Ranker's Return is Live!

A slightly belated post, but, Ranker's Return has officially launched! This is another novel translated by RainbowTurtle, and, as with Dungeon Predator and Everyone is Young Except for Me, will be translated at a pace of seven chapters per week. 

Gang Hyeonu was the strongest player in the early days of VRMMO Arena. But, with his interest in the game waning and the offers of fame and riches from esports teams holding no meaning to him, he quits. Two years later after his family have been betrayed and driven to bankruptcy, Hyeonu returns to Arena in desperate need of money and searching for revenge. Will he be able to rise to the top again, or will the two year gap in knowledge and experience be too much for him to overcome? Click here to go straight to Chapter 1.

Our Korean releases don't end here though – Game of Divine Thrones, Moon's Labyrinths, Overlord of Blood and Iron, and Tomb Raider King will all be arriving in the coming weeks! And that's not mentioning the Chinese novels on the way...