Hey there everyone, this has been a good while in the making!  This should've happened towards the end of last month, but as most of you have probably heard things in China (where me and the wifey are) have been absolutely crazy the past month or so, and so things got delayed.  Finally, however, we're getting things rolling again!  The 'new genres' are now officially launching with five novels (and more coming).  These are all part of our new 'Wuxiaworld Direct' program, which means that we've centralized a lot of things to ensure that editing and uploading regularity is upheld.  We've also made some changes to the front page (with more iteration coming).  With all that said, here are the five novels we are launching with: Demoness' Art of Vengeance, Fortunately I Met You, Genius Detective, Rebirth of a Fashionista, and Attack of the Wastrel!  All five are different in their own ways, and they are all very good novels, and the translation quality is excellent!

Let me give some brief introductions to these five novels!

Demoness' Art of VengeanceThis is one of my personal favorites of the latest batch, as it is a female lead cultivation novel; a rarity, and this novel is an absolute gem.  Our lady protagonist (and Lady Demoness) Jun Xiaomo has found herself betrayed and crippled, but as she launches a final suicide attack she finds herself back in her body when she was sixteen.  Keywords - time travel, female lead, cultivation, romance, revenge.

Fortunately I Met YouThis is a modern-day romance novel.  Our female lead Cheng Xi is a modern-day psychiatrist with a heart of gold, and this story is of her and a patient, frigid businessman Lu Chenzhou who is emotionally constipated to the max.  It SHOULD be just a doctor/patient relationship, but things quickly get a bit out of hand after a drinking session...

Genius DetectiveThis is an honest-to-goodness mystery, and a very good one!  Song Lang was a genius cop who wanted to retire, but upon becoming a suspect to a homicide investigation he was dragged back into the world he had left behind.  As the translator put it, 'If you enjoy murder mysteries like 'The Mentalist' or 'Detective Conan', this novel is for you!'

Rebirth of a FashionistaThis is a modern-day mind/identity-swap story.  Our female lead Sheng Jiaoyang had it all - looks, wealth, and a hot man she was after.  Sure, her evil stepmom and her stepsister were royal pains, but it was all manageable... until she got into a car accident and woke up in a different person's body.  Unfortunately, this new identity was very different; she had a decent mother and still had great looks, but was so completely broke she could barely pay her cell phone bill.  Follow her story as she starts off modelling and moves to get back to the top!

Attack of the WastrelThis is also an ancient era cultivation/romance novel.  Betrayed, Gu Lingzhi had chosen to take her own life, but when she woke up she found herself in her past.  This time, she vowed, things would be different.  She wouldn't let her maid betray her, nor would she let herself by led by nose, and the prince would be hers! There's cultivation, but also a heavy focus on romance.

I hope these five novels will prove of interest to some of you and tide you over!  A week or so after this, the remaining Korean novels will also be released, and (hopefully) the iOS app as well.  For now, just sit tight and read a few things that are different!