Official Coiling Dragon Live On Kindle!

Everyone, after a rather long year or so, I am absolutely delighted to announce that Book 1 of Coiling Dragon is finally live on Amazon’s Kindle store!  We have edited (and will continue to revise and beautify) the entire Coiling Dragon Saga and have taken it live on Amazon as an eight book saga.  The second through eighth books are in preorder for now, but should also be coming out in the next few days as we finalize and jump through the last hoops Amazon has created for us.

This is Wuxiaworld’s first series, first completed series, and first completed series on Kindle. If you enjoyed it in the past, I hope for your support now as well!  Amazon’s KUP program requires that any new novels be exclusive to Amazon for a few months, so we’ve taken it down Wuxiaworld for now, but rest assured we will eventually come up with ways to bring it back up here as well for periods of time!

The eight books are: Coiling Dragon, Dragonblood, Baruch Rising, Gods of Yulan, the Infernal Plane, the Four Divine Beasts, the Planar Wars, and Lord of the Mists.  IT’S LIVE!