CLOSED - Hiring Two Paid Front-End Technomancer Interns!

Wuxiaworld is hiring once again!  We are now looking for up to TWO part-time front-end technomancers/programmers/UI designers to assist our current Technomancers in beautifying and improving our front-end functionality.  Specifically, we need people with all of the following skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (experience with React, Angular 2+).

Since we do have a lot of applicants, priority will be given to applicants with UI overhaul experience, and even better would be expertise in ASPNET Core (NOT regular ASPNET) and MySQL, as those are what our backend is based off of.  For those who are selected, we can start off with a monthly rate of $1500/month and the eventually possibility of promotion to full-time if interested. If you fulfill these requirements, please email us at closed.  Emails that have actual CV's and samples/portfolios of previous work will be prioritized. Thank you! This is a remote position.

NOTE: The manhua recruitment post was a resounding success, with half a thousand applicants that we are currently weeding through!  As a result, we are now closing that as we go through the list.  Thanks to everyone who applied!  We obviously won't be able to respond to every applicant, but thank you all nonetheless!

THIS IS NOW CLOSED!  Thanks to everyone who applied, we have gotten dozens of applications and are still in the process of sorting through and sending emails and/or interview requests to those we think would be a good fit.  Thanks again!