AC Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: After saying so much, can I have a spot on your Friends list

Shi Xiaobai pulled up his trousers again. He felt somewhat awkward changing his trousers in front of a female stranger, especially when this girl was covering her eyes, but there were obvious gaps in between her fingers, as though she was prepared to peep blatantly.

“Eh, why aren’t you changing? The other pair of trousers fits your shirt better. It’s best you change into it.”

The girl lowered her hand and blinked. She said, “I can turn around.”

After saying that, the girl slowly turned her body.

Shi Xiaobai sighed.

Sigh, you should have turned around earlier. This King’s trousers would have already been pulled up!

Shi Xiaobai glanced at the girl’s back and suddenly found it familiar, as though he had seen it somewhere.

Well, it had to be a mistake. He did not know such a ‘bold’ girl.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment and finally quickly changed his trousers.

However, just as Shi Xiaobai finished changing his trousers, without making a sound, the girl had taken the initiative to turn around. Her timing was perfect. It was hard to doubt that the girl had not been peeping.

No, there was no need for doubt. She definitely was peeping through some means!

This was because the girl’s ears were slightly red.

Shi Xiaobai was at a loss as to what to say. He could only look at the girl with calm eyes.


The girl gently cleared her throat and started by saying, “Hello, Shi Xiaobai, I’m very happy to be randomly sent to the same waypoint as you. I’m your… fan. My name is Ka Xiaozi. You can call me Xiaozi.”

When Shi Xiaobai heard the girl address him as ‘Shi Xiaobai’, he was momentarily taken aback. After all, his identity to others was Tu Dahei, but Shi Xiaobai quickly recalled that back on the fifth level, the assessment program would provide the identity of the ‘fugitive’. Since he had reached the sixth level, it was very likely that he had been chosen as a ‘fugitive’. It was understandable that his identity as ‘Shi Xiaobai’ was revealed.

And after hearing the girl claiming to be his admirer, and how her name was ‘Ka Xiaozi’, his impression of her immediately elevated slightly.

Although the girl’s peeping of him changing was somewhat odd, the name she had was rather artistic. Names like Xiaobai (Little White), Xiaohei (Little Black), Xiaozi (Little Purple) needed to be praised.

Shi Xiaobai stuck his chin outwards and said, “The number of admirers This King has is just too many. There are people claiming to be This King’s admirers everywhere. This King has previously encountered two such despicable liars. Go ahead and say why you idolize This King?”

Shi Xiaobai look at the girl with suspicion. The last time people claimed to be his admirers was during his first meeting with Chen Lingcun and Ye Jiaquan.

Back then, the two of them praised him to the heavens, but in the end, the two were fucking acting!

Having learned his lesson, Shi Xiaobai no longer easily trusted the words of ‘admirers’.

However, Ka Xiaozi was apparently prepared. Without any thought, she answered, “I began paying attention to you from a long, long time ago. In the beginning, I heard that Gaia recruited a dual S-class talent named Shi Xiaobai. Immediately, I wanted to know what you looked like. That’s because your name is very similar to mine. Shi Xiaobai, Ka Xiaozi. At first glance, no one can tell who is mimicking the other! Later on, I felt that if we could get to know each other, we would definitely become the best of friends.”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly taken aback. This girl knew of his name so early on? From the beginning of the story, it did not sound fabricated. Immediately, Shi Xiaobai had some anticipation for what Ka Xiaozi had to say next.

However, Shi Xiaobai could not help but interrupt, “If it’s mimicking, it can only be you mimicking This King. This is because This King has always been mimicked but never surpassed.”

Ka Xiaozi seemed to recall of something when she heard this. She suddenly broke out into laughter. Her bright eyes narrowed into crescents, and a charming smile suffused on her lips.

Shi Xiaobai was slightly stunned. He had to say that the girl in front of him was indeed very beautiful. Her beauty could match Kali sans her eyepatch or a smiling Sunless.

If it were any ordinary person, he would have fallen head over heels for Ka Xiaozi’s smile. However, Shi Xiaobai would not. He stared at Ka Xiaozi with judgemental eyes and said, “You are smiling in such a guilty manner. It can’t be that your name is really deliberately mimicking This King, right?”

Probably Shi Xiaobai was the only person who could tell ‘guilt’ from a beautiful smile that could topple countries.

“Of course not! I’m laughing because… forget it. It’s best I don’t explain. After all, any explanation is to conceal, and concealment is just fabricating a story.”

Ka Xiaozi said righteously. However, the smile that blossomed on her face did not seem convincing.

However, Shi Xiaobai was susceptible to this. He nodded and said, “This King shall believe you this once. Continue on.”


Ka Xiaozi nodded. She slowly wiped away her smile, but there was a faint smile lingering on her lips. She seemed to be in an extremely good mood.

She considered her words for a moment before saying, “Later on, I paid some attention to the Gaia message boards, and ended up discovering that there was nearly no news about Shi Xiaobai. However, there was a thread discussing Tu Dahei on the boards. It was said that Tu Dahei made Underworld King, Hisith, suffer in class and how he nearly eliminated all the rookies of Annihilation division. I have always been sensitive to names. I quickly guessed that the names Shi Xiaobai and Tu Dahei were clearly opposites. Could they be the same person? Back then, there were people who raised this idea on the message boards, but they were quickly refuted by others. The main reason was that Tu Dahei was already at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. And it was rumored that Shi Xiaobai had yet to begin psionic cultivation. It was impossible to accomplish that in about ten days. Back then, I was somewhat doubtful about it, but I did not abandon this hypothesis. This was because I felt that a person who had a name like Shi Xiaobai was able to do anything.”

Shi Xiaobai felt wistful immediately upon hearing this. What Ka Xiaozi said were events that occurred in the past one or two months, but Shi Xiaobai felt like it was eons ago. Too many things had happened in the past one month.

Shi Xiaobai nodded to gesture to Ka Xiaozi to continue. Actually, he was already convinced. After all, how could an ordinary person understand him that well. Especially the words, ‘able to do anything’, was something that gained Shi Xiaobai’s approval.

Ka Xiaozi continued, “As I’m a rookie from the organization, Muses, when Princess Xiao Xiao participated in the weekly contest as representative to Muses battle arena cafe branch, I went to watch that weekly match even if I wasn’t interested in virtual competitions. I then became a fan of one of the participants. The participants name was ‘IChooseDogLeading’! Hehe, after that. From the information that ‘IChooseDogLeading’ was a representative of Gaia branch and how he happened to be at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, I began to associate God DogLeading with Tu Dahei. Just a while ago, during the counteroffensive on the Demon City, I witnessed the Crab Steps you used and I was certain that you are God DogLeading!”

Shi Xiaobai was surprised.

Even a hidden identity as IChooseDogLeading had been guessed by this girl?

The way Shi Xiaobai looked at Ka Xiaozi turned slightly odd. What the girl said sounded very realistic. He never expected that a stranger would pay so much attention to him somewhere else.

This feeling felt somewhat amazing.

“I’m your admirer.”

Ka Xiaozi and Shi Xiaobai locked eyes. Be it tone or gaze, they were both extremely sincere. Shi Xiaobai could not help but nod. In fact, Shi Xiaobai had a nagging feeling that the girl in front of him was lying to him, but for some reason, this sentence sounded extremely truthful.

It was unlikely a lie that she was his admirer.

Ka Xiaozi suddenly said very passionately, “I’m really very happy, so happy to be able to participate in this selection. Although I’ve guessed that Shi Xiaobai was Tu Dahei, and Tu Dahei was God DogLeading, it was all a guess. However, at the first level, when I heard your name resound throughout the land of the trial, I suddenly felt very proud. This was because the person to clear the level in less than twenty seconds and shock everybody was Shi Xiaobai. I knew from a long time ago, and began paying attention from early on. I remember your name more than any other rookie.”

“Therefore, when I reached the second level, I was stunned by your plan on launching a counteroffensive on the Demon City. I was astounded by how you charged alone through the demonic beasts that filled the lands and how you killed the Demonic Tree in one strike. However, i wasn’t able to be a hundred percent sure that you were Shi Xiaobai. But back then, I had a thought. If Tu Dahei and Shi Xiaobai was not the same person, what relationship would they have?”

“At the third level, Shi Xiaobai’s name once again made everyone astounded. Finally at the fifth level, my guess from the very beginning was validated. Shi Xiaobai is Tu Dahei. I am unable to describe the feelings I had then. It’s probably the feeling of wanting to eat chocolates and also wanting to eat ice-cream, but because I’m afraid of getting fat, I can only choose one. However, when the service staff suddenly tells you that they sell chocolate ice-cream. Yea, anyways the feeling is very blissful.”

“Therefore, I’m very happy to be able to meet you at the sixth level and also have a chance to get to know you. I’m your admirer and will always be one!”

Be it Ka Xiaozi’s words, tone or expression, she was extremely sincere. She was like a fan who had idolized a celebrity for a very long time and finally having the chance to confess her thoughts.

Shi Xiaobai was somewhat touched. Compared to what Chen Lingcun and Ye Jiaquan said in the past, he could not help but feel wistful. Look at it, take a good look at this. This is what a real fan is. Whatever she said was from the bottom of her heart!

At this moment, Ka Xiaozi suddenly blinked. Her words took a sudden twist as she said, “After saying so much, can I have a spot on your Friends list?”

Shi Xiaobai was shocked.

A spot on the Friends list?

This sentence inexplicably sounded familiar.

Back when he was playing League of Legends 1v9, after doing a heaven-defying reversal, his teammates would type: “God, can I have a spot on your Friends list?”

But the girl in front of him probably did not mean that, right?

However, Ka Xiaozi said coyly in the next moment, “I’m very weak. I got to the sixth level completely by luck. It wasn’t easy for me to meet my idol. I’m wondering if my idol can bring me along, letting me go wherever I want to go?”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent.

She really meant that?

Ka Xiaozi lowered her head slightly and softly said, “Can… I stay by your side?”

Shi Xiaobai gave the girl a serious look.

He had a nagging feeling that the girl said so much to lay the foundations for this final sentence. However, this sentence touched him the most. This was because he could feel the true feelings from the girl.

Shi Xiaobai cherished these Friendship spots and would not easily give them to others.

However, if he were to meet such a cute girl like Ka Xiaozi, he would never be stingy with his Friendship spots.


Shi Xiaobai nodded and said, “Let’s go. This King will take you to slay the dragon.”

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