Huge Karma Gift For Old Advance Subscribers! Korean Novels! Upcoming Changes!

Hi guys, Ren here!  It's been half a month since the new system has come into place and we've been looking at a lot of statistics, feedback, and more.  Overall, I'm happy with the direction things are going, and we're going to continue to improve the system in many regards.  We have a lot of changes coming, both related to and unrelated to the new system, and I wanted to share some of them with all of you.  The first and biggest one, however, is this - over the course of the next 24 hours, we are doing a massive one-time gift of golden karma to everyone who ever purchased an advance chapter subscription.  You'll see this in your karma balance soon.  Read on for more details!

1) Massive Karma Gift: Specifically, we are giving anyone who subscribed to advance chapters under the old system free golden karma equivalent to 30% of their lifetime in-house sponsorship value (prior to Nov 1st).  If, for example, your account had a history of $300 subscriptions across various novels, we would immediately award you 300x300 = 90,000 golden karma.  You don't need to do anything, you'll just see it added into your account over the next 24 hours.  This is just a gift from us to our oldest and most loyal supporters, with other things coming in the future. (oops, I originally typed 30x300 - was off by a factor of 10!)

Why did we select 30%?  Specifically, it's because 30% is roughly what Wuxiaworld (the company) actually made from those sponsorships, on average.  That's the maximum we can really 'give back'.

What about the oldest Patreon supporters?  We're still looking at this and we'll try to figure something out.  As I've explained previously, it is very complicated because that wasn't in-house, which has two repercussions - one, Wuxiaworld didn't get a cut of that money, and two, we don't really have good data or a good way to match Patreon accounts up to Wuxiaworld accounts.  Rest assured it is on my mind.

Why didn't we do this at the start?  Simply put, there was and is a real issue in that all of our novels are from different publishers and different translators.  I considered various models, such as giving free ebook vouchers to old supporters, but we had many cases where old supporters spent a large amount of money supporting just one novel, and it would be a very, very hard conversation for us to have with publishers, explaining to them that we're now giving away entire series for free (after having just switched to this new system!) because people spent a lot of money on a different series from a different publisher.  And yet, we received emails from sponsors arguing that it felt 'wrong' that they spent tens or even hundreds (or more!) supporting Wuxiaworld, only to now have to pay even more to read stuff.  I... truly had no answer to that.  You guys are right.  So we are going all-in on this new system by giving back everything we ourselves got to those who supported us for all these years.

I do want to emphasize that this is a one-time event; there are no plans for continuously doing this in the future.  But, rest assured that I will always do my absolute best to recognize and show material appreciation for those who love and support us.

2) Lots Of New, Diverse Series Coming: There's been a lot of translating going on behind the scenes!  Over the next few weeks, I expect that we will see 10-15 new novels added to the VIP sneak peek, and many of them will be released shortly afterwards.  This includes multiple popular Korean novels; things have been going outstandingly well with multiple publishers (though I hate to jinx it!), shorter mystery novels, and more female-lead novels.  Some of the shorter novels will be launched 'complete', albeit with the one-month grace period (as promised).  These are some of the things that are only possible with the new system, which is why we have pushed ahead with it.  Our translators and I are very eager to show you what we have been working on!

3) Relaxing Free Karma Limits: One of the most common complaints that 'free' readers have had is that the karma limits make it impossible for them to binge.  While I rolled my eyes a bit at this, because people originally read these novels at 2 chapters/day and survived, I do recognize this is a thing.  One of the things that I mentioned but didn't emphasize was that the reason there are karma limits is, in part, because the current system is a 'placeholder'; stuff like checking in and commenting doesn't actually generate any revenue!  We're now in a position where, over the next month, we will start putting in 'rewarded videos' and other revenue-generating mechanisms for earning karma.  This may initially be limited to the app at first (because rewarded videos is much more developed on the app ecosystem), but we will look to expand to the desktop version as well, and I can personally promise you that as these mechanisms come into play, the limits on accumulating and spending free karma will be greatly relaxed.

I do want to make one thing clear, however; once these 'real' systems come into place, the amount of free karma from just checking in and commenting will drop somewhat; again, this was a placeholder system.  However, I promise that the amount of karma earned from rewarded video ads (and other things) will be much, much more than this drop.

4) Audiobooks: Audiobook versions will start to roll in!  We have completed the first audiobook of Coiling Dragon on Amazon Audible, and once it passes review it should be available in about 1-2 weeks.  So long as it is projected for us to at least break even in a reasonable amount of time, we will continue doing this for all the completed novels we have (and possibly even the in-progress ones).  Stay tuned!

5) iOS coming soon (TM): I have nothing further to say than this 😂.  It's coming, it's coming!  We just want to further perfect the Android version first and also get other fixes in, as our developmental resources remain limited.

Thank you all again for your support.  Nothing but love from us in this post, to everyone with us still :)