AC Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: I’ll accompany you on this escapade

The three large-scale ‘Apocalypses’ that nearly wiped out humans were composed of three parts. Firstly, it was the Original Sin of Calamity that existed for only half an hour. Secondly, the Seven Deadly Sins would wreck havoc for three days. Thirdly, all sorts of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions would constantly occur.

The Original Sin of Calamity was no doubt the strongest existence. Although it was unknown why the Original Sin of Calamity would only exist for half an hour, it would be able to kill nearly all the strongest people in the human world in the thirty minutes. Ten thousand years ago, the pixie species which Kali was from had all its strongest figures annihilated by the Original Sin of Calamity, including her mother and grandmother.

And in the next three days, the Seven Deadly Sins—”Pride”, “Envy”, “Gluttony”, “Lust”, “Wrath”, “Sloth” and “Greed”—would begin slaughtering humans. As the Original Sin of Calamity had killed all the strong in the human world, the remaining humans were unable to withstand the wanton destruction of the Deadly Sins. Usually, there would be an extremely small number of people that could luckily survive after three days. They would then become the last members of humanity.

However, it appeared as though once the human population reached a particular number, the Apocalypse would befall. Over the ten thousand years, the Apocalypse had happened thrice, and based on time, the fourth Apocalypse was probably in the near future.

When the first Apocalypse happened ten thousand years ago, Kali was just an innocent young girl. In human equivalency, she was only twelve or thirteen years old. Back then, she had witnessed the tragedy of the pixie species’ downfall.

Accordingly, she should have died during the three days the Deadly Sins wrecked havoc, but her pixie bloodline was extremely pure. She was luckily chosen by the soon-to-wither World Tree to be its successor, therefore, she was lucky to survive.

Later on, she began searching for all sorts of inheritance of mighty figures in the human world, and slowly, she became more powerful. Following that she went to countless planes of existence for the next nine thousand years.

During the nine thousand years, she became extremely powerful. She then returned to the human world and went into slumber for a thousand years, so as to wait for the fourth Apocalypse to happen.

She did not know if her present strength was sufficient to defeat the Original Sin of Calamity, but she had to give it a try.

Not long ago, Shi Xiaobai had pulled out a sealing sword in the Underworld. This resulted in the tiny black-lit person, named ‘Gluttony’ to be revealed. This gave Kali an excellent opportunity.

This was because the Original Sin of Calamity would hide in the human world every time. It would not even know its own identity until the Apocalypse happened, only then would it awaken.

In the first apocalypse, the “Original Sin of Calamity” was a weak blind old man.

In the second apocalypse, it was a king who ruled over half a continent.

In the third apocalypse, it was a three-year-old child.

Before the Original Sin of Calamity awoke, its age, gender, status, etc did not follow any rule. Kali had previously attempted to find the Original Sin of Calamity before it awoken in them, but she did not manage it.

And with ‘Gluttony’ prematurely appearing, it gave Kali a golden opportunity. This was because ‘Gluttony’ might instinctively search for the awakener of the Original Sin of Calamity, or the other Deadly Sins that were hidden.

Therefore, Kali did not immediately kill ‘Gluttony’, which had wrecked havoc in the human world three times. Instead, she created a realm seal and used it as bait, in the hopes of catching bigger fish.

And at this moment in time, it appeared as though the bait had taken the initiative to search for the big fish?

For ‘Gluttony’ to risk sealing itself to the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, so as to not activate the self-destruct mechanism, it had entered the fifth level of Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower. It proved that there was an existence ‘Gluttony’ had to carefully look for in the fifth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower.

Other than the Original Sin of Calamity and the other Deadly Sins, who else could such an existence be?

Kali suddenly turned nervous. She had been in training for nine thousand years and had been around for ten thousand years. She did so to avenge her family and clansmen, and at this moment, the awakener of the Original Sin of Calamity had apparently been revealed.

How could she not be excited?

Kali stared intently at the screen of light. The tiny black-lit person bit through a thick spatial barrier and constantly forged ahead. A few minutes later, it finally tore through the chaotic flow of space, and reached the fifth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower!

After it reached the fifth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, it did not act like it usually did, devouring everything. Instead, it was moving towards a particular direction at an extremely fast speed, as it managed to curb its instinctual desires!

Kali was unable to calm down at this moment. Similarly, she was looking forward to it.

Where was Gluttony heading?

What was it looking for?

The answer would soon be revealed.

Fifth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower

Mu Yuesheng, Mozzie, and Kevin were guarding Shi Xiaobai beside him, while warily watching their surroundings.

Pulp Farmer, Liu Yu, and Zhou Chuchu stood ten meters away to defend.

Liu Yu and Zhou Chuchu had brought a tiny portion of the blood in different directions, but very soon, the blood escaped their imprisonment, so they could only return.

The top ten rookies in the official forecast were patrolling the outer perimeter, while three rookies defended from a close proximity. Such a defense lineup caused many rookies that were eager to attempt an attack to retreat.

Of course, there were a few desperate rookies that took the risk and tried sneaking in an attack, but they ended up in failure.

They attempted running away after their failure, but there was no way they could escape Pulp Farmer and company’s clutches. All of them paid the terrible price of being eliminated due to their impulsive actions.

Just thirty seconds ago, the authoritative voice reminded everyone that there was only one minute left until the end of the present Life and Death Assault round.

“Another thirty seconds.”

Mu Yuesheng said, “We have to be even more vigilant. There might be even more people who can’t tolerate it in the final thirty seconds and end up choosing to take the risk.”

Mozzie and Kevin nodded heavily as they warily concentrated on their surroundings.

Whether it would end in perfect success or complete failure depended on these final thirty seconds.

The mountain was silent. Other than the soft sounds of breathing as well as Pulp Farmer and company deliberately softening their footsteps, there was no other sound except the occasional breeze and the rustling of leaves.

The six people were fully vigilant of the slightest movements around them.

Time quietly passed. One second, two seconds, three seconds…

No one came to the very end. Not a single one.

At this final moment, it appeared as though the nefarious rookies had given up?

“Something’s coming!”

Pulp Farmer suddenly shouted. Everyone hurriedly turned their heads. Nothing appeared out of the dark forest trail, but they could simultaneously sense a terrifying aura.

Everyone’s expression changed drastically. They could not repress an overwhelming fear that arose from their hearts.

Who was the person who came?

Before the person arrived, it had already given them such a repressive feeling?

The six hurriedly took up a battle stance.

Liu Yu gulped and said, “This time, it seems it’s something more terrifying than the bloody figure. This sinister aura makes This Penniless Priest’s Dao heart stir. It’s definitely no ordinary existence.”

Zhou Chuchu said in a speechless manner, “It’s just the Psionic Mortal Realm. How can there be so many monsters!?”

A few seconds later, the shadow that everyone was staring at intently finally turned into a strange figure that rushed at them!

The moment this figure appeared, an oppressive force accompanied it. Other than Shi Xiaobai, the other six were pushed away by the force where they landed far away. They were unable to put up even the slightest of resistance!

This figure was rushing straight at Shi Xiaobai!

“Oh no!”

Everyone stared with widened eyes. The figure that suddenly appeared was an existence they could not defend against. Furthermore, its target was extremely obvious. It was here for Shi Xiaobai.

At this moment, the authoritative voice resounded through the world.

Was all that hard work for so long going to fall short at the final moment?

“This round of Life and Death Assault has ended. Death Epaulette wearer, Shi Xiaobai, successfully ‘survived’ and will be transported to the sixth level after three seconds.”

Everyone immediately revealed an indescribable bitter smile. Three seconds. There were only three seconds left!

But the sudden appearance of this shadow was already in front of Shi Xiaobai. Would it miss the valuable three seconds?

The figure that burst forward stopped a meter in front of Shi Xiaobai. Everyone finally saw the true face of this figure and immediately gasped.

This was a figure that barely looked human, with black light shrouding it. However, it was several times smaller than a human. It looked about the size of a hand.

The tiny black-lit person floated in midair, as though it was observing Shi Xiaobai, but it did not immediately make its next move.

This tiny thing had caused them to not be able to put up any resistance?

Suddenly, the tiny black-lit person opened its mouth and issued a strange voice. It sounded like a mysterious language.

It was ‘speaking’ to the unconscious Shi Xiaobai?

However, it was as though the tiny black-lit person had not ‘spoken’ in a very long time. It’s voice sounded very distorted.

But the tiny black-lit person immediately attempted to make the same sound.

The second time, it was much clearer.

However, when the tiny black-lit person was about to say the same thing a third time, a blinding light suddenly enveloped the tiny black-lit person, causing it to let out a shrill scream.

At the same time, the sky suddenly began to shatter like glass as the ground began to quake violently, as though it was doomsday.

At this moment, the three seconds were finally up. Shi Xiaobai suddenly transformed into a golden beam of light that shot into the sky and headed for the sixth level.

The light that enveloped tiny black-lit person immediately withdrew and the world turned calm.

The tiny black-lit person let out a roar of indignation and shot into the sky. Slamming its head into the sky, it drilled a tiny hole and went through it, as though it was chasing after Shi Xiaobai.

Upon seeing this short but incredulous scene, everyone fell into a silent daze, unable to recover for a long period of time.

What had happened?

Kali’s eyes glazed over slightly as she muttered, “Impossible… Impossible…”

“It can’t be Shi Xiaobai.”

“He can’t be the Original Sin of Calamity.”

A bitter smile suffused across Kali’s lips. “Since it’s impossible, why did you prevent Gluttony from saying the words for a third time? It was obvious you could hear it clearly the third time.”

“What are you afraid of?”

“What are you avoiding?”

Kali gave a faint sigh. “If the truth was really that… What should I do?”

At this moment, in the light curtain, the tiny black-lit person was madly gobbling the spatial barrier. It was attempting to break through the fifth level to the sixth level. Without any doubts, it was chasing after Shi Xiaobai.

Kali’s blank stare gradually recovered.

“Even if it’s the truth, I’ll make it false.”

A resolute look flashed in Kali’s eyes.

A beam of light suddenly bloomed from her body as she disappeared into endless darkness.

Kali’s face turned slightly white.

“A self-seal is very simple, isn’t it?”

A beam of light suddenly broke through the darkness, as though a door had suddenly opened to blinding light. Kali stepped through it.

“Shi Xiaobai, I’ll accompany you on this escapade.”

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