Merry Xmas! Keyboard Immortal Live! WW Anniversary!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you!  For this holiday season, and to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Wuxiaworld's founding in Dec 2014, we have a very special new release for you guys - Keyboard Immortal, a series that I've personally been following the raws for ever since the series was first published on Zongheng! It is almost like the perfect mixture of early Against the Gods (minus the edgelord stuff) and I'm Really A Superstar (for OG Gravity readers).

If I had to describe Keyboard Immortal in a single word, I would use the word fun.  If I was allowed to use two words, the second word would be ridiculous.  The third word would be trolling.  A fourth word would probably be lewd 😂.  It makes no pretensions at being high art or profundity or pathos, but it is absolutely brilliant enjoyment.  As VIP sneak peek user 'Dao of Cheese' commented, "This is brilliant nonsense. It's total trash, but it's artful addictive trash. This is a masterpiece. I can't wait for this to go live."  And I agree with this comment 100%, only, I'd say the novel only gets better and better as time goes on.  It has so many components to it, but the author Monk of the Six Illusions makes them all work and keeps it all relaxed and funny.

Keyboard Immortal is a cultivation-based systems-based reincarnation story, but it is also so much more than that.  Zu An was a seasoned online keyboard warrior on Earth, but a bolt of lightning blasted him into a new world.  Our highly genre-savvy protagonist was excited by this and expected an awesome cheat skill like in all the webnovels he read... and he got one, but not the one he expected.  It seems his destiny was to troll and to be trolled in turn, as he was given the class of Keyboard Warrior and a magic keyboard, which he would quickly discover required him to risk his life by pissing people off and 'farming' Rage points from people in this new world. These Rage points could be use to draw gacha prizes to strengthen himself... with predictably terribad gacha rates.  And he needs these prizes because he starts off in very dire straits, as a drafted son-in-law of a powerful cultivation clan who everyone looks down on, including his extremely hot wife... which made him quite happy, because that's how all protagonists start off, and this proved he was the protagonist.  Right?  He even has his own BTTH Yao Lao-style 'magic elder' helping him out... except, this 'Elder Mi' guy seems reaaaally sketchy... and WTF is up with this skill Elder Mi gives him that levels up based on him getting beat up?!

This novel is gacha.  It is game systems.  It is political intrigue.  It is cultivation.  It is quasi-harem.  It is lewd.  It is trolling.  And it all comes together and it just works.  The author also spends a surprising amount of time in fleshing out the world and the side characters; at 400+ chapters in raws, Zu An is still in the starter city, and it's pretty freaking awesome.

Personally, and this might be unfair to our other novels, but to keep it 100%, if I had to recommend just one new novel for y'all to read in 2020, it would be this one.  It's just too much fun, and that's why Keyboard Immortal is our six-year anniversary gift to all Wuxiaworld readers.  I rarely write this much about a new novel release, but this is a really good one, and I hope you come enjoy it with me!