AC Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: This spot definitely should harden, as a form of respect

In the sixth level, Monster Fairyland, there were seven dragons. This level’s quest was to launch a crusade against the dragon. Therefore, Shi Xiaobai said, “Let’s go. This King will take you to slay the dragon.”

Ka Xiaozi was taken aback before she immediately beamed, “Alright!”

Slaying dragons, that sounded truly domineering!

However, their journey to slay a dragon was met with a tiny problem, from the very beginning.

At this moment, they were located in the middle of a lone island. Although it was a lake, the distance to the other end of the lake was a few hundred meters. With Shi Xiaobai’s Crab Steps at the Dominating Refinement realm, he was still able to barely waterwalk for a few hundred meters. However, could the girl who claimed to be very weak be able to cross it?

Shi Xiaobai could not help but ask, “Do you know how to swim?”

By using a psionic barrier to envelop one’s body, it was unlikely to wet their clothes over the few hundred meter distance. If the girl knew how to swim, swimming was a rather good idea.

Ka Xiaozi widened her big, bright eyes and shook her head, “No, I’m very weak. Furthermore…”

Ka Xiaozi leaned sideways slightly and pointed to the lake behind her.

Shi Xiaobai was surprised as he took a step forward. Tracing the direction in which Ka Xiaozi pointed, he saw a large, dark shadow under the surface of the lake. If one didn’t look carefully, one would think of it as a tree’s shadow. But on a careful look, one would be appalled to realize that it was a massive monster lurking underneath the lake surface.

Although a large and odd contour could be barely made out, the forbidding scales on the behemoth could be clearly seen due to the clear lake. The behemoth was much larger than the island itself. If this behemoth was startled, survival might not be an option on this lone island.

Shi Xiaobai immediately dismissed the idea of letting the girl swim across the lake. Ignoring the fact that the girl could not swim, even if she were a swimming athlete, she might end up in the belly of the lake behemoth.

Should he just kill the behemoth under the lake?

Shi Xiaobai had such a thought, but he quickly dismissed it. The island was too tiny. If the lake behemoth went into a rage, the island might be the first to be destroyed. When the time came, he had to even rescue the girl who did not know how to swim. And what if, what if he wet his new clothes!?

As Shi Xiaobai contemplated, Ka Xiaozi did not appear anxious. She stared unblinkingly at Shi Xiaobai, as though she believed that Shi Xiaobai would be able to figure out a way.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment before saying, “If you don’t mind, This King will piggyback you over?”

This was the only idea Shi Xiaobai could think of. Although carrying a person on his back would slightly affect his movements, it would be of little effect.

However, from Riko, Xiao Xiao, and Mu Yuesheng, Shi Xiaobai learned of something—girls did not like members of the opposite sex casually touching their bodies.

He had just gotten to know Ka Xiaozi, so he naturally had to ask if she minded.

Ka Xiaozi shook her head and said with a laugh, “Of course I don’t mind, but…”


Ka Xiaozi walked towards Shi Xiaobai with light footsteps. Her eyes were bright, and her face was slightly blushed. She then slowly stretched out her arms as she said with puckered lips, “Can you carry me instead?”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly taken aback before he nodded. He did not find ‘piggybacking’ and ‘carrying’ very different. Although he preferred using a ‘fireman’s lift’ because he could free up a hand to do other things, he did not mind satisfying the girl’s request.

Shi Xiaobai’s right hand had already recovered. He transformed the black sword in his hand into energy and kept it in his right hand. He took a step forward and with one hand holding the girl’s waist, he squatted down slightly, and held the girl’s legs. In a very natural manner, he lifted the girl up in a princess carry.

Ka Xiaozi exhaled slightly as she wrapped her arms around Shi Xiaobai’s neck and leaned her forehead on Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder.

Such a position was somewhat ambiguous. At least, Ka Xiaozi was blushing. Her eyelashes fluttered while her eyes slightly glazed over.

The girl’s waist was very slender and soft. There was no excess fat, and her thigh was full and very elastic. When she was carried, her purple dress slid up, revealing a portion of her calves. They were as exquisite and beautiful as ivory. The way she lowered her head in embarrassment was endearing. A virgin fragrance assaulted his olfactory senses. If this were any other male, even if their primal instincts did not boil their blood, they would definitely have hardened, as a form of respect.

However, Shi Xiaobai was like a block of wood. He turned a blind eye towards this as he looked towards the surface of the lake and began considering how he should traverse the lake. If not for the lake behemoth, he could easily traverse the lake, but with uncertain factors, he had to consider the safety of the girl in his arms.

Ka Xiaozi looked up and glanced at Shi Xiaobai. A smile flashed in her eyes.

“Hold tight.”

Shi Xiaobai warned her with a whisper. He was ready to traverse the lake.

Ka Xiaozi nodded and hugged Shi Xiaobai tightly. Although she looked somewhat embarrassed, she did not seem to hate such intimacy.

Shi Xiaobai took a few steps back and kicked off with a little run as he suddenly rushed forward!

To run on the surface of the lake, the most important thing was to be fast, followed by there not being any pause. It had to be done in one fell swoop.

Shi Xiaobai stepped onto the water as he advanced forward like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water in a natural and smooth manner. In a while, he was halfway the distance.

“Be careful!”

A cry sounded beside his ear as Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows jumped slightly. Giving a sidewards glance, it was unknown when a gigantic head had emerged from the surface of the lake.

The gigantic head resembled a snake or a toad, and also a bit like a hippopotamus. In summary, it was extremely strange. But at this moment, the gigantic head was in close proximity. The large mouth it had could easily devour a tiny hill!

Shi Xiaobai was slightly alarmed. From the behemoth’s figure in the water, he thought that this direction was the behemoth’s tail, but he never expected it to be a deceitful trick by the behemoth?

However, Shi Xiaobai did not panic. He stepped onto the surface of the lake and made an abrupt change in velocity!


The behemoth’s mouth snapped, producing a rumbling bang. However, the behemoth quickly roared angrily. This was because it had only bitten a mirage!

And on the other side, Shi Xiaobai, who had forcefully used Crab Phantom Image, was already charging towards the edge of the lake with Ka Xiaozi in arms!

At this moment, a gigantic shadow fell from the sky!

It was the behemoth’s tail!

The gigantic tail was filled with spikes, as though swaths of towering trees came crashing down at him. If he was struck by the tail, his body would be riddled with holes even if he did not get smashed into pulp due to the lake’s surface!

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes narrowed slightly. His body suddenly came to a halt as he stopped for a second above the lake!

This strange motion was as though he had stepped on the brakes on the lake!


The lake behemoth clearly did not expect Shi Xiaobai to forcefully stop above the surface of the lake. The gigantic tail made a wrong prediction and crashed down in front of the duo, splashing a wall of water!

“Oh no!”

Shi Xiaobai, who was extremely calm to begin with, could no longer maintain his composure. Staring with his eyes, he charged out madly. His speed was much faster than it usually was!

Shi Xiaobai instantly appeared on the banks of the lake as the water splashed down, forming ripples everywhere, as though it was raining cats and dogs.

Shi Xiaobai had broken his limits once again at this critical moment. Having already perfected his previous realm, he had not been able to make a breakthrough with his Crab Steps, but now, he had broken through from the Dominating Refinement to the Crest of Perfection realm.

Shi Xiaobai stopped only after he continued running forward for quite a distance. Immediately, an angry roar of indignation was heard behind him.

“That was close!”

Shi Xiaobai heaved a sigh of relief.

It was truly too dangerous. He nearly got his new clothes wet!

Against the demonic beasts that filled the lands and the pursuit of the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign, he had faced all sorts of difficult situations. Shi Xiaobai’s Crab Steps had been stuck at the Dominating Refinement realm all this while without being able to go another step further. At this moment, in order to not wet his clothes, Shi Xiaobai had finally broken his own limits!


For some unknown reason, Ka Xiaozi burst out laughing. Her laughter was as melodious as pearly bells. Her eyes were bright, and she looked cheerful. She did not appear as though she was shocked from the close shave from before. Instead, she seemed to be enjoying the process.

Shi Xiaobai gently lowered Ka Xiaozi. Seeing the smiling girl and hearing the melodious sound of her laughter, his mood elevated as well. He wanted to laugh with her.

As the saying goes, laughing is contagious.

Shi Xiaobai never believed it because whenever Yang Wei laughed sinisterly, Shi Xiaobai did not have the mood to laugh with him.

Now, Shi Xiaobai finally understood the reason. It was not the problem about laughing, but because the person laughing laughed in an ugly manner!

Shi Xiaobai revealed a gentle smile and said softly, “You don’t seem afraid at all?”

Ka Xiaozi nodded as her lips pouted slightly before she whispered, “I’m very weak, but I’m very daring!”

I’m very weak, but I’m very daring.

There was not a problem with this sentence!

“I’m very strong, but I’m very timid.”

In a dark cavern, a menacing and strange voice echoed.

“You mean you do not dare to make a move?”

An authoritative voice responded.

“As a cultured aristocrat, I cannot come to blows with such a pretty girl.”

“Heh heh, before you were trapped in this world, how many virgins had you killed? You were that era’s most notorious aristocrat. You symbolized death and cruelty.”

“So what about that? I can kill weak virgin female commoners, but that does not mean I can bite such a tough bone. Being self-aware is the culture of the aristocrat. In any case, I will not make a move. As for you, you claim to be a demon king from Hell. Why are you still here?”

“The law of being self-aware is equally effective in Hell.”

“Oh? Since you also know how powerful the virus is this time, yet you insist on me making the move. Are you trying to get me to court death?”

“No, we will not be able to defeat this virus in a one against one situation. There may be some hope if it’s two against one.”

“May be? 1% or 0.01%? I will not gamble my life. To an aristocrat, honor comes first, but to me, life comes first.”

“You really aren’t a good aristocrat.”

“I’ve never been one. Thank you.”

“If the virus cannot be removed, three thousand years will be added to the imprisonment period. Can you accept this?”

“Compared to freedom, life is more important.”

“But I can’t accept it. I want freedom!”

“There’s no hope in a two against one. You won’t gain your freedom, only death.”

“Then if we go three against one, or even four against one, or even…”

“You mean…”

The dark cavern suddenly quietened. The two voices fell silent at the same time.

Moments later, the menacing voice was first to speak.

“This is no ordinary virus. It’s a virus that far surpasses any viruses from before. Just sending the two of us is definitely insufficient. We need backup. Shall we notify the top about this?”

“Yea, that should be done. You can do it.”

“Why should I be the one to do it?”

“Because you are an aristocrat.”

“So what about being an aristocrat? Must an aristocrat do the dirty, tiring and shameless jobs?”

“No, what I mean is that Aristocrat’s reputation allows for more to be done.”

“… Are all demonic kings of Hell so tactful like you?”

“Hell has its classes too.”

“A very reasonable explanation. Then let’s do it. How many do we need?”

“At least seven.”

“Fuck, we only have seven!”

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