1000 CHAPTER LAUNCH! Sword & Shadow, Divine Throne join Wuxiaworld!

Hey guys, I'm excited to announce the largest 'launch' in Wuxiaworld history!  Divine Throne of Primordial Blood and The Sword & the Shadow, currently translated by our friends on Volare, have now come to Wuxiaworld as well, for a massive combined launch of over a THOUSAND new chapters for you to read!  Translators Ryogawa and gandalfs_socks (best username ever) have been super excited to join Wuxiaworld, and have spent the past two months upping their own translation speeds to the signature 2/day speeds which Wuxiaworld is known for!  These are two great, experienced translators, and I'm proud to officially welcome them to Wuxiaworld.

The Sword and the Shadow, translated by Ryogawa, is a western fantasy novel which tells the tale of an orphaned boy who gains entry into a thieves' guild and enters a world of assassins, blades, magic, and action.  There's a heavy focus on character interactions, conflicts, and even a bit of romance.

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood, translated by gandalfs.socks, tells the story of Su Chen, born into a world of clan-based castes where only those nobles born with certain Bloodlines can cultivate to higher realms.  Su Chen seeks to break down these restrictions and make it so that all humans can cultivate, but the Bloodlines are naturally opposed to this and seek to stop him at every turn.  His story sees him manipulate clans against each other in his quest to break the bloodline chains which bind humanity.

For those who were following the novels on Volare and wish to continue doing so there, the novels will still be active there as the translations continue!  We've even put in a special 'login via Wuxiaworld' API on Volare, so those who already have purchased VIP on Wuxiaworld will be able to also get ad-free VIP access on Volare; we don't want you to have to pay twice.  Note that advance chapters, however, do NOT carry across sites; pick one place or the other if interested!

Join me in welcoming Ryogawa and gandalfs.socks to Wuxiaworld, and happy reading!