【TGR】Some issues

Hey guys, there were some issues with the chapters that I’ve scheduled for posting for the past few days, which is why there wasn’t any chapters for the past few days and it was just brought to my attention today…

I’ll monitor the future scheduled chapters to make sure that they’re posted.

Anyways, 4 chapters for the past 4 days have been posted..

Second chapter of this week!
Chapter 388 – Stealing Spirituality

Third chapter of this week!
Chapter 389 – Pride of the Upperclassman

Patreon chapters!
Chapter 390 – The Realm of Heavenly Completion

Patreon chapters!
Chapter 391 – Punishment Spiritual Combat Doll

19 thoughts on “【TGR】Some issues” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. When TDG was being released regularly he used to do almost daily chapters. From what I remember, after he started with TGR he had to start to serve in the military in his country for 2 years, since it’s mandatory. So he’s been trying to have the 3 regular ones. I’m not sure how are things now as I stopped reading TGR, so I’m not following the updates.

    2. “So 3 chapters per week, 6 years and a half until this is fully translated.”
      That’s what i said.. just that, didn’t say anything else.
      Are you guys mentally unstable?

      1. Surely you’re not going to say that there wasn’t an implied meaning to it?

        If I replied to your comment just saying ‘Fool’, I could just be using a random word generator to reply, but it’s fair to assume that I’m calling you a fool. I’m not btw.

        All that was missing from your comment was “so 3 chapter……”. He snorted’. xD

        1. he is right tho. i like an ending to a story, i dont start reading a translation unless i’m confident in the translator and the platform. which is why i prefer to read on qidian. here, translators drop their translations, disappear for months and have very little updates. why should i donate to these translators? what will happen to my 50 bucks if the translator on wuxia decides to disappear? there is no reason to read a story that will take 6 years to finish. each year you would need to reread the entire webnovel just to understand what is going on. i read a lot, i have over 100 webnovels and books that i read everyday, something that updates 3 times a week doesn’t even enter my eyes. im here just because of the vague title, which is very bad as well. what is this tittle? change it!

    3. Damn they attacked for an observation lol welp welcome to the great Dao known as the Internet hahaha where everything and anything can be implied and must definitely in line with said assumption, lest you become struck by a divine tribulation for “lying” XD

      Personally I don’t mind reading along with that time frame, I’ve already been reading on this site for two-three years I think, I will be here until I’ve finished all my liked novels (unless another releases which always happens lol)

        1. You forget the world has to deal with that crazy carrot Trump for at least 3 more years. Anything can happen during that time, so we might not have 6 years to wait around.

  1. When a saw the post title I thought it was issues with WW and not with a particular novel, please don’t do that, add the novels acronym to the title, I though a certain website had pulled something else again…

    1. I didn’t equate this post to TGR, actually didn’t even notice it in the recent posts… tho I did see ch 391, so I will give you that the title defiantly should have been done better to convey that message. But I wouldn’t blame the tl if someone missed the new chapters. I saw there was a new post for TGR in the past x hours on the home page and clicked the TGR drop down and wallah. If they truly missed them, it’s because they weren’t looking or clicking.

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