AC Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: What a shameless old hag

The Deadly Sin, ‘Gluttony’, had taken the risk to seal itself in order to enter the trial without triggering the self-destruct mechanism. It was certain that its goal was indeed Shi Xiaobai.

Kali had previously speculated that Gluttony was likely using its instinct to find the awakener of the Original Sin of Calamity or other Deadly Sins which resulted in it being so careful. And clearly, Shi Xiaobai was not one of the Deadly Sins because he did not have the characteristics of the seven Deadly Sins like Pride and Gluttony.

Therefore, the greatest possibility was—Shi Xiaobai was the awakener to the Original Sin of Calamity.

Before the Original Sin of Calamity awakened, the awakener would be no different from any other human. It would have its memories as the Original Sin of Calamity restored after it awakened; therefore, the possibility of Shi Xiaobai being the Original Sin of Calamity was extremely high.

If Shi Xiaobai was truly the awakener of the Original Sin of Calamity, he would become a devil that would destroy the world after his awakening even if he was kind and righteous.

Historically, the second Original Sin of Calamity was a conquest king who ruled over half a continent. He advocated martial force, but he was benevolent and well-liked by his subjects.  However, after he awakened, the first thing the conquest king did was destroy his capital. None of the subjects that had meritorious service to him survived.

Kali could not convince herself that Shi Xiaobai could use his will and beliefs to overcome the memories and instinct of the Original Sin of Calamity because it was impossible.

If Shi Xiaobai was truly the awakener of the Original Sin of Calamity, Kali did not know how to face him. A vengeance that had been brewing for ten thousand years appeared disproportionate to a budding love that was a month old, but to Kali, those were on two ends of an unwavering scale.

When Kali realized of the possibility of the truth, she fell into confusion before subconsciously choosing to avoid it.

She had intervened with her power, preventing Gluttony from talking in the mysterious language a third time.

This was because this language was not mysterious to Kali. Ten thousand years ago, the human world used this language, and now, it had become a historical language, but Kali had never forgotten it.

The first two times Gluttony spoke, it was distorted, so Kali had failed to catch what it had said. However, it turned clearer with each time it spoke. Kali was afraid that by the third time, she would hear the brutal truth.

If the truth was revealed, it would lead to an irrevocable outcome.

Regardless if Shi Xiaobai was the awakener to the Original Sin of Calamity, he was at present still Shi Xiaobai.

Kali was still able to maintain her clarity of mind regarding this matter because this was only a speculation.

But what if Shi Xiaobai was undoubtedly the awakener of the Original Sin of Calamity?

Could she still convince herself that Shi Xiaobai was only Shi Xiaobai?

Over the long years, she had loneliness for company. What seemed like a cold and resolute heart was just an outer shell. Inside, was a tenderness no one knew.

Hence, Kali eventually made a very, very foolish decision.

As long as the truth was not revealed, it had the possibility of it being just an illusion.

Therefore, Kali prevented Gluttony from speaking the truth!

In fact, she had two choices. One of them was to enter the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower directly to bring Shi Xiaobai out, so as to distance him from Gluttony. The other was to seal herself to the Psionic Mortal Realm just like Gluttony and enter the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, preventing Gluttony from approaching Shi Xiaobai.

The former would trigger the self-destruct sequence, causing the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower to be destroyed, but this did not affect Kali in any way.

As for the latter, by sealing her psionic cultivation realm to the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, it was in fact a very risky matter. This was because even for Kali, lifting the seal would require a certain amount of time. If she was attacked by a mighty figure during this period of time, Kali would not be able to use whatever divine techniques she had at her disposal due to the psionic cultivation realm restricting her. It was even possible for her to die.

Of course, this was highly unlikely as the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower limited entry to the people at the Psionic Mortal Realm. With Kali’s strength, even with psionic power at the Psionic Mortal Realm, she was still able to easily annihilate enemies a few cultivation realms higher.

It was just like Gluttony having sealed itself to the Psionic Mortal Realm. Even if it’s cultivation realm was the same, it still had strength that completely overwhelmed Pulp Farmer and company.

However sealing herself was always a form of risk for an existence as powerful as Kali.

However, the word ‘escapade’ was the reason why Kali chose the latter.

The experiences Shi Xiaobai encountered could always be described with the word ‘escapade’. And there were always people beside him during his escapades—Princess Xiao Xiao in the virtual world, Chen Lingcun in the Underworld, Sunless, Mu Yuesheng, Mozzie, and Kevin in the trials…

Such exciting escapades was something she—as a pixie who lived in Pixie Forest and had never seen the outside world—yearned and longed for.

While the power of the World Tree had stopped her from growing old, it had also sealed her innocent soul in the deepest depth.

Therefore, she wanted to be willful for once. She wanted to accompany Shi Xiaobai and experience a very, very silly ‘escapade’.

On the other end of the tunnel of the door of light, there was what seemed like paradise. Lush forests were everywhere, and the crystal clear lakes reflected the trees. There was a tiny island in the middle of the lake, where a gigantic willow tree grew. It had many willow branches that cascaded down like a waterfall, and its leaves glowed. The entire willow tree appeared to be emitting a thin layer of golden light.

And beneath the willow tree lay a black-haired youth.

The youth was lying on the soft earth, with his eyes closed. The breathing through his nose was slow and regular. He was deep in sleep, while a pure black sword lay by his side.

Kali walked out of the door of light and landed in front of the youth. She slowly squatted and studied the youth’s peaceful, sleeping face.

Kali slowly stretched out her fingers as a pale white light shot out from her fingers towards Shi Xiaobai’s forehead. White light billowed as it completely covered Shi Xiaobai.

Soon, a wisp of black gas slowly rose from Shi Xiaobai’s body before dissipating into the air. The injuries on Shi Xiaobai’s back gradually disappeared, returning to the white and smooth skin.

Shi Xiaobai was still sleeping with his eyes closed. His ruffled brow gradually eased as his expression turned soft and serene.

Kali looked up slightly and with a wave of her hand, a colorful barrier of light immediately enveloped the lone island, as though she had isolated the entire world outside.

Kali hesitated for a moment before suddenly leaning her head down to gently kiss Shi Xiaobai on the forehead. She moved away the moment they made contact, as a shy smile suffused across her lips.

“What a shameless old hag.”

Kali said to herself as she burst out laughing.

Suddenly, as though she had sensed something, Kali slowly stood up and turned to look into the distance. Her eyes turned slightly cold.

“You have truly given me a great surprise.”

The sixth level was named Monster Fairyland. Its environment was beautiful like a wonderland, but in fact it was filled with monsters everywhere.

For example, a small island in the middle of a lake might actually be the back of a gigantic ten-thousand-year-old turtle.

And in this vast ocean, there was a lone island in the shape of a turtle’s back. This gigantic turtle was struggling to swim with its four limbs to head for a distant shore.

There were a myriad of strange creatures flying in the air from time to time. Gigantic pterosaurs, Atlantic Canaries bigger than eagles, huge tigers with wings…

There were often fishes of all shapes and sizes leaping out of the surface of the sea. Some strange fish had crocodile heads and shark bodies. There were dolphins with mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth, and occasionally, there would be mammoth whales that swam past as though a huge mountains were moving…

The gigantic turtle would issue alarmed calls from time to time while it carefully proceeded forward in the ocean.

In stark contrast from the terrifying scene, there were two people sitting on top of the gigantic turtle’s back. The duo appeared relaxed as though they were here on a vacation.

One of them was a beautiful girl with silver hair who wore black-rimmed glasses. She was sitting on the left side of the lone island, with a thick book in hand. She relished reading the book.

The other person was a youth with ordinary looks and regular outfit. From top to bottom, he had the aura of “I’m a passer-by”.

The youth’s actions were even more flamboyant. It was unknown where he had obtained a table and chair. At this moment, he was sitting on the chair with his legs crossed. He constantly munching on seeds!

Time passed slowly. From how the youth enjoyed his seeds till he finally found it boring, his expression looked more and more impatient.

The youth turned to the silver-haired girl whose back was facing him while she read her book. He said with a sigh, “I’m so bored! I finished a bag of melon seeds alone. There was a total of 1854 seeds, 26 of them were empty, 9 of them had worms in them, 6 of them did not open from the frying, and were conjoined with each other. Furthermore, 4 of them were bitter. Midway, I drank 7 cups of water. That’s right. This is solitude. That’s right. This is solitude. —In the previous sentence, there were 60 words, 12 punctuation marks, out of which 6 were periods and 6 were commas. There were 241 characters and 59 spaces. Yes. That’s right, it’s because I’m bored!”

The silver-haired girl’s ears moved slightly, but she pretended to turn a deaf ear towards him. She continued reading the book in her hand.

The youth groaned, “Girl, I remember you were rather cute when you were young, talkative like a sparrow. Why do you now refuse to say a word? Can’t you stop acting dumb and deaf and chat with me?”

The silver-haired girl continued ignoring him as she gently flipped a page.

The youth cleared his throat and suddenly used a solemn and deep voice, saying, “Obstinate plebeian, This Emperor orders you to chat with This Emperor!”

The silver-haired girl finally responded when she heard this. Turning her head sharply, she glared at the youth.

The youth gave a dry laugh and said, “Ha… ha. Forget what I just said.”

The silver-haired girl lifted her spectacle rim and looked repulsively at the seed shells on the table before turning back to continue reading the book in her hand.

The youth blabbered on, “Time truly is a pig slaughtering knife, a cute girl is not cute at all.”

The silver-haired girl buried her head lower into the book she was holding, as a melancholic flash appeared in her eyes.

Suddenly, the gigantic turtle came to a stop as the turtle’s shell began to vibrate intensely. It slightly startled the duo as the gigantic turtle kept letting out cries of terror.

The gigantic turtle was always rather timid, but this was the first time it shivered in fear.

The duo’s expressions immediately turned serious.

At this moment, at the ends of the horizon, a gigantic whirlpool suddenly appeared. A huge portion of the sea sagged downwards, as though a gigantic abyss had suddenly appeared in the sea.

From the middle of the abyss, a tiny black dot suddenly flew out.

The black dot was very, very tiny. From afar, it looked like a tiny black pearl.

However, the eyesights of the duo sitting on the turtle’s back far exceeded those of ordinary mortals. They could clearly discern the black dot’s true nature. It was a miniature humanoid monster shrouded in black light.

The tiny black-lit person turned around, as its eyes, that resembled two black holes, stared at the duo on the turtle’s back.

The corner of the youth’s mouth twitched as he said with a wry smile, “The boring time is finally over, but why can’t I feel delighted at all?”

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