Physician's Odyssey Out of Sneak Peek!

Hey guys, I'm excited to let you know that Physician's Odyssey is now out of sneak peek and available for everyone to read, with 60 chapters to start!  This is a modern wuxia novel that is part of our big 2019 kickoff to more genres.  Authored by Smoking Pipe Bro and translated by Wuxiaworld veteran Thyaeria (who is also working with us on The Great Ruler and Tales of Demons & Gods), this Zongheng novel brings us the story of the brilliant physician Su Tao.  Su Tao is a medical genius, but just wants to maintain the pharmacy his grandfather left him... but fate keeps dragging him in unexpected ways!  He's forced to become a hospital chief, his lover gets kidnapped, someone tries to demolish his pharmacy... what's a man to do, except use his diabolically good medical skills to torment the hell out of those who are making his life miserable?

Physician's Odyssey is going to be a great novel and a breath of fresh air from pure cultivation/levelling novels that we've seen so much of here.  I strongly urge everyone to give it a try!  Thyaeria will be launching at 14/chapters each week, and he's been one of the most consistent translators with us!

EDIT: And I almost forgot, the author sent us a special, short video in celebration!  Make sure you hit 'cc' so you can see the English translation of what he is saying :)