First and foremost - the Wuxiaworld iOS app is finally live for both iPhone and iPad.  At long last, soon (tm) has become now!  No, this is not a drill!  This is also four days past April Fool's, so it aint a joke either!  Click the link to go download it!  Our VIP subscribers have been playing with it for the past week or two, and we've incorporated all of their feedback as well as the lessons learned from our Android launch.  We are now live, and it's ready for all of you as well.  Happy reading!

Coinciding with this iOS launch, we also have five new special novels in the Wuxiaworld Direct program to add to your library and viewing pleasure!  Just in time to take your mind off all the madness going around the world.  I hope you guys can enjoy the little oasis which is Wuxiaworld and take your mind off of all of the very, very unfortunate stuff going on right now.  We have two mysteries, a scifi-romance, a comedy-romance, and a cultivation/comedy novel.  As you can see, we are really trying to switch it up for you guys.  Hopefully, you find it as much of a breath of fresh air as we do.  Without further ado, here are the five new novels!

Otherworldly Merchant: This novel is set in a modern society that recounts the story of a young merchant who inherited an old antique shop from his father and grandfather. The antiques he deals in are quite extraordinary, filled with with long histories and deep hatred and grudges. It is the job of otherworldly merchants to take care of such items and dispel their hatred, preventing them from harming ordinary people. Otherworldly Merchant is a mystery-thriller type of novel with supernatural elements, and the only tools that the main character has at his disposal are his knowledge and intellect. Zhang Jiulin will have to make his way into this new world full of dangers and mysteries, learning to his cost that there are great powers in this world and that have made a target out of him due to his family history. For once, the main character has to rely purely on intellect and unusual methods rather than overpowered abilities to defeat his foes. If you're tired of cultivation novels and looking for something new and different, this novel might be what you're looking for!

Love Code at the End of the World: Love Code is a sci-fi/action/romance story about a modern teenage girl who crossed time and space to land on... Kansas, a planet that is experiencing the end times. Fortunately, she is armed with the combat skills that she has learned from her dad and she has developed her own set of superpower! Her strong sense of justice and her kindness has prompted her to battle against the Ghost Eclipsers alongside the people she has met. She eventually developed feelings for the guys who helped and cared for her. This book is a perfect blend of romance and sci-fi. The storyline is intriguing. You wouldn’t be able to stop once you start reading it. It features action-packed plotlines yet managed to pack an emotional punch. The character’s emotions will bring you into the story and bond with her. You'll enjoy this novel a lot if you like sci-fi, superpowers, or romance of any kind!

Netherworld Investigator: Netherworld Investigator is a modern mystery novel written by a bestselling author of the genre. It features a protagonist who is a descendant of one of the greatest historical coroners. Not only does he have extraordinary investigation skills, Song Yang also possesses true mettle, never retreating in the face of danger. He is taught the ancient techniques of post-mortem examination passed down from his ancestors, but then disaster strikes and claims his grandfather’s life. In order to find out the truth behind his grandfather's death, Song Yang works with the police and to solve hard-to-crack cases using his strange Song family techniques. If the living can speak, so can the dead with a little of Song Yang’s help. Song Yang can find the most important clues from the smallest details. When there is light, there is shadow. The author creates a clear juxtaposition between good and evil that lurks beneath normal, everyday life. The protagonist blends a combination of modern and traditional autopsy techniques with psychological insights to bring criminals to justice. And although the story has a supernatural twist to it, it doesn’t deviate too far from modern science, and amidst the blood and gore, there is actually a lighthearted tone as well.

I Am Overlord: Our only new cultivation novel of the lot, I Am Overlord is like gourmet cultivation comfort food; it keeps a lot of cultivation tropes that you know and love and executes them very well, while adding new spices to the mix.  Our protagonist, Xiang Shaoyun, is a young master who has fallen into hard times. Due to a vow he had made, he spent his youth not cultivating and is now far behind his peers. Fortunately, the years he had spent not cultivating had been spent accumulating knowledge. Broke and weak, the now ex-young master begins his journey equipped with nothing but knowledge. As an archetypal cultivation novel, readers will see many familiar tropes such as adventures in mountain ranges, treasure hunts, fighting and taming demonic beasts, and competitions. In his quest for power, the protagonist travels the world, gathers companions, overcomes one adversary after another, until eventually, he reaches the top of existence. It might sound generic, but there is just something insanely satisfying about the protagonist’s growth from weak to strong. The protagonist is also frivolous and shameless with a healthy dose of self-importance, giving the the story some good comedy which really blends well with the more serious cultivation arcs. No two ways about it - this is a classic cultivation comfort food done well!

Heaven Defying Wastrel: Poison Physician Consort: Follow the journey of an evil dao witch who reincarnated into the body of a young orphan! This is one of the most emotionally invested novels I have read. From the time of her awakening to the time when our block-headed main character realizes her feelings, I was always looking forward to the changes between the relationship between her and the princes she meets. There is never a dull moment in the book with the hilarious Pei Qingfeng, the serious Pei Rumo, and the block-headed Bai Luochu. I highly recommend this book for romance lovers and comedy fanatics alike. Our main character’s heart died when her lover backstabbed her in the past and she vowed never to love again until her goals are achieved… Will she never love again? Will the fiery passion of love awaken in her cold and dead heart? Even though I was never a romance lover, this book really widened my horizons. I hope you can keep an open mind when reading Poison Physician Consort as it will not leave you disappointed!

Also, during our last launch, there was some issues with the converters we were using and for one of the novels, some of the text was getting stripped away and we didn't triple-check all chapters individually upon uploading.  To make it perfectly clear - these issues are not on the translators, they are on management, ie us.  These issues have been fixed for both the previous novels and this batch, so I hope you guys will really give all of them a good read.  These are really good books, some of the finest that we've gotten from a variety of sites!