Now, for a much shorter announcement than the last two.  For several months now, we've been working on a super secret project, and it's time to accelerate it!  We have a new platform called Wutopia Comics (Wuxia Utopia) coming up soon, and everything is very nearly ready.  We are getting ready to launch soon, but we need to speed up the pace of manhua translation even further!  These are paid work-for-hire translation jobs, starting off at $40-50/3000 Chinese characters (roughly).  Those who do well and have the capacity to go 'full-time' may even have a chance to work with us as novel translators, at a rate which will be even higher! If you are interested, please email us at recruitment closed for now!  Cheers!

NOTE - this is purely translating only, our own team will handle all the other stuff like typesetting, scanning, cleaning, etc.!