AC Chapter 303

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Chapter 303: Never Expected

Sen Senyuan, who pulled the trigger before being knocked unconscious, had shot out a bullet he had specially prepared. In order to ensure that he would succeed in killing Shi Xiaobai, the bullet he had chosen was extremely valuable. Furthermore, the most powerful function of this bullet was its stealthiness.

The bullet was silent and colorless, almost to the point of invisibility. It was hard to discern it with the naked eye unless one was constantly on high alert. It was almost impossible to defend against the bullet unless one could timely sense the danger.

And it was because of this, the biggest weakness of the bullet was how it would be greatly ineffective if the target was constantly in an extremely vigilant state. And Mu Yuesheng happened to be in such a state; therefore, Sen Senyuan was waiting for the moment Mu Yuesheng would lower her guard.

Just a second of relaxation from Mu Yuesheng would allow this nearly-invisible bullet to penetrate Shi Xiaobai’s head.

Not only its power was astounding, it would also produce an earth-shaking explosion. Furthermore, its penetrative power was extremely terrifying. No matter how thick your barrier was or how thick your skull was, it would instantly blow a hole in your head if you did not dodge in time.

Therefore, this bullet was also called the ‘Invisible Head-blown Bullet’. It was one of the highest grade of head-blowing assassination bullets and could be considered a holy item for assassination.

Sen Senyuan only had one ‘Invisible Head-blown Bullet’, but as long as he killed Shi Xiaobai to avenge himself for his right arm being cleaved off, Sen Senyuan would not have a second thought.

However, at this moment, the specially prepared death banquet for Shi Xiaobai, the Invisible Head-blown Bullet, prepared for his vengeance, had changed its trajectory because of the sudden appearance of a boulder.

It also seemed to change the fate of others!

The bullet flew past Shi Xiaobai and Mu Yuesheng’s side, and with an odd trajectory, it shot towards the black-robed youth’s head.

The black-robed youth was only facing a handful of trash with power levels of five, so he obviously was not in a highly vigilant state. In fact, he was not wary at all. Therefore, he did not sense the danger of the Invisible Head-blown Bullet shooting right at him!

By the time he reacted, it was already too late. He couldn’t even conjure the blood-colored barrier. The bullet instantly penetrated his head, and his ugly head immediately burst like a watermelon!

This sudden change of events astounded everyone. Even Mu Yuesheng exclaimed and stared agape.

The head-blown black-robed youth crashed backwards and was reduced to a pool of blood. The blood began to flow and coagulate, like bloodworms squirming, in an attempt to gather together.

Pulp Farmer came around and shouted, “Quickly prevent it from reviving!”

Mu Yuesheng immediately snapped out of her daze and stretched her hand out and shot an electro-cannon at the pool of blood.

The blood blasted apart and splattered everywhere on the ground, but soon, the blood began to gather towards a central point.

Mu Yuesheng’s expression changed slightly as she shot out another electro-cannon, blasting apart the blood that was about to coagulate.

At this moment, as the black-robed youth had suddenly died, the sanguinary storm had greatly weakened. Pulp Farmer was the first to escape the restraint of the sanguinary storm as he charged towards the pool of blood. He thrust his spear out and whipped up a storm, splattering the blood everywhere in the woods.

The others also finally managed to escape the restraints of the sanguinary storm. Feng Yuanlin angrily roared, “Destroy it!”

All of them had nearly been eliminated, so they were still feeling the lingering fear, so how could they allow the bloody person to revive? Each and every one of them attacked angrily, as though they wanted to blow the blood on the ground to nothingness.

However, regardless of how far the blood was dispersed, it would eventually coagulate together at an extremely fast speed. Furthermore, it was coagulating faster and faster.

“Holy shit, how do we kill this monster?”

Everyone tried various methods, but no matter how much they diluted the blood with water, or used fire or high temperatures to evaporate the blood, they were all ineffective. The splattered blood still coalesced at an extremely fast speed.

Pulp Farmer said with a frown, “It looks like we will not be able to kill it. We can only drag out the time for it to revive. We can’t let it revive before Shi Xiaobai leaves at least.”

Liu Yu said softly, “Why don’t each of us bring a bit of the blood and run in different directions?”

An Mo nodded and said, “Good idea. Brother Pulp Famer, you stay behind to continue protecting Shi Xiaobai. The four of us will bring a bit of the blood and run separately in four directions. However, I’m afraid we can’t seal the blood for too long. It will continuously ‘grow stronger’, so it’s best if everyone runs at full speed, the further the better.”

Upon hearing this, everyone felt that the idea was feasible. They immediately took action. Using psionic construction, each of them constructed a vessel and then used a psionic barrier to envelop the vessel. They gathered blood, which was jumping around madly like a flea in the vessel, from the ground. It looked rather disgusting.

Everyone’s nervousness lessened slightly, and immediately, someone thought of a strange question.

Feng Yuanlin wonder out aloud, “Say, why did the monster suddenly self-destruct its head?”

Pulp Farmer shook his head and said, “It wasn’t a self-destruction. Although I didn’t see it clearly, it was likely a bullet that splattered its brains.”

Feng Yuanlin said with a gasp, “Are you serious? Then, doesn’t it mean that someone is secretly helping us?”

Zhou Chuchu rolled her eyes and said, “Not helping us. That person is helping Shi Xiaobai in the dark! It should be a fan of Shi Xiaobai?”

Pulp Farmer nodded and said, “It’s definitely no ordinary fan. The timing of that strike was opportune. The person waited till we were all wiped out, the moment when the bloody figure was most relaxed. This person must have waited for a very long time. His mind had to be strained for so long to be able to do this. Furthermore, that person has yet to appear up till now. You can see that the person is one who silently gives, never asking for anything in return.”

Feng Yuanlin reflected on this, saying, “That’s a true fan!”

At this moment, An Mo urged, “It’s all been gathered. Let’s take action quickly. The speed at which this blood strengthens is astoundingly fast. It might break free of our shackles very quickly.”

The rest nodded their heads solemnly.

“I’ll head east.”

“Then I’ll go west.”

“Alright, I’ll be north.”

The trio quickly informed the rest of their directions.

At this moment, Feng Yuanlin said with a sinister smile, “Does anyone of you know where the toilet is?”

The blood that was restrained by Feng Yuanlin suddenly felt a deep sense of malice, and immediately, it began to put up a struggle.

Kevin threw out the boulder and it was a direct hit. The sniper that had revealed half his head immediately plummeted downwards from the tree.

Mozzie shouted ‘nice’.

The duo hurriedly ran towards the tree and saw a short-haired teenager lying on the ground. At this moment, his head was bleeding and his eyes were white. Clearly, he had fainted.

As Sen Senyuan’s bullet was silent and invisible, Mozzie and Kevin did not even know that Sen Senyuan had pulled the trigger at the final moment.

The duo looked at him but could not recognize him. However, the sniper rifle in his hand looked to be of rather high quality. As Sen Senyuan was wearing a long-sleeve shirt, the two did not realize that Sen Senyuan had lost an arm.

Kevin whispered, “Did I do a meritorious deed?”

Mozzie gave it a thought and shook her head, before saying, “Probably not. Look at him hiding here so sneakily. He did not even have a tiny bit of awareness. For him to be so easily hit, he is likely a tramp.”

Kevin observed Sen Senyuan for a moment before nodding with feelings of indignation. “You are right. This person looks like a tramp from his appearance no matter how I look.”

Mozzie hesitated for a moment and said, “What do we do now? Shall we leave him here or?”

Kevin said with a deep tone, “Regardless of anything, he is Shi Xiaobai’s enemy. It’s best we not leave him here!”

Mozzie nodded.

Kevin squatted down and grabbed the Life Epaulette on Sen Senyuan’s shoulder. Using the Price of Might, he used his strength and immediately crushed the Life Epaulette.

Sen Senyuan transformed into a golden beam of light and was transported out of the trial.

If Sen Senyuan were to know that the bullet he had specially prepared had become the saving grace for Shi Xiaobai, and how he had been eliminated by two second-tier rookies from a second-tier organization, and was even looked upon with disdain as a tramp, he would probably vomit out three catties of blood and cry in the bathroom till he passed out.

Mozzie said, “Let’s go. We need to quickly defend Lord Shi Xiaobai. We might be the most useless in helping him, so we have to work the hardest!”

Kevin sighed and said, “Alright, let’s hope we can render a tiny bit of help.”

In an endless darkness, there was a tiny space of light. There, Kali was hugging her belly laughing. She nearly felt shortness of breathing from her laughing. The bell-like laughter sounded extremely pleasant to the ears in the quiet darkness. However, no one had the fortuitous chance of hearing such heavenly chimes.

Kali finally came to a difficult stop after laughing for a very long time. She had been able to guess the opening and process of the matter regarding protecting Shi Xiaobai, but she never guessed of such an ending.

She was feeling somewhat worried to begin with. If Mu Yuesheng was defeated, she had to interfere. When that happened, the self-destruct sequence of the trial would activate. She did not wish to do so unless absolutely necessary.

But every cloud had a silver lining. Mozzie and Kevin, who she thought would be there as extras in the situation, had made the biggest contribution. She had truly never expected it.

The corners of Kali’s mouth had a remnant smile, but she felt envious.

“If I can be like them and experience such exciting escapades with Shi Xiaobai, how nice would it be?”

Kali sighed and muttered to herself, “What am I thinking. That’s destined to be something impossible.”

At this moment, Kali felt something jump in her heart. She waved her hand and the screen of light in front of her switched to another scene. There, the tiny black-lit person that was constantly advancing in spatial storms finally came to a stop.

Kali’s heart leaped. The spot where the tiny black-lit person stopped happened to be in front of the fifth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower’s spatial barrier?

Suddenly, the tiny black-lit person’s black light began to converge into its body. Its body size which was a third of a human’s suddenly contracted.

“Oh? Self-sealing?”

Kali frowned slightly. She had placed a seal on the tiny black-lit person’s body, sealing its psionic cultivation realm, but the tiny black-lit person was putting another seal on itself!

Self-sealing was a very simple method, but removing it was not easy. It required a period of time.

Why did the tiny black-lit person suddenly begin sealing itself?

Kali suddenly drew a gasp as she thought of a possibility.

Indeed, at the next moment, the tiny black-lit person completed its self-sealing. And it’s psionic cultivation realm was surprisingly the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm!

The tiny black-lit person opened its mouth, bit on the spatial barrier, and tore open a hole. It then hurriedly rushed inside!

Kali could not help but stand up as she felt a strong ominous sense of foreboding.

The tiny black-lit person had sealed itself to the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm in order to not trigger the self-destruction program of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower. It had headed for the fifth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower!

Was the Original Sin of Calamity really in there? If not, why would this thing take such a huge risk by carefully sneaking inside?

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