2021 Roadmap: Site Redesign, Karma Changes, Ebooks & More!

Everyone, welcome to 2021!  2020 has been an absolutely horrid year for many people on many levels, and I think many (most? all?) of us are glad to leave it behind.  With that said, I wanted to give everyone a preview for some of the things that are coming up in the coming few months for Wuxiaworld.

Front-End Site Redesign - This one has been a long time coming!  Historically, we've focused more on incremental changes and feature build-out rather than overhauling the site itself, but for quite a few months now we've been playing on-and-off with giving Wuxiaworld a sleeker and more modern look.  One key consideration on our side was maintaining an appropriate level of information density, since many 'redesigns' end up sacrificing functionality for experienced users on the altar of simplicity, which we aren't a fan of.  We're getting close to a more finalized streamlined redesign, which those who are interested can check out some mock-ups of here.  Note that everything is still a work-in-progress, and there are multiple areas we are already planning to change and play around with, and the color scheme in particular is not finalized.  However, it should give you a general impression of how Wuxiaworld will look a month or three from now!  We're combining the redesign with a structural change to an SPA (single-page application) with an eye towards additional future modifications, so this is and will be quite a major overhaul for us.  We've also hired a new front-end Technomancer to specifically work on things like this, as well as a professional web designer, and our mobile apps will be targeted next.  We highly welcome any and all feedback, either via our customer service portal or comments here!

Karma Rework - We've keenly watched how things have played out over the course of the past year with the new 'karma' system, factored in the pros and cons, and are now getting ready for an overhaul based on that and other market developments.  A very long post will be coming in the next few weeks with very specific details, so you'll get much more information there.  One of the biggest functional changes will be that the current 'free karma' system will be shifted to a time-based unlock instead.  And, not to be a shill, but those who have financially supported us at any point prior to the change with memberships or subscriptions will find that the new system is pretty much better in every way, as they'll be getting an OG badge that will come with some very nice and important perks.  I estimate the post will come around Feb 1st, and the reworked karma system will come around March 1st, so keep an eye out.

Ebooks and Audiobooks - The big wave is finally landing!  On top of new audiobooks coming in the next few days (and older ones appearing on Kindle), some big names will be dropping on Amazon, such as the full I Shall Seal the Heavens series, parts of Desolate Era, City of Sin, Sovereign of the Three Realms, Second Coming of Gluttony, and more!  We'll also be doing some trials of ebooks of active, ongoing new novels like Keyboard Immortal to see how well they perform in sucking in new readers, since Wuxiaworld will remain ahead of Amazon.  Honestly, it should have happened already, but Amazon keeps on blocking our uploads and forcing us to spend weeks playing email tag proving that we are the legitimate license holders, which is why I don't have an exact date, but it is currently in the process already. I'm a bit concerned about the proper way to 'announce' them and gain visibility, because if we do announcement posts for each then things will quickly get overloaded.  Any thoughts?  Maybe an email newsletter or something like that?

Wuxiaworld Originals - Unlike the above, this one is going to be more of a long-term project, but it's one that will have a significant impact on us in the future.  We have begun exploratory talks with western fantasy Chinese authors about hiring them to create original webnovels just for Wuxiaworld, as well as working with them on shorts that we'll translate send out to various sci-fi and fantasy magazines and other publications.  Wuxiaworld, not Chinese license holders, would then own the underlying IP's to these works.  There are a lot of details and meetings that need to be ironed out, and this will be a months-long endeavor that's going to cost quite a bit of money, but I'm already positive enough about it that I'm comfortable talking to y'all about it.  We're also getting ready for some initial talks with industry partners about co-developing a few English fantasy originals. As you know, one of the reasons Wuxiaworld never really branched into originals is because I want to be sure that any content we put up for you guys to see here is going to be good and reliably updated on a long-term basis.  I'm confident that we're now on track to do just that.

Some Licensing Revelations - While we are in the process of finalizing the last parts of it, there's going to be a surprise novel appearing on Wuxiaworld sometime in the immediate future, one that isn't currently in VIP sneak peek.  I think many of y'all will be very pleasantly surprised by this brand-new-to-Wuxiaworld Korean novel.  Those in the know and who read carefully can probably already guess at what this novel will be.  Cheers!

2020 has been a doozy.  Let's work together to make 2021 much better! With love and affection,

Ren Woxing