Everyone is Young Except for Me has Launched!

Hi everyone, here's the second of our top three voted Korean novels: Everyone is Young Except for Me! This one is translated by RainbowTurtle, who you'll already know from Overgeared and about a dozen other novels at this point. EYEM tells the story of Choi Chuntaek, a former ruffian turned "ordinary" grandfather who jumps into VRMMO Arcstar to keep a protective watch over his beloved granddaughter. Enjoy the hilarity that ensues as this 67 year old retiree gets to grips with the world and mechanics of an MMO, and rediscovers the wild side of his youth!

As with Dungeon Predator, Everyone is Young Except for Me will be releasing at an ongoing pace of seven chapters per week. This one’s a bit of a soft launch however, starting from next week, as RainbowTurtle has been busy volunteering to help with the Australian bushfires! The last of the top three, Ranker’s Return, will be released in a few days, with the remaining four novels following.