AD-FREE VIP + FREE CREDIT + In-House Advance Chapters!

Hi guys, at long last, I'm excited that we've activated ad-free sponsorships for Wuxiaworld!  For a monthly fee of $5 (less if you subscribe for several months in advance), not only will you gain access to ad-free while logged in on both desktop and mobile (with even more VIP-specific functions like hiding the sidebar to come), you'll also get a free $5 of credit which can be applied to advance chapters for participating novels, which are coming in-house as well!  We are already beta testing in-house advance chapter functionality on A Will Eternal in April, with all almost other novels coming onboard in May.

VIP credits, simply put, can be used to deduct X amount from advance chapter patron subscriptions.  For example, if you choose to go for A Will Eternal's $10 'five advance chapters' subscription level and have $5 of credit, that $5 of credit will be deducted so you only pay $5.  For people who read advance chapters, VIP functionality is basically free!  This is our way of thanking everyone for being supporters and not trying to 'double-dip', ie making you pay for non-ads AND advance chapters separately.  I feel that if you are supporting us and our translators via advance chapters, you should be considered a VIP :)

Thanks to everyone for being a supporter.  Keep an eye on that big 'VIP' button to the right!