Fields of Gold and Passing of the Sword Are Live! Advance Chapters on Android!

Hey guys, I bring news! Two brand new novels have just gone live on Wuxiaworld - Fields of Gold and VRMMO: Passing of the Sword!

Fields of Gold was one of Volare's most popular novels, and it has now come to Wuxiaworld! FOG is an ancient/historical slice-of-life 'transmigration into the past' type of novel which details the story of Lin Xiaowan/Yu Xiaocao, who was transmigrated into a small fishing village girl's body, and who embarks on a path to becoming the most famous farmer in the Great Ming Dynasty, with the help of a little divine stone that can accelerate crop growth. Not only did she conquer the taste buds of the ancients, but she would also try to build up her own business empire and become the wealthiest person in the entire dynasty. It's gotten a lot of really rave reviews for those who enjoy the genre, so if you like this type of fiction at all, I strongly urge you to give it a shot. It is launching with over four hundred chapters already done! Myst and Sanguine are the primary translators for this novel, so please give them a warm Wuxiaworld welcome!

VRMMO: Passing of the Sword is a new science fiction/gaming novel being translated by Sean and his team. They were behind the translation of Soul Land 2: The Unrivaled Tang Sect, so if you enjoyed their translations there, you should enjoy this as well! This was actually a novel we had acquired for a translator who unfortunately wasn't able to start, but Sean also took interest in it, so here we are! In POTS, the year is 2220 and Earth has descended into chaos. The oceans are swallowing the land, nations are locked in war, and the population is dwindling. 10 years ago, an announcement was made: The Great Migration is happening. Humans have found another habitable planet, and this planet is humanity’s last hope! Chen Feng has snuck onto a spaceship that he is not registered for, and he is about to spend five years in a nourishment pod and in an immersive game. He doesn’t appear to care for anything, but what are his true motives? He will soon discover that the game world and the real world are intertwined in a web of secrets and mysteries, but he has some of his own... and to find them out, come and read Passing of the Sword!

As a side bit of news - we are now trialing app advance chapters on the latest version of our Android app (not on Apple for now, unfortunately), so give it a shot! Advance chapters were always available to read on Android, but now they'll be available to purchase as well, and you can manage your subscription from both ends! (please note that for now, purchasing VIP on Android still doesn't grant site credit, only on the site itself, but we're aiming to hopefully fix that in the future)!