Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Out Of Sneak Peek! Welcome BornToBe!

Everyone, it's been a long time since a forum translation has been promoted, but this one is incredibly well-deserved.  BornToBe has been toiling away on our new novel, Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, and has a stupendous two hundred-plus chapters ready for you to read for free!  He will also kick off this first month of January with an absolutely alarming eighteen chapters per week!  9SHBA is the story of Long Chen, who awakens with memories from a 'Pill God' that grants him almost flawless knowledge of alchemy, and just in time; his badass father is stuck in the barbarian borderlands, while schemes are beginning to swirl against his family.  If you love alchemy, this is a great novel for you!

Translator BornToBe is an extremely dedicated and serious translator who, once he was notified that he would be brought into Wuxiaworld as a 'live project', went back to re-edit and also generally overhaul all two hundred-plus chapters so that it's in good shape for y'all to read! I'm sure you are going to enjoy this super launch, so please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for BornToBe and 9SHBA!