New Deathblade Translation! AWE Done, Sage Monarch Out of Sneak Peek!

Friends, with the completion of A Will Eternal by deathblade, I'm happy to announce that we've taken his new translation of Sage Monarch out of VIP-only sneak-peek and into live circulation for everyone, starting with nearly 90 chapters!  Deathblade needs no introduction for regular Wuxiaworld readers, everyone knows the speed and quality you'll get with him, but I want to talk a bit about this new Zongheng novel and its author, 梦入神机.  We've translated the name as Divine Dreamwalker, but the full context is more akin to 'dreaming of the plans of the gods'.  He's an incredibly famous author, and this is the first novel of his that Wuxiaworld is translating.  It took months to iron out the various copyright issues to bring you this great book, but they've all been sorted out now and I'm really excited to be able to bring it to you!

Sage Monarch 圣王 starts off as more of a martial arts focused novel, but quickly goes into the more xuanhuan Eastern fantasy genre.  It tells the tale of Yang Qi, a skilled fighter who's also a bit of a hedonistic silkpants, and his womanizing ways ends up getting both himself and his clan in trouble.  Divine Dreamwalker is famous for his complex, well-thought out plots and Sage Monarch is no exception.  I really hope all of you will enjoy this novel and urge you to check it out!  :)