Become a Star, Disaster-Class Hero, and more!

Hi everyone, I know it's been a bit of a drought between novels lately, for numerous reasons that I'll explain later.  However, I'm glad to announce that this week, we have released Become a Star and Return of the Disaster-Class Hero!  The drought is over, and there will be a veritable downpour of novels coming in 2022, more than in any two years combined in Wuxiaworld's history.  Big things are afoot!  But first - let's talk about the two new novels.

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero: Earth has been invaded, and thirteen humans have risen as 'awakened beings' to spearhead its defense! Lee Gun is Korea's awakened, and the strongest amongst them. But on one fateful day, during a combined assault on the invaders' headquarters, Lee Gun is backstabbed by his allies and left to die. And without his strength, humanity's hopes are lost. That is until twenty years later, when Lee Gun suddenly returns! Written by the author of Tomb Raider King, SAN.G, Disaster-Class Hero follows Lee Gun as he attempts to make sense of the world he's returned to 20 years in the future, find out why and how he has seemingly come back to life, and exact vengeance on those who betrayed him. All set against the backdrop of a chaotic Earth beset by monsters and enduring crisis.  This is a fast paced modern day fantasy, and the story never gets bogged down.  If you believe a good beating is the best form of medicine, this is the novel for you!

Become a Star: Chae Woo-Jin woke up one day remembering all 999 past lives. While he might seem like a normal college student who is chasing his dream of becoming a star, he has another goal in life – to become a better person and finally go to heaven. He uses his knowledge and memories to focus on becoming a better person and fulfilling his dreams, while reflecting on them to learn from his past mistakes way.  This is a fun novel that has a slight supernatural element to it that touches on reincarnation and the entertainment industry in Korea, along with its harsh realities. The author spends a lot of time on the character development of the protagonist, giving him a comprehensive backstory, which the readers will learn more about as the novel progresses. If you’re looking for a wholesome and relaxing novel that is well-paced, with an endearing protagonist, and the right amount of humor, this might be the novel for you!

Now - as I said earlier in the announcement, I'm aware that there has been a paucity of announcements the past few months, both for novels and other things.  There have been a lot of questions regarding everything from the karma changes we talked about ages ago, the new front-end, ebook/audiobooks, etc.  I'm going to go into much more detail this coming week, which will be right around Wuxiaworld's SEVENTH anniversary (wow!), but simply put - early this summer, something major began to happen that we haven't been able to disclose.  This has had a tremendously positive impact on Wuxiaworld on every single front, from technology to licensing to funding, and as a result we've been in the process of getting everything lined up and cleaned up on every single front.  The staff has been working around-the-clock - literally!  Expect to see a very lengthy post in the next week or so, followed by the fastest pace of development Wuxiaworld has ever seen, on every front from technology to content.  Am super excited about the coming year, and hope all of you are as well.  Stay tuned for details, finally, very soon!

Very best!