Above Your Head & The Sovereign's Ascension Now Live!

Hi everyone, two very popular licensed novels are now launching going from VIP only to live!  The first is Above Your Head, a Korean novel originally published by Chungeoram (which also published Trash of the Count's Family), which is now being translated by GodSeth.  The second is The Sovereign's Ascension (previously translated elsewhere as 'The One and Only'), a Chinese novel originally jointly published by Zongheng and 17k that is now being translated by veteran translator thyaeria! 

Above Your Head is a particularly special novel that I've been following!  Our protagonist in this scifi/superpower isekai novel seems ordinary in almost every respect, save one - for some reason, he can see the names, titles, and statuses of everyone around him.  Which makes no sense, really - this is Earth, not some weird LitRPG game world.  Everyone should be normal and perfectly real.  Right?  Wait.  Why does the hottest girl in school have the 'Human Slayer' title?!  Boss of Prestige?  What does that even mean? Magician Girl?! What in the world is going on? Hell, what genre is this?! This novel is zany and filled with lots of cliffhangers and great fun, so come along for the ride!

The Sovereign's Ascension was previously translated up to chapter 40 or so elsewhere as 'The One and Only'.  Now, Wuxiaworld and thyaeria have picked it up!  It is a transmigrator cultivation novel, with our main character originally being one of the best lawyer's on Earth!  He'd never lost a case, owing his success to three things: photographic memory, high comprehension, and an indomitable will he forged himself.  Phoenix Wright had nothing on him! But on a trip to the actual Mt. Tai, he was suddenly stabbed by a flying sword and found himself waking up in a new world of cultivation as a 'sword slave'.  Not the best of starts for a transmigrator!  But with his sword and a goofy pet companion, he would overcome any and all obstacles facing him in this world.

I really hope you guys enjoy these two new stories!