Dragon Prince Yuan (aka Yuan Zun) Out of Sneak Peek! Welcome Back Yeow!

Hey guys, I come with exciting news!  After a well-deserved break upon finishing Wu Dong Qian Kun last year, our translator yeow is now continuing with the latest novel by the same author of WDQK - Dragon Prince Yuan (元尊)!  I'm particularly excited about this because this is set in the same 'multiverse' and completes the quadfecta; Wuxiaworld now have all four of the novels which author Heavenly Silkworm Potato has written - Battle Through the Heavens, the Great Ruler, Wu Dong Qian Kun, and Dragon Prince Yuan.  Like Pokemon, we've caught them all!

We're starting with nearly fifty chapters and yeow will be aiming to do a solid two chapters each day.  Join me in welcoming him back to finish off the latest book from Potato - Dragon Prince Yuan!