AC Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: I’m rushing back to sleep with my boyfriend

The youth and the silver-haired girl did not know the true identity of the tiny black-lit person, but their sixth senses were sharper than the ordinary person’s. They could clearly sense the oppressive aura emanated by the tiny black-lit person.

The tiny black-lit person was completely covered in black light. Its two eyes were two small holes to begin with, as such, they now looked like two black holes in the darkness. It was strange and terrifying.

At this moment, the tiny black-lit person was heading towards them, and its gaze had landed on them.

“I feel like he wants to eat us. What’s your take?”

The youth spat out the seeds in his mouth. What he said sounded like a joke, but the tone in his voice was that of certainty.

When the silver-haired girl heard this, she nodded gently and placed the book in her hand back into the backpack beside her. Her expression looked somewhat solemn.

The youth said, “Intuition tells me that the two of us combined are not its match. It looks like we will soon become this monster’s food. I have a last request I wish that you would fulfill. Girl, can you call me Brother Speechless like when you were young?”

The silver-haired girl rolled her eyes and ignored the youth’s words. She remained silent.

The youth gave the silver-haired girl a serious glance as a contemplative look flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, the gigantic turtle beneath them was trembling in its spot. It was as if it did not even have the courage to run.

As for the tiny black-lit person at the ends of the horizon, it was staring at the duo’s location, but it delayed taking action.

The youth said with a laugh, “It seems to be hesitating. It’s like it wants to eat us up, but there is something expedient it needs to do which it doesn’t want to delay. What a struggle! This is a problem we often encounter. The sudden feeling of using the bathroom while eating. Should the meal be quickly finished before taking a shit, or shitting first before returning to eat. This is a problem.”

The silver-haired girl gave the youth a furious glance and gestured a vomit.

The youth had easily described their outcome as being eaten by the tiny black-lit person in front of them, but despite facing such a terrible matter, the duo did not appear especially nervous.

They had solemn expressions, but there was no fear.

The tiny black-lit person hesitated for a very long while. It was truly hoping to eat the two somewhat special humans in front of it, but it did not want to waste any more time. If it were any other time, the time it took to hesitate would have been enough to devour the two and even allow it to digest properly. However, it had sealed itself to the Psionic Mortal Realm, so it definitely could not eat the duo in a short period of time.

The tiny black-lit person finally let out a roar of indignation and was planning to turn around and leave. Compared to the ‘delicacy’ in front of it, the existence on the other side was more important.

But at this moment in time, a beam of light suddenly fell from the sky, enveloping the tiny black-lit person. The beam of light instantly wove itself into a radiant bird cage, imprisoning the tiny black-lit person within.

The tiny black-lit person hissed as it bit at the railings on the birdcage of light.

A ‘kacha’ sound resounded, but the rail remained in one piece. The tiny black-lit person’s teeth seemed to shatter.

The sound of sizzling flesh immediately followed as the tiny black-lit person screamed. It shrank back hurriedly, afraid of touching the rails.

At the same time, a door of light suddenly opened in mid-air. A figure suddenly came out from the light into the sky above the sea.

A gothic dress wrapped around the petite figure, with purple hair that cascaded down to her waist like a waterfall, the person’s appearance remained perfect and intricate despite wearing a white eye patch for some unknown reason. She had an azure right eye that was as bright as a crystal, bluer than the sky, and deeper than the sea.

She floated in the mid-air above the sea. Immediately, the sea and the sky lost its color because of her arrival.

Such beauty caused the youth and the silver-haired girl to gape in shock.

As for the tiny black-lit person, it felt fear. Its body was curled up. This pixie girl that had placed a divine seal on it was someone it could not resist before it completely regained its power.

Even though it had guessed that Kali had sealed herself to the Psionic Mortal Realm, it did not dare to have any thoughts of resisting. A mighty figure of this level was extremely rare in its long lifespan. This was because the top mighty figures of the human world would be wiped out by the Original Sin of Calamity in the thirty minutes before the the apocalypse began.

The tiny black-lit person really could not understand why the pixie would suddenly appear here and humiliate it by capturing it in a birdcage.


The tiny black-lit person spoke in a mysterious language in a slurred manner. In fact, it only wanted to ask—Why do you keep targeting me!?

When Kali heard this, she suddenly laughed. The smile on her face was fascinating. It overshadowed the pale sky and sea even more.

She was laughing because she could not understand what the tiny black-lit person was saying. The tiny black-lit person’s speech had yet to recover, and from the looks of it, it was still a great deal away from normal levels.

Previously, she had interrupted the tiny black-lit person’s third repeat of its speech because she believed the tiny black-lit person’s rate of regaining its level of speech was very fast. But now, it looked like she had gotten a wrong read.

This somehow made Kali relieved.

Since the tiny black-lit person could not even speak clearly, her interruption from before could not be considered a form of avoidance of the truth.


“It’s not that I do not want to know the truth, but because Gluttony has slurred speech.”

Kali had such a thought as she immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Although such a thought was very willful and unreasonable, Kali felt more relaxed. She was a capricious person to begin with.

“Stay deep in the sea and practice how to speak.”

Kali used the ancient language from ten thousand years ago when she spoke to the tiny black-lit person. With a gentle wave of her hand, the birdcage made of light sank into the sea. It kept sinking towards the deep sea that was more than ten thousand meters deep. The tiny black-lit person roared in indignation, but it quickly vanished.

Kali heaved a sigh of relief. A door of light opened in front of her as she was preparing to take a step forward to leave.


At this moment, an anxious voice rang from the distance.

Kali paused slightly and turned her head and saw the duo on the gigantic turtle’s back.

In fact, she knew both of them. One of them was Speechless, a person known by nearly everyone in China. Although he had put on a disguise, he was unable to fool Kali’s eyes. And beside him was the mute girl who was second to reach City #1 when Shi Xiaobai was defending the city.

To Kali, the duo were humans with decent talents and nothing else.

But since Speechless had shouted for her to stop, Kali did not mind stopping to hear what he had to say.

Speechless coughed slightly and looked at Kali. With a serious look, he said loudly, “I’m Speechless Li, who claims to be invincible in the Psionic Mortal Realm. Yet, I never expect to meet two existences at the Psionic Mortal Realm today that I have no confidence defeating. I can’t help but lament how there are mountains beyond mountains, and heavens beyond heavens. From today onwards, I have decided to be an honest man and cultivate diligently. After saying so much, I want to ask something—do you have a boyfriend?”

When Kali heard the speech from Speechless that sounded like a reflective piece, she felt somewhat impatient. The last sentence was rather sudden, that surprised her slightly. Only then did she react and immediately found it funny.

If this were in the past, Kali would have not paid any attention to such methods of striking a conversation. She would even teach the person a lesson, wiping away his thoughts of trying to hit on her.

But at this moment, Kali unexpectedly responded, saying, “I’m rushing back to sleep with my boyfriend.”

After Kali said this, she immediately cursed herself in her heart. What a shameless old hag. Then, with an inexplicable happiness, she walked through the door of light.

The moment the pixie whose beauty overshadowed the world left, the sky seemed to brighten.

“I heard the sound of a heart breaking.”

Speechless clutched his chest and turned his head towards the silver-haired girl and said with a pained heart, “Girl, I’m out of love.”

The silver-haired girl rolled her eyes without giving him any face. She sat back down and took out a book from her backpack and continued reading.

It was unknown from where Speechless took out another bag of seeds. With a shake of his head and a sigh, he began munching on them.

“The vicissitudes of time, the human heart doesn’t change. Everything is in flux except for this melon seed that remains so fucking salty!”

On a lone lake island, a colorful barrier isolated everything. A black-haired youth was quietly lying down on soft ground, sleeping peacefully.

Kali walked out of the light and landed beside Shi Xiaobai.

She thought for a moment and with a wave of her hand, the ground beneath Shi Xiaobai began to rise. It then transformed in an unimaginable way into a large soft bed.

Kali hesitated for a moment before taking off her shoes and laying down on the bed, lying side by side with Shi Xiaobai.

The words ‘I’m rushing back to sleep with my boyfriend’ she said were not a joke, nor were they words that had any deeper meaning.

She was indeed rushing back to lie beside Shi Xiaobai and get some sleep.

This was because Shi Xiaobai was sleeping in an unconscious state. It was unknown when he would wake up. It was pointless for her to wait by the side, so she decided to lie down for a while.

Kali leaned sideways and was just a few centimeters away from Shi Xiaobai. She had a bashful expression on her face, but she did not go any closer.

She slowly closed her eyes and relaxed her mind, as she attempted to get some sleep.

But in fact, she could not fall asleep. Her mind was filled with matters regarding the Original Sin of Calamity.

She thought of various possibilities, envisaging the scene of Shi Xiaobai being the Original Sin of Calamity, and also envisaged the scene that everything was just a misunderstanding.

The more she thought, the more her heart went into turmoil and her mind went into disarray.

After lying in bed for a few hours, Kali finally could not help but open her eyes. Sitting up, she realized that she could not calm herself. The feeling of her thoughts getting the better of her was terrible.

But now, Shi Xiaobai was still in deep sleep, so what could she do?

She could not just keep staring at Shi Xiaobai’s face and occasionally fail to resist the urge to kiss his forehead, taking advantage of him, right?

Pui, why did she keep having such shameless thoughts?

Kali spat out lightly and began pondering before suddenly her eyes lit up.

She remembered that the clothes on Shi Xiaobai’s back had been torn.

Kali immediately found something to do. With a tap of her fingers, a wide variety of clothes fell from the sky, covering the large willow tree.

Kali began choosing shirts.

This is not bad.

Eh, this is better.

Ha, this feels more lovely.

Sigh, which one should be chosen?

Kali chose for a very long while before deciding on a black and white t-shirt.

“The trousers need to be matched, right?”

After choosing a shirt, Kali suddenly had this idea. A new shirt had to match new trousers!

A pile of trousers fell from the sky. They were extremely expensive. Not only were the designs exquisite, they were also very comfortable. The durability was extremely high, and even included a certain amount of defensive strength.

Of course, Kali was concerned only with the appearance. If she wanted to focus on heavy defense, she could find numerous invulnerable sacred-level apparels in minutes.

Kali did not want to interfere with Shi Xiaobai’s growth process.

After taking a long time to select, Kali finally chose a pair of black trousers with a white stripe on the side. The trousers were tight around the waist, but relatively loose elsewhere. It allowed Shi Xiaobai to use Crab Steps without any restrictions.

After choosing the trousers, Kali continued choosing socks and shoes, doing her best to tide through the boring span of time.

However, Shi Xiaobai did not regain consciousness. The only thing left that she had not chosen for Shi Xiaobai was a pair of underpants.

Kali obviously did not do such a bold and intimate act. Choosing of underwear was something that just existed in her mind.

Kali lay back down beside Shi Xiaobai. Staring at the colorful barrier, she found it very, very boring.

Suddenly, Kali sat up again.

“Or should I just help him change into the clothes?”

She could not stop this thought the moment it appeared in her head.

On careful thought, wasn’t it normal for some girls to wipe the bodies of their unconscious boyfriends or change their clothes?

Furthermore, it was just a change of clothes and not underpants. There was nothing to be ashamed of.

Furthermore, Xiaobai has been wearing this dirty shirt all along. How uncomfortable would it be? Shall I change it?

Kali instantly found countless excuses to convince herself.

She hesitated for a moment before finally taking action. She spread apart Shi Xiaobai’s arms and rolled up the clothes from bottom to top. Next, she carefully let his head through, and with that a shirt was easily taken off.

“Isn’t this simple?”

Kali gave a light smile as her cheeks turned slightly hot.

She was preparing to put the clothes that she had chosen on Shi Xiaobai, but at this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows wrinkled. His eyes slowly opened…

Shi Xiaobai finally woke up!?

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