AC Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: Don’t hesitate, quickly kiss

Shi Xiaobai and Ka Xiaozi were located very far from the fifth dragon. They needed to cross more than half of the map. Although Shi Xiaobai had raised his Crab Steps to the Crest of Perfection realm because of not wanting to get his clothes wet, it would still need at least half an hour at full speed.

It was unknown if the dragon could last thirty minutes.

Furthermore, there was this girl beside him. Could she keep up with his speed?

Did he need to continue carrying her while running?

The journey to slay a dragon had just begun, but the duo had already encountered their second problem.

However, Shi Xiaobai seemed to be the only one who considered this problem. Ka Xiaozi continued smiling sweetly, and did not seem to put the dilemma at heart.

Shi Xiaobai did not plan on wasting time. He directly went forward and carried the girl like the previous time.

Ka Xiaozi’s eyes flashed an astonished look, but she quickly calmed down. She naturally wrapped her arms around Shi Xiaobai’s neck and leaned her head on Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder.

Ka Xiaozi’s body was soft and warm, as though he was carrying a warm piece of jade. Of course, most importantly, she was very light. Shi Xiaobai was very pleased with Ka Xiaozi’s petite body. It could save him a lot of strength.

“Hold on tight. This King is… going to run at full speed!”

Shi Xiaobai lowered his head and reminded her with a whisper.

Ka Xiaozi gave an “orh” and very obediently hugged him even tighter. Her chest was tightly pressed to Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder, but unfortunately, her chest was as flat as an airport runway. It could not produce any curves from the pressure.

In fact, Ka Xiaozi’s figure and name reminded Shi Xiaobai of Kali. However, the two had clear differences in the color of their hair, eyes, as well facial features. Although both of them possessed a beauty of pixies, their temperaments were different. Their personalities were slightly different as well. As for the auras, it was like night and day.

Kali gave Shi Xiaobai a feeling that she was very strong, deep and unfathomably strong.

Ka Xiaozi gave Shi Xiaobai a feeling that she was very weak, inestimably weak.

Shi Xiaobai obviously wouldn’t be silly enough to believe that Ka Xiaozi was really weak considering how she could reach the sixth level. However, she did not seem that strong.

Shi Xiaobai could not help but lower his head to glance at Ka Xiaozi. It just so happened that Ka Xiaozi had looked up at him.

The two locked eyes up close as time seemed to stop at that moment.

Ka Xiaozi slowly closed her eyes. Her cheeks were slightly red, her tiny mouth was puckered, with an alluring look that read ‘don’t hesitate, quickly kiss’.

“It’s an illusion as expected.”

Shi Xiaobai had such a thought as he looked up and used Crab Steps to charge forward at full speed.

Ka Xiaozi gently smiled and buried her head into Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder. Her eyes were filled with embarrassment and smiles.

In order to be in time to slay the dragon, Shi Xiaobai used his full strength to run forward. He traversed the beautiful forest like a wind.

This was the first time Ka Xiaozi experienced being carried in someone’s arms while ‘going out on a spin’. As she was immersing herself in this process, she produced pearly laughter along the way.

Her laughter seemed to have a magical power to it. It made Shi Xiaobai somehow feel like he had inexhaustible energy.

This world’s name was Monster Fairyland. On the way, they obviously encountered several strange monsters.

For example, a metallic-colored slime, a gigantic dual-blade wielding pheasant, a tree ent that disguised itself as a tree so as to attack by surprise, a black-skinned python that was hundreds of meters long, a zombie with rotting flesh all over, a cheetah with flames all over its body, a tiger flying in the sky with wings on its back, a gigantic man-eating flower that suddenly opened its mouth from under the ground…

Countless monsters lurked in the forest. It could be said that there was danger everywhere. However, these monsters would only attack enemies that intruded into their territory. Therefore, after dodging them in an ingenious fashion, he would leave them far behind. They would then give up pursuing him.

Along the way, there were some near misses, but nothing dangerous. Shi Xiaobai used his astounding speed and reaction time to dodge the attacks from monsters time and time again.

As Ka Xiaozi said, although she was very weak, she was very bold. Despite encountering all these dangers along the way, she did not even reveal a look of apprehension, nor did she scream. Instead, she was laughing all the way.

The sweet laughter was filled with joy and excitement. It sounded like a mesmerizing piano piece, but also a tune that caused one’s blood to boil in excitement.

Her laughter came from the bottom of her heart. It lacked the reserved nature of typical girls. It was graceful, open, natural, and refined.

Shi Xiaobai could not help but laugh with her. He felt inexplicably carefree, as though this boring run had become a fun and exciting escapade because of the girl’s existence.

As the duo proceeded forward, they laughed, unaware of the passage of time. Very soon, they saw a group of people gathered ahead of them.

The group of people numbered about forty or fifty. When the duo saw the crowd, the crowd had also turned their heads over.

There was no other way. For this group of people, the sound of laughter had reached them before the duo arrived.

One of the laughters sounded somewhat young, but it sounded inexplicably heroic and carefree.

The other laughter was mesmerizing like a heavenly harp. They could not help but conjure an image of a beautiful girl.

The two laughters were enough to make everyone stop what they were doing. They could not help but to turn around to take a look.

Although God was usually fair, He would close a window when opening a door for you. Those girls that had ethereal and sweet voices were mostly fat girls, but it did not prevent the crowd from looking forward to something unexpected.

Then, they truly saw something unexpected.

The unexpected left many people dumbfounded.

The first thing they did was to search for the owner of that melodious voice, so they immediately saw Ka Xiaozi in Shi Xiaobai’s arms.

Although her head was leaning on Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder, revealing only her side profile, just her side profile was enough to make people forget to breathe.

How could there be such a pretty girl in this world?

Why was this girl that resembled a pixie carried in the arms of someone else?

Who was the bastard that had such luck?

Everyone immediately looked at the youth carrying the girl, and their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

“Holy shit, it’s Shi Xiaobai again?”

“Fuck, why does this happen? Isn’t Shi Xiaobai an item with Goddess Sunless? What… is going on now!?”

“Heavens, I thought Shi Xiaobai got some dumb luck to be able to succeed in chasing Sunless. But who knew that he immediately got another even more beautiful girl. Is he two-timing two wonderful girls?”

“I feel that… if Goddess Sunless were not to have such a cold face, she would not be worse than this girl. But now, I have to say that this girl is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. She’s prettier than world-class female celebrities. Of course, she’s still a little young. In terms of charm, she can’t beat those world-class beauties.”

“Shut up, I feel like beating Shi Xiaobai up!”

“Yo, the main point is that none of us here can defeat Shi Xiaobai. It’s so infuriating!”

“What relationship does the two have? They feel so intimate…”

“You can know what relationship they have even if you use your knee to think. Look at that girl’s eyes. Those are the eyes of one having fallen into the river of love, but Shi Xiaobai…. Fuck, with a beauty in arms, how is Shi Xiaobai that calm?”

“This is the difference between people. Do you think Shi Xiaobai will be like a bunch of losers like you who lose to their primal instincts all the time? He might have… might have been used to it… Fuck, why do I suddenly feel like dying as I say this…”

“So infuriating!”


This group of people were clearly rookies participating in the selection. A few of them were people Shi Xiaobai recognized. Most of the youths had been hurt by this scene, receiving 10,000 points of damage.

When Shi Xiaobai saw everyone discussing, he did not put their words to heart. He now began realizing that the rookies had misunderstood his relationship with Sunless and Ka Xiaozi. However, Shi Xiaobai could not be bothered to explain, nor did he feel like there was a need to explain.

He gently lowered Ka Xiaozi.

However, Ka Xiaozi did not release her arms around his neck.


Shi Xiaobai looked curiously at Ka Xiaozi.

“On the way, I laughed very happily. I’ve not laughed in such a carefree manner in a long time, a very, very long time…”

Ka Xiaozi looked up into Shi Xiaobai’s eyes. There was still a happy smile on her face. Her face was slightly red, as her eyes had a soft look to them, beautiful and crystal clear.

“This King was very happy as well.”

Shi Xiaobai grinned. Ever since he came to this world, it was as if he had never laughed so brazenly and in such a carefree manner?

This was because he encountered the calamity fiend, Sahadun, after coming to this world. He had experienced despair, and his thirst to become strong had weighed heavily on his mind.

This way of freely laughing without any worries had been a distant thing for him as well.

As Shi Xiaobai was lost in reverie, he suddenly felt a soft moistness on his cheek. Something with a slight fragrant scent was adhered to it.

Shi Xiaobai was surprised as he looked sideways. Ka Xiaozi had tip-toed and kissed him on the cheek.

The moment her lips touched him, Ka Xiaozi released her arms and lowered her head slightly. Her feet gently rubbed the ground as she muttered, “This is a reward.”

Shi Xiaobai acknowledged with an ‘orh’, and did not say anything. He kept feeling like he had not lost out.

When the youths in the distance saw this scene, their hearts shattered and fell to the ground.

This pixie-like girl clearly had a place for Shi Xiaobai in her heart. That coy look was truly mesmerizing, but unfortunately, it did not belong to them.

At this moment, three people walked out of the crowd towards Shi Xiaobai and Ka Xiaozi.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up slightly. Waving his hand, he greeted the three people as he walked over. Ka Xiaozi followed closely beside him.

The three people were none other than Mu Yuesheng, Mozzie, and Kevin.

To speak the truth, Shi Xiaobai did not expect to see Mozzie and Kevin on the sixth level. The rules of the fifth level disadvantaged Mozzie and Kevin because of their very poor mobility. Their strength was not as powerful as Sunless’ to ‘kill’ groups if they came. It was difficult to snatch a Death Epaulette. Protecting a Death Epaulette was even more difficult.

It would be a breeze for Mu Yuesheng. In terms of speed, she stood head and shoulders above others.

Therefore, he never expected for Mozzie and Kevin to arrive as well.

What happened on the fifth level?


When the trio walked over, their eyes spontaneously landed on Ka Xiaozi. Different from the other rookies, they would not suspect that Shi Xiaobai was two-timing. This was because they knew for a fact that there was nothing ambiguous between Shi Xiaobai and Sunless. Their guesses were completely opposite from others.

However, they never expected Ka Xiaozi to be the first to greet them. Furthermore, she immediately confirmed their guesses. They heard Ka Xiaozi say, “Nice to meet you. My name is Ka Xiaozi. My relationship with Shi Xiaobai is not what you think. However, I’m working hard towards that relationship. The saying goes that it’s easy for a girl to chase a boy, but I’ve discovered that it’s not true.”

Mu Yuesheng and company were stunned. This girl was very open, bold and shameless!

Shi Xiaobai was also stunned.

He was being pursued?


Shi Xiaobai felt somewhat helpless. He could only sigh in his head and think,

This King is truly too excellent.


He looked at Ka Xiaozi and said seriously, “This King already has a girlfriend!”

Shi Xiaobai suddenly discovered that having a girlfriend was quite a good thing. It could save him quite a bit of trouble!

If others were to know that Shi Xiaobai was having a headache for this matter, they would probably cry in the bathroom till they passed out.

Upon hearing Shi Xiaobai say this, Ka Xiaozi smiled sweetly and said, “I know!”

Shi Xiaobai’s heart jumped and he looked curiously at Ka Xiaozi, “You know?”

If Shi Xiaobai remembered correctly, the matter of him having a girlfriend was something only Kali and Sunless knew!


Author’s Note: These few chapters haven’t pushed the plot much, but it’s not really filler to interact with chicks, right? It feels quite lovely. However, the next chapter will begin advancing the plot. Everyone don’t be impatient.


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