the very popular Second Life Ranker is now finally live on Wuxiaworld!  Quite a few of you guessed it from the roadmap announcement, but the mystery novel in that one was indeed Second Life Ranker - as you might have been able to guess from the way I phrased it, 'Some Licensing Revelations'.  Second Life Ranker was translated up to 370 in two other places via a set of three translators l; we purchased the first 100 from the first translator (TK), got 101-360'ish from the second translator (inyourgalaxy/HH), and then brought IYG on to redo the chapters up to 370.  She will now be doing the entire series on Wuxiaworld at 1/day, so please join me in giving inyourgalaxy a warm Wuxiaworld welcome!

We've been editing and will continue to edit the earlier chapters to ensure standardization of terms and quality.  One of our priorities was wanting to try and figure out a way to 'merge' the audiences; the new WW audience as well as the old fanbase.  In the end, we settled on this; we are now launching with 'just' 100 fully edited chapters, but every day we will be releasing THIRTY chapters of SLR.  In exactly 9 days, we will reach chapter 370, at which point it will be a new chapter every day, same as with any other Korean novel on Wuxiaworld!  We encourage both old and new readers to start from the beginning and enjoy the story!

Second Life Ranker is an isekai dungeon crawler/tower climber that tells the story of Yeon-woo. His twin brother disappeared years ago, but at the start of the story he discovers a diary in his brother's old watch, with a hidden message within.  His brother had been transported to a dimensional loci known as the Tower of the Sun God, and in the process of climbing the tower been betrayed.  Now, Yeon-woo has decided to climb the tower as well, to find out what happened and to avenge his brother.  This is a really popular novel for a reason, so I encourage all of you to hop in and read Second Life Ranker with us!

As a sidenote - the third and fourth CD audiobooks are up, with DE/ISSTH coming soon, as well as the re-narrated Book 1!  We're in the process of putting our audiobooks up on Amazon as well (the screening process is very long), but in the next few weeks it should be up.  So, watch this space!