AC Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Trousers just halfway off

Shi Xiaobai had a dream.

A very, very long dream.

In his dream, he was a king of a territory. He led his troops in a long war, going from one end of a continent to the other while constantly forging ahead. He conquered one country after another. When he conquered more than half, and was about to complete the feat of ruling over an entire continent, fiends of an alien world suddenly invaded. Immediately, he led his troops to face the invading fiend legion.

It was similarly a long battle, much longer than his conquest wars and much more brutal and bloody. Humans perished in great numbers but he finally succeeded in chasing the fiend legion back to the alien world.

After that battle, every country put a stop to all wars to prevent the invasion of the fiend legion or other species of alien worlds. As such, Shi Xiaobai’s ambition of conquering the entire continent had to come to a stop.

But as a king of more than half of a continent, he remained the most powerful king.

He began governing his country and the process during this period was rather vague. In fact, from the moment the dream began, it was in bits and pieces. However, the dream felt extremely real. Shi Xiaobai did not realize that he was in a dream.

But one day, two doors suddenly appeared in front of Shi Xiaobai.

A pure white door and a pure black door.

The two doors appeared together, and Shi Xiaobai instantly came to a realization that he was in a dream. This was because these two doors made him, who was in a dream, recall a memory from reality.

These two doors had appeared back when Riko was helping him with his awakening dream. Back then, he listened to Riko’s instructions and entered the pure white door.

At this moment, two doors appeared again in his dream.

Just like before, the white door emitted a soft aura, attracting him to walk into it, while he felt like something inside the black door of darkness was calling out to him. It had an intense desire.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment and turned to head into the pure black door because he was very curious what was inside the pure black door.

However, Shi Xiaobai never found out what was inside the pure black door. After entering it, he felt his consciousness fall into a trance. Everything went black in front of him and his body could no longer move. He had an illusionary feeling that a lot of time had passed.

When he recovered his consciousness, he had appeared outside the pure black door. He discovered that everything in his dream had changed.

His country was still that country. The capital and palaces were still the same, but all his subjects and commoners had disappeared. Replacing them were demons that filled the city!

Shi Xiaobai was immediately enraged. Although this was only a dream, the realism of the dream made him have feelings for his subjects and people. And at this moment, his capital had changed into a city of fiends. This meant only one thing. The fiends had killed all humans in the royal capital!

In his rage, Shi Xiaobai only had one thought—kill all fiends!

Then, Shi Xiaobai realized that he had somehow become very strong, so strong that it was chilling. With a flick of his finger, all fiends were reduced to ashes.

At the same time, Shi Xiaobai’s mind became extremely powerful. He could sense that the entire human world were filled with fiends. Only seven humans of remarkable strength hid in secluded places.

Following that, Shi Xiaobai quickly realized that he was awakening from the dream soon!

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai made a decision. Using the remaining time, he teleported to various spots in the world, killing every fiend that could threaten the seven humans.

He was just in time. When Shi Xiaobai realized that he was about to awaken, the powerful fiends had been mostly destroyed.

Shi Xiaobai immediately used his mind to contact the seven hiding humans. In fact, Shi Xiaobai did not know how he could teleport or communicate telepathically. But he could do anything he thought of, so Shi Xiaobai guessed that it was because he was in a dream.

Shi Xiaobai telepathically informed the seven hiding humans that they could begin their counteroffensive. This was because the remaining fiends were no longer their match. Although relying on seven humans to complete a counteroffensive was extremely difficult, they were the final hope of humanity. Shi Xiaobai conveyed his wishes.

To snatch the human world back!

The seven hidden humans immediately took action, allowing Shi Xiaobai to finally feel at ease. At this moment, a fiery voice suddenly resounded throughout the heaven and earth, giving Shi Xiaobai a fright.

“Have you finally remembered? Sire!”

Shi Xiaobai was startled. This voice was very familiar to him, because this voice had been heard numerous times in his mind saying, ‘Make your choice, Youth’. It made him grind his teeth in hate a few times, but it had helped him prevent certain regrets.

Fuck, the Absolute Choice had made a guest appearance in his dream?

But this voice had never communicated with him. Shi Xiaobai could not help but ask the world sadly, “Remember what?”

The voice fell silent for a moment.


Remember what?

The answer seemed to be about to be revealed.

But in the next moment, the dream suddenly transformed into another scene.

It was a candlelit bedroom with an intimate atmosphere. Shi Xiaobai was lying on a bed, with his limbs tied. His body could not move as a good-looking girl lay beside him.

The girl was very close to him as her body fragrance assaulted his olfactory senses.

Shi Xiaobai was stunned.

What was going on?

Suddenly, the girl got up and began taking off his clothes!

Shi Xiaobai jumped in fright. However, he did not know why he could not move at all. He could only let the girl do whatever she wanted.

Soon, Shi Xiaobai’s shirt was taken off. He was naked in the upper body as he felt a cold chill.

Although Shi Xiaobai did not do much research when it came to men and women, he was no fool. He knew that if a man and woman lay in bed, it would be a huge problem when one took off the other person’s clothes!

Seeing the girl about to make her next move, and despite him not knowing what she would do next, Shi Xiaobai had that nagging feeling that he was in ‘grave danger’. Immediately, he began to struggle in his mind.

Then, he awoken.

He woke up from the long and fantastic dream.

Shi Xiaobai opened his eyes. The first things that he saw were willow branches that cascaded down at him like a waterfall, and pale gold willow leaves. Through the holes in the willow’s crown, he could see the sky. The sky was clear like a mirror.

Shi Xiaobai straightened his body and surveyed his surroundings. He immediately discovered himself in the middle of a sparkling lake. The surroundings were serene and beautiful, as though he had entered paradise.

“Where is this?”

Shi Xiaobai wondered for a moment when he suddenly felt his upper body feeling a chill. Looking down, he immediately discovered that black and white clothes were covering his body. As he straightened his body, the clothes slipped down, revealing his upper body.

Shi Xiaobai was startled and immediately surveyed his surroundings, but he did not see anyone.

He was clearly the only person on this lone island.

Who was it that took off his clothes?

Shi Xiaobai saw brand new trousers beside him. Clearly, they formed a set with the black and white shirt.

At this moment, the authoritative voice resounded in Shi Xiaobai’s head:

“Welcome to the sixth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Monster Fairyland!”

“Due to you reaching Monster Fairyland in an unconscious state, the announcement of the rules has been deliberately delayed.”

“In Monster Fairyland, there exist seven dragons. These seven dragons are located in seven different locations of Monster Fairyland. Your quest is to have a crusade with other trial-takers against the dragons.”

“However, only when the present dragon dies would the next dragon appear. There can only be one crusade against a dragon at any one point in time.”

“When the dragon dies, the system will determine the aggro level of the dragon, choosing the trial-taker that had accumulated the most aggro from the dragon, terming the person as a ‘Braveheart’. Only by becoming a Braveheart can one head to the seventh level. This means that only seven people can clear this level!”

“Now, four dragons have died. The crusade against the fifth dragon is currently undergoing. The location information of the dragon will be provided to you soon.”

“This level’s Level Lord, [Chthonian Emperor Estark], will descend in an hour!”

“Please make haste! Wishing you the best of luck!”

The moment the voice faded, a miniature map materialized in Shi Xiaobai’s mind, indicating to him where the fifth dragon was.

From the position, he was more than half the map away from the fifth dragon. And from the miniature map, Monster Fairyland was many times larger than the fifth level!

However, Shi Xiaobai did not care about this at the moment. He was completely dumbfounded.

What was going on?

How did he reach the sixth level after sleeping?

Shi Xiaobai suddenly sensed something odd as he involuntarily raised his right hand slowly.

His right hand could now move!

Didn’t this mean that he had been unconscious for at least eleven hours?

Shi Xiaobai could not help but sigh. Not only did he have a strange dream in his sleep, strange happenings had happened in reality as well.

“It appears that This King does not suit sleeping.”

Shi Xiaobai came to a simple conclusion and decided to temporarily put this matter aside.

After some thought, he put on the black and white t-shirt. He had to agree that it was extremely comfortable wearing it. The size also fit him perfectly.

From the looks of it, the person who chose the clothes for him had gone through great pains.

Shi Xiaobai looked at the trousers beside him and hesitated slightly. Finally, he decided to change into the trousers as well.

Although he did not know who it was, he could not let down the good intentions of the other person.

Furthermore, the texture of the trousers felt quite good. It was probably very comfortable wearing them.

With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai unzipped the trousers and was about to take his trousers off to put on the new pair.

Just as he took them off halfway.

A golden beam of light suddenly landed on the island!

It landed not far in front of Shi Xiaobai!

As the golden light dissipated, a figure appeared in front of Shi Xiaobai.

The person was a petite girl wearing a purple dress. She had long hair that was pink like cherry blossoms. Using purple hair ties, she tied her hair into two pigtails. Her skin was whiter than snow, and was like creamy jade. She had watery amber eyes and an exquisite face that looked like a pixie.

After the girl landed, she looked down at the trousers that were halfway down by Shi Xiaobai’s knees. Blinking, she whispered, “Carry on.”

The girl could have turned around, but instead, she raised her hands to cover her eyes. In between her fingers, she left a tiny gap.

Shi Xiaobai fell silent.

This King had his trousers just halfway off, and a female pervert came?

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    1. Hijacking this comment thanks.

      I don’t know if everyone finds this obvious but is speechless SXBs brother from his past life cause he also mentioned that time is like a pig slaughtering knife.

      If so I think that 1 of the past brothers are going to be the sin of calamity and the other the savior.

      1. I got the feeling that it was the brother as well when the pig slaughtering knife was mentioned. Would really love the brother to be one of those 2, however I really doubt the author would go down that route.

        The fact that Kali called him averagely talented while SXB obviously isn’t is one indication (though SXB is broken because of AC but shouldn’t the saviour have that as well or something of equivalence? Though maybe a punishment could be that a previous speechless now has verbal diarrhea and his closest friend who was extremely talkative is now mute and she blames him).

        Though I think the merging door route to be more likely, having someone with equal talent and strength to SXB would definitely be really interesting, as SXB is broken.

      2. Logged in to reply lmao.
        Damn I like that theory! But then again with this author it’s hard to pinpoint anything.
        A silly thought hit me earlier tho, that voice might be his brother giving him “guidance”.

        1. I would argue with the voice says my liege… so it might be something different and i get the feeling that the girl in the dream was a superposition of his past (other life as the sin of calamity, may be?) and khaly becaus e he would have recognised kaly if it was her

          ps gotta love that pervert newcommer

        1. Yea from the way it says do you remember sire, it seems she is her servant but i’m seriously doubting it cuz who hell has the gall to tie up his king and strip him and rape him?? or is it a super yandere servant girl?? Also i think this pretty much clears he is the second calamity but who is the 1st and third ? or does it choose someone from different realm? (example:Earth)

    1. Actually, that KGB brain sickness may be offered as S grade reward or punishment with no other options at all.

      You may see, that the Calamity King perception madness doesn’t really force the victim to commit attrocities.
      – He may choose to recognise rights of those ‘fiends’ to live.
      – He may just come to excersise the inaction – the venerable oriental path too.
      – His time would be really short and it’s enough to find some more important matters to attend.
      – Actually he may even delegate to a friend or two some means to keep him out of action forcefully – beforehand.

      It’s the point where Kali is wrong. Kill him – and the world would just reverse to the “three yeard old calamity option” (rebirth). But there is some really good chance to prevent any harm from him by spending some time to think on the problem.

  1. light and black , hm , so that means that the MC can be both the saviour and the destroyer of the world . So he can be either the one who will stop the deadly sins and the other Sin of Calamity or he will become the sin of calamity and destroy the world. Or he will combine both black and white and become a existence stronger than any other on that world .

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    The white door offers a power that comes with a limit, and grows as long as he can connect his heart to more people

    I wonder if he will get something like a partial release of the sin later… It would be too cliche but still…

    1. Too cliche as you said. I’d prefer that the original sin of calamity flee to someone else. In such a case it’ll maybe justify why they keep choosing the black door as they don’t want to die from the hand of the next original sin of calamity.

    2. I’m going to hazard a guess that the doors, apart from imparting power onto the person who steps through them, also alter that person’s perception. In the dream the King who had fought off the fiends, awoke after stepping through the black door to find the land overrun by fiends. But what if they weren’t fiends, but humans, and it was whatever power exists behind the door that made him see them as fiends?

      In that sense, the doors are the doors of Dreams and Nightmares, with the white door being Dreams and the black door being Nightmares.

      This kind of plot might be interesting, because would the “Original Sin of Calamity” then be truly evil, or just misled?

      1. It makes a lot of sence.

        Especially when you consider the “seven human in hiding” and the fact that he killed all the strongest fiend before his dream end, allowing a counter offensive.
        That’s exactly what the OSoC did, he killed all the strongest humans and then, allowed the seven sins to mount a counter offensive on humanity.

        The big question is : “who is the absolute choice ?”

        It’s definitively a super power from somone one but whom ? A subject of the original sin of calamity or the former king ?

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          “In his rage, Shi Xiaobai only had one thought—kill all fiends!”
          While I understand the loss he had of the previous kingdom, he also thinks this is a dream yet is still this impatient, so far he have always given a lot of thought to the situation he is in, but for some reason he didn’t this time.

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    “Make your choice, youth!”
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    1. But what if he could somehow super impose the original sin on a clone technique. There by ending the constant fight against the original sin. This is SXB he never does things by the books or the way that is expected.

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  8. I have to ask the question – what if the vision presented by the black door is actually the truth?

    Many years in the future an army of fiendish aliens invade the Earth and wipe out humankind using their psionic superpowers. As it is annihilated, humankinds anger and regret is condensed into 7 psionic “gods”, the Sins.

    Shi Xiobai has somehow tapped in to the remnant psionic power of the human race and is thus qualified to become the King that leads the Sins to purify the world.

    1. I don’t think so. I think it much closer to the WH40K thought. Where humanity’s sins are accumulated and when they reach a tipping point, they gain a physical manifestation.

  9. Well that was huge. I”m curious then. Is the human race not the human race then? Is only original earth the human race and this world is false? Lots of interesting possiblities. Watch all this be a super Chuunibyou dream and in the end he wakes up and it was all a dream but now he is able to move forward with his life.

    Another possibility is what a previous series of comments mentioned thatjives with my first line. The god sins being an agglomeration of sentiment hate rage and despair of human kind that died unjustly.

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    -Sage Hidden Bear

    1. I realize that this story has actual foreshadowed the edning that includes these black and white doors and the king and the original sin of calamity and everything. Its all the imagination stuff he had from his first world. His sheer chuunibyou created a world where in the end he will become the “Holy Dark Heretical Eventide King of Everything” becuase that is literaly his end goal. Its gonna happen, end of story. Now to watch and enjoy the process.

  10. “The person was a petite girl wearing a purple dress. She had long hair that was pink like cherry blossoms. Using purple hair ties, she tied her hair into two pigtails. Her skin was whiter than snow, and was like creamy jade. She had watery amber eyes and an exquisite face that looked like a pixie.”

    We know how much this author likes to use existing characters as base for their own and… guess who fits this description almost like a glove?


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